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bizcuthammer commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Shipping This Time Next Ye...:

This is 100% false for many reasons, but the biggest is this one: Nintendo will not launch a console in July. In fact, they won't even release software in July, as they haven't done so in years unless you count the retail version of Wii Sports Club.

There was an interview on NWR about this, where a Ninty rep said they release products when people are in the mood to buy. This is why most of their products launch from September to December, or in May. The holiday period and just after school graduations. If NX is coming in 2016, it'll be in November.



bizcuthammer commented on Nintendo Reportedly Pitched NX To Third Partie...:

I personally want backward compatability with Wii U. I'd like for the GamePad to be able to be used as a controller, but not as the main one. The main controller can be a variation of the Gamecube pad. I hope the console has PS4 level specs so that 3rd parties will take it seriously. I hope Nintendo does something unique, but not with the controller or hardware like they have with the Wii and Wii U, but rather with the software under the hood. Some kind of really cool interactive software that integrates into all of your nintendo devices from NX to your smart device to whatever the next handheld will be.

But most of all? Launch it with must-own games. Come out swinging. Look, Nintendo Land and NSMBU were good, but no one is buying a console for those games. What NX needs to succeed is some heavy hitters launching alongside it. The next 3D Mario game has to do this, no question. But don't stop there. Metroid Prime 4 could be a launch window game. Revive F-Zero and launch it with NX. Or a surprising new IP. Whatever. Just give us games that can't be missed.



bizcuthammer commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Retail Games of 201...:

1. Super Mario Maker
2. Xenoblade Chronicles X
3. Yoshi's Woolly World

I have too many questions about Star Fox to be sure about placing it on this list. Xenoblade was #1 going into E3, but I cannot stop watching Mario Maker footage now. I need that game in my library asap.



bizcuthammer commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Approach to amiibo is In...:

The Animal Crossing spinoffs are the reasons I was skeptical of amiibo last year. I didnt want Nintendo making lame, gimmicky games that required or nearly required the figurines. Now not only are they doing that, but the games they're making are weird and stupid. Why would anyone who has ACNL buy Home Designer? Its a very small portion of the AC experience, but sounds like it'll be a full price retail game. Unless there's more to it, it really should be a $10 eshop title given the content. And then there's Amiibo Festival, which no one will ever be able to play because they'll never own the figures. Not only that, but do we care at all? No one was asking for ACxMario Party. We wanted ACNL for WiiU.



bizcuthammer commented on Iwata Vows To Listen To E3 2015 Digital Event ...:

Yes. It was that bad. Not only did they fail to announce any new meaningful WiiU games, they gave us a big middle finger when it came to Metroid and Animal Crossing. It's clear how badly people want a new Metroid. But what they gave us is not a real Metroid game. It doesnt even have Samus. I mean, what if New Super Mario U didnt star Mario, but instead starred four different colored Toads? That'd be really lame, right? Thats what this new Metroid is.

And they spent forever on games we've seen dozens of times now. Mario Maker, Yoshi, Xenoblade, Fire Emblem, Yokai Watch... We already know about that stuff. A quick mashup trailer wouldve served that purpose but they used the entire middle 30min to do that.

Star Fox and Triforce Heroes were cool. I wouldve rather had a real Paper Mario but Paper Jam will have to do. Everything else was either boring or already shown off last year.

So, Iwata, please never do that crap again. Go back and look at the 2014 version. See what you did there? Lots of new games, and games in series done the way people want them, new IPs? Do that every year. Last year had Splatoon, Mario Maker, Zelda U, Star Fox, Codename STEAM... This year had Mario Tennis, a fake Metroid game, and Animal Crossing the board game.



bizcuthammer commented on Reaction: Nintendo's E3 Digital Event Brought ...:

Star Fox, Triforce Heroes, and Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam all look good. But yeah, everything else sucked. We've seen Yoshi's Woolly World, Xenoblade X, and Super Mario Maker a dozen times now. Two of those were revealed in January of 2013. We didnt need another dev interview for Yoshi. And as far as I'm concerned, a Metroid game with no Samus isn't a Metroid game. Call it anything else. They asked for that reaction.



bizcuthammer commented on Poll: Early Impressions on Splatoon and That A...:

While i could use a bit more content online, Nintendo has already promised that it's coming soon, so that's great.

