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Mon 22nd Sep 2008

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blockhead commented on Review: Toribash (WiiWare):

for all the people saying that you can get it for free on the PC, you also have to think, you can get Cave Story for free on the internet



blockhead commented on Toribash Has Finished Development:

The PC version is one of the best freeware games there is. For all the people that are on the edge about this game, try the pc version. I just hope the online isnt laggy and they use the servers from the PC version, because we all know NON-Nintendo severs= NO FC



blockhead commented on USA WiiWare Update: Evasive Space:

@ odd69
calm down. All Bahamut ZERO wanted was to have a civilized conversation, but instead you show your immaturity by flipping out on him. If you dont like the game you can go back to playing your FPS. I for one like the idea of evading over shooting, but i guess its everyone to his own. (end mini-rant)



blockhead commented on High Voltage Voltage Hot Rod Show Dated For 19...:

@ alexsays
I dont know if you have ever played played Gyrostarr but i can tell you that its not mediocre. The graphics were great for a wiiware game and its very fun you have friends over. I have hope that the games i listed will do well.