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Mon 20th Feb 2012

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BriNCz commented on Talking Point: Wii U and the Future of the Onl...:

I personally don't have a problem with Nintendo charging an online pass. Think of it this way; if they got the bigger end of the carrot, wouldn't that give them an incentive to improve their system? As it is, I don't see Nintendo going overboard with this. They've been pretty fair in the past, just take a look at how they handled the 3ds situation.



BriNCz commented on 3DS Hits Five Million Sales in Japan:

Great news! It's always good whenever Nintendo succeeds. I was a bit hesitant about the 3ds whenever I heard of it at first, because I thought the release scene didn't stack up to previous ones. Now however that all the exclusive games are being worked on, I have to say that I won't hesitate to get one myself! Although, I was greatly disappointed that I missed the Legend of Zelda 3ds bundle.