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brandonbwii commented on The Latest Miiverse Update Has Users In An Uproar:

I laughed heavily on that. As a 31 year old who frequents Miiverse, I hear you. There was a moment I found funny when there was the heated debate of voice chat in Splatoon. Everyone wanted the option but if Miiverse is indicative of the sorta players who will be playing Splatoon, then I can't blame Nintendo for wanting to leave it out, LOL!

There's Wii U Chat or, even better, Skype for that kinda interaction.



brandonbwii commented on Wii U Stretch Goal Seemingly Teased for Bloods...:

They may use a partner company for porting purposes and it will likely be a different engine altogether. I hope there's an enthusiastic secondary party that may work on Wii U when the goal is reached. Much like how Renegade Kid pushed for Mighty no. 9 and even Yooka-Laylee to be on 3DS.



brandonbwii commented on The Latest Miiverse Update Has Users In An Uproar:

A lot of people bring up that stamp idea and while it sounds fantastic in theory, I truly wonder how practical it would be? Would you really want to flood of random stamps in a specific community? What if the game is M-rated? If Nintendo adds an age gate, are you still free to use stamps from games geared more toward kids in the adult-centric community and vice versa? There's just so many variables.

Even if everything is kept squeaky clean like it is now, would you really want the stamp of a gun someone earned in a FPS in your community for the latest Mario game?



brandonbwii commented on The Latest Miiverse Update Has Users In An Uproar:

I just tried it and I don't see the problem. If there was some sort of downtime when you click the arrows then yeah, there would be a problem, but it's near instantanious and you can see how many long it's been since their last posts (as it's always been).

Activity feed is now less crowded and faster. I guess I don't use social media that much, but I actually don't see how it's not BETTER than before.



brandonbwii commented on Editorial: The eShop's Pricing Dilemma is the ...:


"I'll say this: I'm an avid Nintendo fan. I love their games- pretty much all of them. In fact I think the number of Nintendo games I DON'T like could be counted on my left hand.
I also love 3rd party games- but mainly just the elite few that really shine on the same level as Nintendo's own games."

Finally someone here actually feels the same way I do. So much win! ;) Nintendo is one of the few companies that still focus on how a game "feels" to the player. Be it waggle, button, or vibration. Sure we can all complain that a game like Splatoon has fewer modes than other shooters, but how many other games "feel" so satifying just pressing a button or exploring a map?



brandonbwii commented on Editorial: The eShop's Pricing Dilemma is the ...:

I miss the Wii days. A time where "gamers" opinions barely mattered and it was stronger for it. Sure not everything was a winner but if every developer were to succumb to the "I hate waggle" mentality, nothing would ever get done.



brandonbwii commented on Editorial: The eShop's Pricing Dilemma is the ...:

My God, whenever I see over 100 comments on NLife I know that you're there trying to start a riot. If you don't like anything Nintendo WHY IN THE WORLD DO YOU POST HERE?

1. 3rd party games are usually worst on Nintendo platforms

2. Sales of 3rd party games are erratic, not poor.

I look back on Wii and see the games that were a success. They were the fully featured games that took advantage of the hardware: Early Tiger Woods and PES games, the fully featured NHL 2k10, Shaun White: Road Trip, a couple of Star Wars games etc.

The biggest problem, if you can call it a problem, is that sales went down sequel after sequel. I wish that would happen on other platforms, it would mean more innovation. Yes 1st party almost always sales better but why is that a problem? Link doesn't always sale either know-it-all. Look at Skyward Sword. Again ERRATIC sales. Not poor. I'm not making excuses, I'm stating the obvious.

Also, for you to call out the fanboys, what are you exactly? You're likely like me, over weight and siting at the computer cause you have nothing better to do. You pride yourself on being the anti-fanboy so much you actually RESEARCH everything Nintendo has done wrong in the past. You really need a hobby.

Since I don't want the admins to completely dismantle me I'll stop with the personal attacks. As for us "fanboys" I find many even on this very site to be bitter over the lack of games like Beyond Good & Evil 2 never showing up and even expressing how the lack of sales for ZombiU is a crime.

Apparently whatever fanboys you're speaking of don't exist on the internet, so who are you calling out exactly? What is your point?



brandonbwii commented on Ronimo Games Explains Pricing for Swords & Sol...:

Looks like @Quorhon is making this about Nintendo and their fans again. Ugh, can't he give it a rest? This is nothing about Nintendo it is about what's right.

Also I'm surprised no mentioned the lack of online play that the cheaper PSN version had. You're paying double price for a game with slightly better art.



brandonbwii commented on Former Castlevania Producer Koji Igarashi's Ki...:

Nintendo owners have every right to be upset. The whole "Nintendo fans don't support 3rd parties" argument doesn't even hold much weight here as the game is crowdfunded. This means that it's worth putting forth the extra effort for a port if it receives enough dough just to make sure ALL fans can are happy.



brandonbwii commented on Project Giant Robot Will Be Out Sooner Than Yo...:

Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one that likes the Wiimote. Compared to that the Gamepad is a backwards thinking abomination IMO. That said I do tend to enjoy games that focus on the Gamepad like Affordable Space Adventures. Wiimote was just so inventive with endless possibilities while ideas for the Gamepad have been pretty much exhausted since launch.



brandonbwii commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Plans for DLC and Mi...:

Wow, did @Quorthon write this article. It was so negative. Why did it specifically call out Nintendo fans as not wanting DLC? Nintendo's handling DLC just like, and in some cases better, than everyone else and there's nothing wrong with that. I have quibbles with some aspects of what Nintendo is doing but I'm too tired to list them.

