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Sun 15th Jun 2008

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BrainDance commented on Nintendo’s Storage Solution: Better Than HDD...:

@Super Sonic
No, I'm pretty sure Nintendo will make us buy something. It's what they do, I've been a fan of the company for a couple decades now and it's what they do.

Of course, they're a company! They're goal is to make profit. That's why we won't just see an update that lets us use an SD Card. Nintendo isn't going to spend that much time and effort on something that really gains them very little (in terms of profit anyway.) If it was just a simple straightforward approach like that it would have been out long ago.

I'm going with the idea that you're just a kid who impulsively posts trying to look cool. Chill out, go outside, do something like that.



BrainDance commented on Nintendo’s Storage Solution: Better Than HDD...:

No way is it some online streaming solution. If it is, it will make many people very very angry, just because Nintendo's current system for downloading games (just once!) is very flawed.

My last experience redownloading a game (and I've had similar but not as annoying experiences in the past, but then things were still young, and I haven't bought many new games lately) I wanted to play Mario Kart 64 with my fiance. All was good, I assumed I had it on my SD card, but woops! Forgot to copy it over before deleting it. No problem I'll just redownload it.

First attempt, hangs at about 30% (I assume, the mario getting coins system isn't incredibly easy to read, but it is neat)
Second attempt, made it to 50%
Third, didn't even actually start, Mario got 0 coins.
Fine, no problem, reset my router and modem.
....same problem
Check all my settings, should work, on channel 11
Doesn't work again
At this point I start swearing, also remember that each of these attempts are taking several minutes.
Disconnect both computers, there is nothing connected to my router but the Wii, I have an incredibly standard router (WRT54G) doesn't work for quite a few more tries, with varying degrees of success (ie. more downloaded before it hanging and giving me an error)

Eventually, the freaking game downloads. By this time I'm so annoyed I don't want to play Mario Kart, to my SD card it goes (waiting through the annoyingly long encryption time, which I understand, but its still annoying) and to those who say "well gee, I don't mind just copying things back and forth" I do, I just want to turn on my Wii, and play a freaking game. I really like playing videogames but I'm busy, University takes a lot out of me and so does working. I like to just come home, get a beer, and play some old videogames. I shouldn't have to deal with all of that for my $250+ investment.

My point is though, sometimes it works pretty well, sometimes it doesn't. I don't want to deal with that every time I play a game, and if this is what Nintendo does (I pray it isn't!) then screw it.



BrainDance commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (3rd Sept):


Judging from the interview WWW did with Bplus, its gonna be 1500 points.

I'm gonna be honest, I have no idea really how its played, but it looks neat. As long as the controls work and aren't to picky, that would really cripple this game and make it unbelievably frustrating (assuming its played how I sort of maybe think in general its played. Which as I said before, I don't really know.)



BrainDance commented on Review: Helix (WiiWare):

I don't want to jinx it but, I think WiiWare is starting to find itself, it looks like, generally, more quality titles are coming out.

Nothing yet like LostWinds, (to me at least, that game was just my kind of game ) but still, we're seeing better and better games.

Now if they can actually sell well so theres an incentive to make quality games over shovelware like pong toss.



BrainDance commented on Luc Bernard Quits Videogame Development:

The game was not complete when it was released. Most of the game seems like it could be good but the controls really did ruin it. It seemed, to me, completely unplayable.

Unplayable games warrant ratings like that. I have yet to see Luc address any of the games actual issues though, just making up more excuses as to why the game doesn't deserve a horrible rating. Not really addressing the very real problems. What good is a level editor when the levels will be unplayable as well? Along with that, what professional developer gets in arguments on the internet over reviews of their games? That's entirely unprofessional and while the comments where also uncalled for, you sort of brought in on yourself Luc by trying to get involved. People can be mad that they wasted money on such a crippled game and when you step in there to defend it (not by addressing the issues bothering them) you're just opening yourself up to attacks.

And in all honesty, I'm not buying this whole "oh wait! No, it wasn't because of the reviews" post hoc explanation. Its pretty obvious this is why you're leaving the industry. You took criticism as a personal attack instead of seeing it as the very people who bought your game voicing their concerns to you. You really abandoned your fans and did kinda come off as unprofessional and immature. Have fun in the graphic novel world, its going to be just as rough for you.

If I refused to take criticism in my career path, refused to listen to my professors/peers/etc. I would be on my way to being a horrible psychologist.

As it is, I'm no longer interested in EC for WW, I don't know how the game will be on the console but I know the support it will get will be mediocre at best, if I have a problem with it it seems it wont be addressed but instead I'll be told how wrong I am for not looking into other aspects of the game.

I invite you to correct me here, but I haven't heard anything from you or anyone defending your actions to convince me this isn't the case. It's really sad though, I had high hopes here.