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Thu 30th Sep 2010

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blink83 commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap ( ...:

But why do you do that...? I mean they're free so it's not like a review is needed to decide if they want to purchase it or not. And you just throw all the original comments/memories out the window

You could even make a feature simply linking to all the ambassador game reviews. This review rehash thing is really pointless to me.



blink83 commented on Review: House, M.D. - Globetrotting Episode I ...:

On the subject of the accent thing, I was watching an episode the other day and when House said "tomato sauce' he put the accent on sauce instead of the 'a' in 'tom[i]a[i]to' like most I've heard say. Of course it might not be a British thing, I have no idea myself.



blink83 commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Have Made the 3...:

Yes freaking yes. That would be the smartest thing nintendo could ever do. I love my virtual copies, the way it save storage space, they don't break or anything like that, and they're just perfect. I'm sure everyone here agrees with me that DL only copies are the way to go. Any other way is unthinkable. I mean come on it's the future, who wants to carry around a 100 came boxs with the games in them when you can just have the console, and do the phsyical copies rweally matter, thats a thing of the past and you all know it. you're getting the same game either way, it's just not taking up plastic and space in the world.



blink83 commented on Get a Taste of Ghost Trick With Free Flash Demo:

The entire demo was just "retail version this, retail version that, you'll find blah out in the retail version! this is just a demo so we can bend rules and not explain stuff to you!"
Loved every second of it though. I was thinking the opposite of shinesprite I thought there was alot of gameplay compared to pheonix wright games.



blink83 commented on 3DS Development Could Cost Triple That of DS S...:

Ocarina of time and metal gear solid 3 or both worth 50 dollers and the 3d would add to cost so I think...... Its fine. wtf does it matter if you play it on a 40 inch screen or a 3 inch one itll still be amazing!!!