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Thu 12th May 2011

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BRAINFOX commented on Here's Exactly What Has Changed With Fire Embl...:

@AlexSora89 I feel like the main reason people are siding with the changes is because of news outlets making it seem like they are right to do so. I remember the Fatal Frame V bonus costumes change had "Out with the smut" or something like that as the article tagline on here and people were acting like it was unlike a Tecmo Koei game to ever have something like that even in a Nintendo published game looks at Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge.



BRAINFOX commented on Here's Exactly What Has Changed With Fire Embl...:

@crystalorbie I hear ya. The main reason I'm bummed about it being removed is the loss of trying to come up with the context for these characters coming into Corrin's room for a face rubbing. I could just imagine Corrin faking an assassination attempt to get Xander's attention and burst into his room only to hear "Enjoy your face rubbing bro." before the minigame starts and Xander just stands there taking it with an annoyed look on his face.
Lack of dual audio also sucks because the Japanese have an all star dub and we get barely any word on who's voicing who.
@bitleman There is also a massive amount of female otaku as well and many subdivisions of it too. I remember the director (or maybe writer) of Persona 2 Innocent Sin mentioning that Jun was included as a possible love interest to pander to the fujoshi crowd.



BRAINFOX commented on Here's Exactly What Has Changed With Fire Embl...:

@Coldpancakes I'm against the changes because I don't want the kind of people that think "I don't like it, so nobody should!" deciding what does and doesn't go through localization. I could care less if what's happening is "cringey" or "creepy" because I'm playing a 3DS game featuring anime characters and cheesy dialogue about friendship and bonds and war. I'm not playing this in public or while the family is around, I'm playing it when I'm alone with nothing to distract me so I can take in the whole experience or with friends that also enjoy this stuff for fun and discussing all the stuff we did in our playthroughs.



BRAINFOX commented on Fire Emblem Fates Removes 'Petting' Feature in...:

They never should have put in the feature to begin with, but removing actual gameplay content - regardless of what it is - entirely and (probably) not replacing it with anything is some NISA tier BS. I can guarantee every last one of the people saying it's "creepy" and "disturbing" would be using this feature for laughs and posting screencaps of them rubbing Marx/Xander's face on Miiverse had it not been removed.
As for cancelled preorders, at least those looking for the special editions will probably have a better chance at finding one now.



BRAINFOX commented on Hands On: Seeking an Awakening in Fire Emblem ...:

If you still have a 10.3 3DS or CFW, you can just unlock the region on it. The bad thing about the fan translation is how rushed it is, so you would probably be better off just learning the language for it. It's terrible that we have to do all that just to get an uncut experience, but it's at least an option.



BRAINFOX commented on Nintendo Is Making Female Characters Cover Up ...:

Friendly reminder that Senran Kagura Burst had skimpier outfits and even more lewd stuff going on with similarly aged characters and STILL got a T rating. We need to stop enabling censorship before it gets back to 90's localization standards.



BRAINFOX commented on Project Guard and Fire Emblem Fates Provide Od...:

@manu0 Good thing there's a translation that's going along well. I might just buy Fates and make a big stink about the awful memeing on Miiverse while I play the fan English patch on my other 3DS.
I just hope NX will be region free so I can actively avoid reading the tripe they pass off as localization in the future.



BRAINFOX commented on Yes, Fatal Frame's Lingerie Outfits Have Been ...:

I don't see why they felt it necessary to go in and replace some swimsuits that you can only use after beating the game multiple times when it wouldn't even be considered problematic in a T rated game. Freaking NISA of all companies had a bunny girl outfit as a preorder bonus for Disgaea 5!



BRAINFOX commented on Talking Point: Metroid Prime: Federation Force...:

I feel awful for Next Level. It actually looked like fun little game. I was more upset by the double Animal Crossing (2013 Directs soured me on hearing about anything related to the franchise since it took so long to hear remotely anything about XCX or SMT x FE) and Yoshi's Wooly World getting yet MORE TIME explaining it when it didn't need it. At least FE Fates, SMT x FE, and XCX trailers all happened in a row, so I could stop the video right after.



BRAINFOX commented on Poll: We Need to Talk About amiibo - Where Do ...:

All they have to do is simply make more of them. And by more, I mean ACTUALLY MORE. 2-3 Marths per store is not enough considering that they're probably coming in a full pallet of Peach and Super Mario amiibos. Just focus on the new waves and make what there wasn't enough of because those will definitely NOT be at risk of staying unsold on shelves.



BRAINFOX commented on Video: Xenoblade Chronicles X May Have Been Su...:

The left one looks like it's set later in the day with the main difference being the floors, the wall in the distance and the Dolls being gone while the right one looks like it's around noon because of how much brighter it is and less sunlight coming in. The shot of the MC starting up the Doll just looks worse all around with no real reason for it to be that way, console constraints or not since it wasn't like the original shot was all that graphically intensive looking anyways. The only shot that looks genuinely downgraded to me is that last bit with the construction Doll.



BRAINFOX commented on Swedish Newspaper Questions The European Relea...:

That entire squabble was nothing more than cancerous on both ends of the argument. The Law & Order episode annihilated both sides by showing every person sane enough to keep their distance from it just how ridiculous and embarrassing gamer culture has become to outsiders.



BRAINFOX commented on Poll: Have You Been Able to Buy the Super Smas...:

I managed to get Marth, Wii Fit Trainer, and some rarer ones ordered as well as the Smash bundle thanks to the guys at my Gamestop being total bros and getting one brought in from out of state. I bet if you check conventions like Wizard World or C2E2, you'll see the rare ones being sold at 4-5x the price in dozens because scumbag resellers bought out the stock to make some easy cash.



BRAINFOX commented on Talking Point: A History of the Sexualisation ...:

Friendly reminder that jimmies are being rustled over how a person who doesn't even exist in our world looks in a video game designed by people who aren't bothered by such a topic when far more unrealistic things exist and happen in it. ZSS is far more realistic in design than a good majority of characters from Street Fighter, Soul Caliber, King of Fighters, Blazblue etc.



BRAINFOX commented on Talking Point: It's Time for Nintendo to Drop ...:

Instead of region locking the system, region lock games that are guaranteed to come out in the west at some point. Better yet, hand the localization of most niche games to XSEED, D3, or NIS if they seem too risky. At this stage, there is absolutely no reason big games from Japan should be kept there unless they're shovelware or will sell less than 1000 copies both digitally and physically.



BRAINFOX commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Aim to Produce ...:

I'm fine with making more mature stories and settings as long as that doesn't mean changing the current IPs Nintendo is best known for. They shouldn't have to change their ways just because it's popular to make violent games set in a realistic setting and tie some big epic plot in there. So far, the only franchises that could be more like that that I know of are either Fire Emblem, Metroid, and maybe Legend of Zelda. If Nintendo did move towards making more mature games dedicated towards the hardcore crowd, they should 1. choose the right IP
2. make reasonable adjustments
3. or revive an old IP and reinvent it for the modern gamer.
Remember, just because a game is rated M doesn't mean mature gamers are the ones most interested in them. Just look at Call of Duty.