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I'm a Christian Nintendo gamer.

Male, United States

Mon 15th April, 2013

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BlackSpy commented on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Only Sell...:

I can honestly say that GBA virtual console titles and Mario Kart 8 are the only reasons why I am looking forward to this year as far as video games are concerned. After I get my favorite GBA VC titles, replenish my VC collection in Wii mode, and, maybe buy Mario Kart 8, I'm done supporting Nintendo. It's sad that Nintendo won't even try for their fans. Overreacting about YouTube videos with Nintendo games and other Nintendo content on them and stating that they can't do sch a thing because they want consumers to buy the games and try them themselves without knowing how good it is first from other people is so selfish. I'm sick of pretending that Nintendo cares. Not saying I want FPS's or anything gorey by today's standards, it's the company's execution that makes me frustrated. :(



BlackSpy commented on Video: Time to Learn Some Facts That Link Pok...:

Ok, I don't care what anybody says, JonTron is wrong about the whole common ancestor thing, NOTHING ON this earth has a common ancestor: Humans were created by God as humans, plants created by God as plants, etc. And, um, JonTron is not God, sorry, he just isn't.



BlackSpy commented on New Study Suggests That Violent Games Are "The...:

These "studies" , most of these comments, and this article are 100% BALONEY. Kids are "troubled" simply because they just aren't disciplined, it's common sense. Can anyone honestly look at an M rated game and say it "helps" kids, let alone anyone? No, no, no, it looks like all people are doing these days are encouraging others to buy M rated games and enjoy the filth and junk they have in them. I have never played M rated games, and I never ill, so I'm not being a hypocrite. It doesn't matter what the "research says", M rated games and other highly violent games, people probably like buying them so they can feel good about what they're playing.



BlackSpy commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Aim to Produce ...:

I strongly disagree with you, Tom. Nintendo isn't the kind of company that wants to please just the 'mature' audience with fornication, extreme violence and such, and it most likely never will be, and it shouldn't be either, that's why Nintendo is so popular. We, and you too, should just accept Nintendo for the clean company that they are. PS. Eternal Darkness was a big mistake for them, so was Geist - never played those games, and I don't plan to.



BlackSpy commented on Aonuma: I Want To Work On Things Other Than Zelda:

I think it would be fitting if the Wii U Zelda game would be his last Zelda game. Someone else could work on a Zelda game (if they can, like Eji would) and he can work on something like Mario, Metroid, or some new IP. Just a thought.



BlackSpy commented on Review: Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Mo...:

I personally think I made a huge mistake in downloading this.
THIS is generally why I don't play puzzle games, I buy games to enjoy them to the best of my ability, NOT to put me at risk of losing my temper and my game systems. Sorry, but I've got to delete this from my 3DS.