Also what's with all the amiibo hate. Yeah it's a "key," so what? I am an adult male and a big fan of Toys-to-Life and Nintendo. The article and many of these comments almost make it seem like I'm "wrong" for feeling that way.



brandonbwii commented on Wii U eShop Exclusive psyscrolr Heading to Nor...:

I prefer asymetric gameplay over simple touch controls. Oh how I miss games like Rayman Legends and Nintendo Land.

As for pixel art I have no problem with that being in abundance on eshop. What I do have a problem with though is that they're almost always platformers/Metroidvanias, genres that Nintendo has excelled in for years. Where are the role-playing, racing, horror, point-and-clicks etc.? Roguelikes? Or those neat little empathy games you can find on PC? Nope, nothing but platformers and shovelware because "that's what Wii U owners have a passion for."



brandonbwii commented on RCMADIAX Takes to Twitter to Outline New Strat...:

I agree. I'd been on his side and was strongly looking forward to Super Robo Mouse. One day I tried to give constructive advise on how to make Shut That Box a more meaningful multiplayer experience and he just attacked me like I tried to hurt his puppy or something.

Also I disagree with the idea that the loss of ANY developer is bad for Wii U. RCMADIAX is leaving and NinjaPig pulled their games and that's good news for misguided consumers. Fewer bad cheap titles to choose from and now people can focus more on quality premium ones.



brandonbwii commented on Poll: Vote For Your Ten Must-Play Games On Nin...:

A Link Between Worlds
Mario and Luigi
Dark Moon
Fire Emblem
Super Mario 3D Land
Super Smash Bros. for 3DS
Mario Kart 7
Resident Evil
Animal Crossing: New Leaf
Kirby Triple Deluxe

I intentionally left out remakes as I have mixed feelings about that practice, but if I were to choose, Majora's Mask 3D and DKCR 3D would knock a couple of title off of my list based on quality.



brandonbwii commented on Remake Request: Super Metroid 3D on Nintendo 3DS:

For possibly the first time ever I agree with you, although I do love Prime 3 (I'm actually a HUGE fan of motion controls, but to each his own).

Since Nintendo is stubborn with new IP, every time a new title in an existing franchise comes out the first thing I ask is, "what's new". I think Nintendo was right to release Other M in the sense that it mixed things up. It just didn't do it well.

Also I like Nintendo to come up with ideas for their unique control methods. I may not be the biggest fan of the GamePad gimmick but since they banked so heavily on it, make more games that use it intuitively.

Nintendo has a mixed reputation of innovating with main franchise entries (Zelda, 3D Mario, Metroid) and just rehashing (NSMB, Pokemon, Animal Crossing up to New Leaf etc.)



brandonbwii commented on A Cowboy's Tale from Nexis Games Rides to the ...:

Don't you fear you're overextending yourself a bit? All of your titles look promising but they all take place in a 3D world which sounds crazy expensive. It would be nice for your main focus to be one title (personally UCraft) before you go crazy with announcements with more hella ambitious projects. From the Nexis website it appears you have 3 action/adventure games, a racing game, and a simulation all it the works. SLOW DOWN MAN!

Also is this the game that NinjaPigStudios said they were helping you with?



brandonbwii commented on Intriguing Indie Developer Simogo Teases Wii U...:

Wow, I am quite surprised by the amount of love this company is getting for their Wii U announcement (this is the internet after all). I'll sing their praises as well. It will be nice to FINALLY get some games other than platform/puzzle/metroidvania pool that so many developers are into putting on to Nintendo systems.

Merely porting games like these to Wii U seems to be concidered risky so I applaud a studio willing to bring something a little different to the table.



brandonbwii commented on Interview: Nintendo's Damon Baker on the eShop...:

You just admitted you don't like Zelda and Mario so why are you here. You also tend to make statements as if their facts. In previous posts you said motion control was a gimmick and didn't catch on, yet all smartphones and even the Dual Shock 4 uses it.

Your posts were once enlightening now they're getting annoying. You have a negative opinion, fine, but don't constantly refresh the page just so you can bash someone elses "Nintendo love" by saying how Sony does it better.



brandonbwii commented on Mobot Studios Aims for High Quality Fun at a B...:

I'm curious what kinda game this is. Unfortunately it looks like it may be one of those games where all you do is jump (like the indefinitely delayed Jumpy Cat from Ninja Pig).

I hope there's more to it, as I loved Woah Dave.

