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Tue 15th Jan 2013

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BluArtistEyes commented on Rumour: This is Wii U's Controller Charging Dock:

I hope the usb plugs in to anywhere usb power, because it would be totally useless to me as a charging dock if it required plugging into the console. That'd be like here is a wireless controller with the same restraints as a corded one. I love the docking stations for most the game consoles for the reason I can plug them into my couch surge protector that is mounted into my couch and have them resting on the coffee table and have a place to store the controllers where they have a home and look nice a simple throw rug covers the wires that go from table to couch. I have a usb port on the surge protector, so as long as it doesn't specifically look for console software I won't care, but that would ruin it if they made it reliant on console I'll have to buy aftermarket made by someone other than Nintendo if they do that.