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Wed 14th Nov 2012

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Blodtryck commented on First Impressions: The Legend of Zelda: The Wi...:

Wind Waker was somehow the only Zelda game I've ever finished (I loved all of them, but due to university/etc. I usually ended up not playing anymore after 3/4 of the game and never got back into them). Really liked it, apart from the endless, endless, endless sailing.

Probably wouldn't play it again, but it does look really great!



Blodtryck commented on Wii Fit U Arriving In The U.S. In Q1 2013:

I'm going to the gym regularly so I don't really need Wii Fit... but I'll probably still get it, because I have a balance board already anyway and since I don't have a scale it at least serves that purpose.

Also my friends like playing the game and weigh themselves for me to judge them

Edit.: And as mentioned by another user: I really hope they don't go up with the price to 60$ now, because of that pedometer.



Blodtryck commented on Talking Point: The Realities of Wii U System M...:

One thing I'm worried about: Not everyone is on the internet and reads news like this. They'll get the console and then just be confused and utterly annoyed when they realize they can't download anything...

(on the other hand: those are probably also the people who are only playing retail games anyway)