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Sat 23rd Nov 2013

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Blacksenate commented on Talking Point: Is The Castlevania Series Finis...:

@XCWarrior We didn't buy it because it was a poor game.
Also, the ditch that Nintendo has dug itself into as the poster child for casual & family gaming, means that a lot of fans still think the wii u is for kids. Many of The original castlevania fans have likely matured and migrated to other consoles.
It's a mix of nintendo's poor marketing, late online service, migrating fans and poorer quality games being released that try to pull on the sentimental heart strings of older gamers.
I love my wii u , but it's not hard to see why it, and some classic franchises, are struggling.



Blacksenate commented on Soapbox: Even With The Arrival Of PS4 And Xbox...:

I had a wii u day one and loved it. But I've only used it to play certain titles this yr...mass effect 3, mario, zelda, zombi u etc. I wish Nintendo would make more games. Just wait until they release "X" itsgonna be killer!!!
I also bought a ps4 day one...which broke in 30 mins! Sony did, however, replace it in 24 hrs so I can't complain. Since then I absolutely love it and know it'll be a good investment. I have experienced nothing that this author has, everything is quick, snappy and the UI is fantastic. Sharing video to Facebook is particularly awesome.
This generation is all about ps4 and wii U for me. Both offer different experiences and in this way, they both shine.
Nintendo really needed to call the wii u something different IMO and get their donkey in gear marketing-wise, that's the major reason why wii u has struggled - lack of consumer awareness, crappy same name as last gen and lack of games full stop



Blacksenate commented on Video: Nintendo UK Interview Shows Off GamePad...:

I nearly bought this the other day but I'm concerned this is the new wii u shovel ware coming out. There's no real game to it and it seems to just be aimed at killing a few mins rather than providing an actual experience.
Hey Nintendo, how's about creating Theme Park HD U? Now THAT would be a great game!