My only beef with the game is not being able to switch gear without exiting the 'waiting for match' screen. Its a minor annoyance, but i hope they fix it in a patch or something soon.



bizcuthammer commented on Project CARS Studio Boss Admits to Problems Wi...:

All this articlr says to me is "We're incompetent when it comes to developing games for specific hardware."

Seriously, if Ninty can get games like MK8, Smash Bros, etc running at an incredibly smooth 60fps online, there's no reason this game can't at the very least run at 30fps. Excuse making and a set up for cancellation is all this is.



bizcuthammer commented on Reaction: There is a Positive Angle to Nintend...:

Man, it's no wonder Wii U and its games won't sell. Everyone is so fickle. Nintendo hosted 4 of these. 3 of them went great, 1 went off course. And even that one, Nintendo gave us an extra hour and they FIXED IT. Halo: MCC still doesn't work properly after months. At least Ninty fixed the issue quickly and then, though they didnt have to, offered us an extra hour.

But no. Even though 3/4 of these things went overwhelmingly positive, everyone is crying and canceling preorders (that, lets be honest, they probably never actually had) because ONE session of a brand new, online shooter went wrong from a company that has, by the way, never made a game in this genre before and has no experience doing so.

Give em a break. This game is probably the most fun many of us have had playing in a while, and when it works, it's fantastic. Its gonna have its hiccups, sure, every online launch does these days. But when they hold an event like this and do 4 of them, and the majority go absolutely right, i dont see why people are so moronic when one doesnt.



bizcuthammer commented on Reaction: Nintendo Dropped the Ball, Not the M...:

They could have done more than 8 locations. While doing one at every Best Buy would be impossible, why couldnt they expand it to 16 or 24?! Or maybe even one in every state? That way everyone would at least be within a few hours of one.

As it is, the closest one to me is over 7 hours away if I drive. And it's in less than two weeks, so even if I were to try and go, I'd have to quickly make plans and ask off of work. I don't know about where you work, but a lot of places prefer you to ask off well in advance, and less than 2 weeks isn't that.

So while I initially had planned to probably have to drive about an hour to get to one, and gladly would have, 7 hours is way too much just to play NES Remix at Best Buy.



bizcuthammer commented on Nintendo Has Unannounced Wii U Titles Which Wi...:

I have a very good feeling Retro is making a new Metroid. As for Next Level? I'd be okay with several projects from them. Luigi's Mansion 3, Punch-Out!! U, Pokemon Snap 2, etc. but I don't want a Mario sports game.

As for other E3 surprises, I'd love to see Paper Mario for WiiU. Also would like to see a true 3D Mario game in the vein of 64/Sunshine/Galaxy on WiiU at some point, though i doubt it will happen this year.



bizcuthammer commented on amiibo tap: Nintendo's Greatest Bits Bringing ...:

I have one amiibo. I do not use it for games, i just wanted the figurine cause it's a cool addition to my gaming display. Might buy more for that reason, but probably just a couple. They're a bit pricy at $13 for something that barely does anything when you use it in a game.

But on the other hand, i don't want them to be essential to any game, so it's probably for the best. I might get the Splatoon ones, though, because i think they look really cool.



bizcuthammer commented on Splatoon Producer Talks Up Post-Launch DLC to ...:

I'm always okay with DLC as long as it meets certain criteria:

1 - It isn't something that SHOULD have been in the core game
2 - It isn't necessary to purchase to continue playing the game
3 - It is well-priced for the amount of content
4 - It doesn't make the game pay-to-win



bizcuthammer commented on Poll: What Are You Most Excited About in the M...:

Definitely want a third DLC pack. These are really good value, unlike the Smash DLC. 8 tracks, 3 characters for $8? Great deal in comparison to $5 for one character in Smash.

If they do another pack, I'd love to see it give us either Kirby or Metroid tracks/characters. Or both. Or do a 4th pack for whatever one misses out. As for retro courses, there are still a few out there that'd be fun to see in HD. Oh, and I'd pay for a true battle mode!



bizcuthammer commented on Analyst Thinks Nintendo Is Already Winding Dow...:

I don't see this happening. NX probably won't be ready until 2017.

Also, unless NX utilizes the GamePad, it won't be launching with Zelda. That game is being built from the ground up to take advantage of WiiU's unique features. It wouldn't be the same on NX. Not to mention we still have SMT x FE next year as well, and E3 hasn't even happened yet.