Also, wasn't a mobile game called Gears coming to the eshop? Wasn't that developed by Mobot Studios? What ever happened to that?



brandonbwii commented on Review: Tri-Strip (Wii U eShop):

Have people forgotten a thing called Miiverse? I know it's not exactly a replacement for online leaderboards, but it should be acknowleged that you can always use that to show off.



brandonbwii commented on Nintendo Goes Big On Download Games at IndieCa...:

I agree, except that I find there to be an overabundance of platformers. It's fine since it's my favorite genre but it seems developers on the eshop are playing it too safe. Many of them are only making platformers and other types of side-scrollers and I'd love to see some more games with 3D movement.

In other words they need more like Costume Quest. Where are the Bastions and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons kinda games? Where's Transistor or Outlast? I really don't need another game "inspired" by Metroid no matter how great it may be.



brandonbwii commented on Review: IRONFALL Invasion (3DS eShop):

So this is like those tons of generic cover shooters on iOS? I don't have much problem with that. I also don't see the problem with their business model. For a small 3rd party dev, it's probably the best move, especially considering how we Nintendo owners rarely buy other games.

If this were just a $20 package with no demo, then it probably wouldn't see much success. This model gives it a fair chance (not unlike Nintendo's own Steel Diver: Sub Wars in fact) and more people will probably end up buying multiplayer because of it.



brandonbwii commented on RCMADIAX Scales Back Wii U Plans for 2015:

@RCMADIAX and @MasterBlaster
What game is he making? Does anyone even know yet.

I tend to agree with you on being unprofessional. I gave what I though was fairly positive feedback to Shut That Box and he dismissed it. I mean why comment at all if you're going to be nasty? I was just giving a suggestion about how to make it a better party game.



brandonbwii commented on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Appears t...:

I get kinda tired of this whole "Nintendo needs to cater to the modern gamer" mentality. Like the "modern" gamer is a good thing. I get why people would want that to an extent, like voice chat being more commonplace, but for the most part the whole idea of what's "modern" is getting quite annoying.

In fact, if you take the idea that you need to wear a mask to be anything other than white in Animal Crossing, the condecending female lead in Metroid: Other M, the lack of sexual diversity in Tomodachi Life, then Nintendo is doing just right by "modern" (and especially American) standards. ;)



brandonbwii commented on Famitsu Article Reportedly Inks Out More Splat...:

I'm just happy Nintendo's online limitations don't extend to their 3rd party partners any more. It was so bad back on Wii/DS that most 3rd parties didn't even try.

Also, I'm quite surprised by the amount of people that want random chat and not just friend chat.

I know it may be an annoying loophole, but you could always briefly add people from Miiverse to your Friend List for the occasional online match.

You mean you don't use vc but won't buy this game if it doesn't have it? So you won't buy the game if it's fun due to some arbitrary standard?



brandonbwii commented on Impressions: Nintendo Made The Right Call With...:

While I feel Nintendo needs games like this and the Fire Emblem series in order for me to stop thinking of them as 'that platform game company,' the demo was definitely a mixed bag. It certainly didn't feel good at the start with Henry and John, but by the 3rd map it was a LITTLE better.

Using the 'overwatch' feature when combined with a near perfect strategy on my part, it felt like the best moments of a stealth game. Heck, I would replay maps just refine my strategy to reach a more satisfying finish.

My problems though is that it looks like it will get old after awhile. The old gaming cliche of repetitive dialog is alive and well here. The visuals, while more crisp and detailed than I once thought, has hit-and-miss art direction. It's frustrating to not know what moves the aliens are making until they actually attack you. Lastly, is it just me or does hitting the weakpoints feel like it needs to be pixel perfect?



brandonbwii commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Flirtation With Micr...:

I personally feel Nintendo messed up with Rusty. I ended up buying everything but mostly to see the game through to the end. It would have been much better if you could buy it traditionally and haggle with fictional currency.

On the other end Sub Wars is an excellent use of the F2P model, especially after enough patches were issued. The model practically guaranteed that other players would be online, a problem that many 3rd string IPs suffer from on Nintendo platforms.



brandonbwii commented on Ninja Pig Studios Accused Of Stealing Pixel Ar...:

I knew this would happen to @ninjapigstudios eventually. When you create games like Meme Run there is bound to be some sort of legal issue surface.

Also ninja pig, your attitude and activities have not granted you any favors when it comes to people who would actually WANT to support you.

Thanks for the popcorn @RCMADIAX. As for this attack on @ninjapigstudios I have to present this in a way he'll understand: (seriously, I'm surprised no one has done that yet) ;)



brandonbwii commented on Reaction: Nintendo Direct Went Crazy With Reve...:

The video says Ironfall is a completely new announcement. Actually, it had been announced a long time ago. There was a trailer, which was mostly just a tech demo, that showed off the potential gameplay, AI, and high fidelity graphics that ran at 60fps with 3D on.

This is just the first time Nintendo discussed it themselves.



brandonbwii commented on Project Treasure Is Bandai Namco's Wii U Exclu...:

I actually mean this as a sincere question: Are there any F2P games from Bandai Namco that are worth playing? TANK! TANK! TANK!? Ridge Racer? Ace Combat? Anything? I'm not completely familiar with their recent products, but I've heard some pretty nasty things. especially with Soul Calibur.