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Mon 31st Aug 2009

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Brionkendo commented on Review: Dragon Quest Wars (DSiWare):

I got this game.. and I've been having a really hard time getting into it.... the multiplayer is pretty slow as well... I don't know its pretty good.. but I just don't think its my cup of tea... sort of had that problem with pop solo too.



Brionkendo commented on Review: Scribblenauts (DS):

I believe this is a must have for all ds owners. Although the controls are frustrating, it still is a wonderful, all out fun game.



Brionkendo commented on EnjoyUp To Release Zombie BBQ on DSiWare in Eu...:

I'm just glad dev's are jumping on the dsiware bandwagon. I think Dsiware could improve significantly this fall and we could see some suprise titles, just as we have been seeing recently. If games utilize the online multiplayer, they will make gamers very happy.



Brionkendo commented on Nintendo Download: Monkeys, Rattles, Fantasies...:

Very very dissapointed with you nintendo... U.S. Dsiware needs to pick it up! Where is Sujin Taisen: Number Battles already!!!!!!!!!!! If i want Planet puzzle i'll go buy the dang cartridge!!!! and just start releasing VC games for Dsiware and everything will be fine. You realease Nes Mario for Dsiware and EVERYONE would buy it.