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Tue 14th February, 2012

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Bowser908 commented on Talking Point: 3DS Depends on Nintendo Titles ...:

i think that nintendo isn't over-reliant on first party games.were talking about mario and zelda! it's not nintendo's fault they make games that always skyrocket into the bestseller list. and there are plenty of great third-party games for the 3ds(Rayman 3D, Steel Diver, Pacman and Galaga Dimensions, etc.)



Bowser908 commented on Feature: 3DS and the Trend of Colourful Handhelds:

i would totally buy a metroid 3ds i cant beleve that nobody mentioned that. my brother wants a 3ds and he loves metroid so if that comes out before may 21(his bday) i'll totally get that for him. and then he would stop bugging me, trying to get me to let him use my 3ds. the zelda and mario 3ds' are also awesome.



Bowser908 commented on Pullblox:

i soo want this. im getting a 3ds prepaid card for my bday so i will get pushmo then