2016 will be the last year of good support for WiiU, and then Ninty will do what they always do to a console in its last year of life for 2017: abandon it like it has the plague and act like it never existed while barely promoting their new, upcoming console with a terrible name.



bizcuthammer commented on Feature: A Day in The Future Life of a Nintend...:

Yeah I have zero interest in any actual games Nintendo puts on smart devices. A general Club Nintendo-like app would be fine, but if Nintendo's future is focused on making cruddy mobile games with pay-to-play features, then I'll probably just quit playing games altogether and find a new favorite hobby. So long as they keep making dedicated hardware and don't allow their mobile strategy to interfere with that, I'll keep supporting them. But I hate mobile gaming and hate that Nintendo caved into their investors' moronic proposition that mobile games will in any way benefit their real game business. It won't.



bizcuthammer commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Turns to Classics, DLC...:

I thought it was good, not great. Finally adding N64 games was nice. Word on Smash and MK8 DLC, while not new, was very welcome. And finally getting sone real info on the two upcoming Fire Emblem games was probably my favorite part of the direct.

I am very disappointed Yoshi isn't releasing in June in NA. That means that after Splatoon, NA literally has nothing coming on WiiU at retail for several months.

And then there was the stuff we didn't see. Club Nintendo's replacement? Star Fox? Project Guard/Giant Robot? A release month for Xenoblade X? Are there any 3DS games coming out in the second half of the year?

There just seemed to be some stuff missing that causes concern for me.



bizcuthammer commented on Talking Point: It's Too Early to Write Off the...:

The issue they're going to have is that unless they announce a new, Mario Galaxy-like Mario game, there is basically nothing that can replace the impact Zelda U would have had on the release schedule for WiiU. Sure, stuff like Star Fox, Xenoblade and Mario Maker will be great. But they're also niche titles that aren't gonna move many units of hardware during the holiday period. Even if Nintendo were to announce a new Metroid or F-Zero or Paper Mario, those games are in the same boat as B-tier franchises that, while certainly will sell as software, aren't going to get many people interested in buying a WiiU that don't already own one. Zelda, Mario, Smash, Pokemon and Mario Kart. Those are the heavy hitters for Nintendo, and without any of them on schedule for WiiU in 2015 now, I can't possibly see how WiiU will sell this holiday.

Sure, there could be a major surprise waiting at E3, but I feel like its probably Metroid or Animal Crossing. Those games won't sell WiiUs like Zelda would.



bizcuthammer commented on Talking Point: That Paper Mario: The Thousand-...:

No. Just rerelease your old games on VC. The only games that need remade are the ones that are eyesores now like the N64 Zeldas. Masterpieces, but nearly unlookable now that your eyes have been spoiled by HD graphics. I also believe a game needs to be at least 10 years old before remade. None of that crap Sony is pulling on PS4, please.

But really, why remake TTYD? Just put it on WiiU VC and make a new, true Paper Mario. I'd much rather have a new masterpiece than an old one I've already beat twice.



bizcuthammer commented on Planning On Downloading Xenoblade Chronicles 3...:

@Nintendofan83 that 500 gbs will last you just as long as the 3DS' 4GB. Nintendo does a really good job compressing the data for their games to make the file sizes small. Sony and third parties do not. My brother got an Xbox One with its own 500GB of storage for xmas. 90 or so of those GB were gone immediately to be used for the OS. In less than 4 months, he's down to less than 150GB left and only has 5 or 6 games. So yeah it looks like a lot more than what you get with Ninty, but it goes away just as quickly and you'll be upgrading your hard drive with any console you get these days.



bizcuthammer commented on Poll: Where Do You Stand On DeNA, Smart Device...:

I hate mobile games, so not very supportive of that particular move. On the NX end, yeah it's exciting, but I really hope we don't get it until 2017. I'd like to get another 2 years out of my Wii U, and with games like Splatoon, Mario Maker, Xenoblade X, and Zelda U on the way, I've got too much to focus on before I even think about buying a new console.



bizcuthammer commented on Nintendo NX Will Be About Creating "Fun New Wa...:

NX will ultimately succeed or fail based on two criteria: 1) Third Party Support and 2) Online Multiplayer.

