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Sat 2nd July, 2011

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Boshi_the_Yoshi commented on The Nintendo 64 is Now 18 Years Old in Japan:

Great memories with my N64. still remember the first night my brother brought it home with Super Mario 64 and a copy Mario Kart 64 that we rented from a local video rental place. Also the countless times I rented Paper Mario before getting my own copy. The Nintendo 64 was my first and one of my favourite Nintendo systems. (Along with the SNES and Gamecube)



Boshi_the_Yoshi commented on Feature: The Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Direct...:

This was an awesome Direct. I'm actually a bit more excited for the 3DS version myself. Smash Run and a decent looking online mode? Yes, please. (Of course I still plan to pick both of them up) And not to even mention the Yoshi reveal was nothing short of mind blowing for me.