Nintendo has, for the most part, utterly failed in both categories for the last decade+. Even in instances where they have provides online gameplay, it has lacked several features that its competition has been providing for years now, like voice chat or comprehensive ranking and matchmaking. It's almost embarrassing how far behind Nintendo is in these two critical areas, and NX would benefit heavily if they were to do whatever ot takes to fix and improve them.

If NX doesn't have comprehensive online gaming services, or if it doesn't have the hardware capable of interesting third parties like Rockstar, Activision, Ubisoft and EA to put their games on the thing, then it doesn't matter what "fun, new" ways Nintendo comes up with to play. Without those two things, NX will just be another WiiU.



bizcuthammer commented on Guide: Everything We Know So Far About Nintend...:

@TingLz the controls are awful. Unless Nintendo makes an adaptor for me to use a GCN controller on a smartphone, I doubt I'd be interested. The only games smartphone controls work with are puzzle and tower defense type games. And I dont just want a bunch of Mario and Zelda-themed match-three games.



bizcuthammer commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Highlights Nintendo's Strengt...:

Nintendo keeps saying "spftware drives hardware," and I do think that it does to a certain point. A great game can give a system a boost in sales.

However, I also believe that Nintendo is mostly wrong in this regard. Software will only get you so far, as is proven this gen. The WiiU by far and away has the best games of the three consoles, yet pales in comparison to its competitors when it comes to sales. This is partially due to lack of 3rd party software, but I think we're all aware of the main reason third parties don't want to make games for WiiU: its hardware.

Nintendo set the WiiU's fate when they decided they would yet again forego powerful hardware in favor of a gimmicky controller (whose features they still have yet to take real advantage of). Gamers want power in their hardware, and prefer traditional controllers, and so do developers outside of Nintendo. The casual audience who made Wii and DS so lucrative has fled to smart devices and cannot be counted on to ever return.

So when Fils-Aime says software drives hardware, he isn't necessarily wrong... But the hardware-software relationship has to go both ways. If you make hardware that no one wants to buy/make games for, then you are in effect also losing the software case as well. I don't think its any secret that mainstream gamers today won't buy a system if it can't play FIFA, GTA or Assassin's Creed. They want those games first, and first party exclusives like Mario and Zelda second.

I love the WiiU. It caters to my preferences. But i also want to see Nintendo succeed, though, and if they create another console in the next few years that mimics what they've done recently with their home systems, I can't possibly see ot doing any better than WiiU has, regardless of what games they put on it.



bizcuthammer commented on The Happy Mask Salesman is Teased for a Reappe...:

I think it could be cool to do a Majora sequel, but in the style of Link Between Worlds. I mean, Majora's Mask was in Ravio's shop. A 2D, handheld sequel to MM3D would be awesome. I hope that's what he's hinting at, as I'm not sure I really want Zelda on Wii U to feature the mask gameplay. I really want them to do mostly new things for that game rather than to retread down paths that made other games unique. Zelda U needs to carve out its own path in the series.



bizcuthammer commented on Don't Seethe Too Much Over Xbox One Shovel Kni...:

To me, Link makes the most sense as a Nintendo crossover. He has a wide variety of weapons and abilities that could fit easily alongside Shovel Knight. Pit or Samus would also be cool to see. I'm sure it will likely end up being Mario or Link, though.



bizcuthammer commented on Don't Seethe Too Much Over Xbox One Shovel Kni...:

@Tsurii897 Having played Battletoads as a kid in the early 90's, I don't think you missed much. There was one good Battletoads game on NES that was way too hard for most people, and then a few mediocre games on SNES and GEN. It was basically an ugly, more difficult (or unfairly brutal) version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but with much less awesome. So even though I'm not huge on God of War, I think Sony is getting the better exclusive. At least Kratos looks cool and has had more than one decent game.

As far as I'm concerned, there's a reason Battletoads has been dormant for all these years.



bizcuthammer commented on Former Rare Developers Will Show Off Their New...:

Please come to Wii U!

I almost wish Nintendo would step in and publish this so that it would for sure come to Wii U.

Banjo-Kazooie is one of my favorite games of all time, so I'm incredible hopeful that this game finally gives us the spiritual sequel to that series that it deserves, since Rare has effectively killed it off by making it a mediocre racing game exclusive to Xbox.