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Fri 2nd November, 2012

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bizcuthammer commented on Former Rare Developers Will Show Off Their New...:

Please come to Wii U!

I almost wish Nintendo would step in and publish this so that it would for sure come to Wii U.

Banjo-Kazooie is one of my favorite games of all time, so I'm incredible hopeful that this game finally gives us the spiritual sequel to that series that it deserves, since Rare has effectively killed it off by making it a mediocre racing game exclusive to Xbox.



bizcuthammer commented on A Wild Update on Pokémon Shuffle Appears:

Yeah, totally hoping most people avoid this like the plague. The last thing we need is Nintendo pulling the pay to play card and it actually working. Let the garbage, shovelware phone games stay on the app store.



bizcuthammer commented on Review: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS):

I was unable to get into Tri on Wii because it refused to help players new to the series get accustomed to its intricacies. MH4U sounds like it does a better job at this, and already I can tell from the demo that it does more teaching in the couple of missions I did that Tri did in the first several hours. I'll probably give this one a go!



bizcuthammer commented on Nintendo Download: 5th February (North America):

Probably just the MH4U demo. I recently went from having no backlog to acquiring 5 games to get through with a little help from the Club Nintendo blitz. Currently trying to get through Mario Galaxy 2, DKCR3D, Metroid Prime Trilogy, New Super Mario Bros 2, and NES Remix. No time for much else!



bizcuthammer commented on Editorial: Nintendo's YouTube Creators Program...:

Nintendo is stupid. Youtubers using their games is free advertisement. I personally knoe several peoplr who purchased games like Minecraft, GTAV, and Worms games simply because they saw people doing Let's Plays of them on Youtube. Don't be dumb, Nintendo. Let it go already. You'll probably be glad that you did in the long run.



bizcuthammer commented on Talking Point: Star Fox for Wii U is an Ongoin...:

To be honest, I've never cared for the core series of Star Fox. 64 is the only one I actually liked, but even then I only rented that game because it was so short and easy to beat that it wasn't worth the $60 retail price. I hope this one is much grander in scale, and with unlockables and difficulty options.



bizcuthammer commented on Nintendo's Revival of Animal Crossing: New Lea...:

A WiiU AC announcement has to be coming this year. It's been on every system but GBA since its first appearance, and I see no reason it won't be on WiiU as well. I hope they change things up a little more. Letting you be mayor and customize the town was a good first step, but I'd like to see a little more than that for the first HD version of the series!



bizcuthammer commented on Masahiro Sakurai Once Again Highlights The Pos...:

Nintendo needs to tell him he can't be involved in all the miniscule details and to trust his team to take care of some of this stuff. Sakurai seems to be a control freak, which isn't a terrible thing, but he lets his extremity work him to an unhealthy state. Learn to delegate, or Iwata should delegate for him to keep him healthy.



bizcuthammer commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Flirtation With Micr...:

Anyone else notice that Shuffle is just Candy Crush with Pikachu & friends? Yeah, no thanks. Here's the good news for those pf us who don't like microtransactions: we don't have to use them. We can vote with our wallets and tell Nintendo no. I will not be downloading Shuffle at all, as I'd rather just get Battle Trozei for $8, which is by far the better Pokemon puzzle experience.

Still, I don't mind Nintendo doing this in these meaningless eshop games, but if a Mario or Zelda game, or mainline Pokemon game, ever gets microtransactions, I'll probably quit playing video games. That approach would alienate many of the remaining core fans that Nintendo didn't already alienate during the Wii days when they focused on the flippant casual audience. They need to realize that exchanging their souls for a quick buck is only going to cheapen their brand in the long run.



bizcuthammer commented on Poll: Which Current Generation Nintendo Soundt...:

I love video game soundtracks. Of this gen, DKCTF, all Zelda games, and Xenoblade would probably be the ones I'd buy. But I actually prefer the soundtracks froms generations past.

I'd love to buy soundtracks for Super Mario 64, the orginal DKC trilogy, Super Metroid, Skyward Sword, the NES Mario trilogy, and have some individual tracks from games like Punch-Out!! NES, F-Zero, and Kid Icarus be downloadable.



bizcuthammer commented on Club Nintendo Rewards are Updated for January,...:

Probably just gonna wait and see what comes in February. These games will still be available then, anyway, and I don't need any of them right away given I'll be working through Mario Galaxy 2 and the Metroid Prime Trilogy for the next several weeks on Wii U. I do plan to download Wario Land II eventually, though. Already own Super Metroid, Super Punch-Out!!, and Mario Bros 2. Not that interested in the rest.



bizcuthammer commented on Wii U Enjoyed Its Best Ever Month of US Sales ...:

My only complaint about Nintendo's plans for 2015 is that there is absolutely no way I'm going to be able to afford all the stuff I want to buy :(. Some great games are going to have to go unplayed by me in favor of others because I simply cannot afford to spend that much cash. So games like Mario Party 10, Monster Hunter 4, and Kirby's Rainbow Curse are probably the likely cuts I have to make, and I definitely won't be picking up many (if any at all) amiibo, either. And it's unlikely I'll get a New 3DS until Christmas time, as well.

I really wish some of these games could have come out last year in the 1st half of the year when there was nothing but DKCTF on WiiU to play. Like Kirby or Yoshi's Woolly World would've been nice to have last year when WiiU had a very sparse lineup, rather than this year when the release schedule is jam packed with greatness.



bizcuthammer commented on Nintendo Direct Confirmed for 14th January, Wi...:

New 3DS release dates, special MH4U and Majora edition New 3DS XLs. Majora's Mask 3D release date. New info on Kirby Rainbow Curse, Splatoon, Yoshi's Woolly World, Codename STEAM and Mario Maker. Eshop titles coming soon. Details on Mewtwo DLC for Smash and Animal Crossing DLC for MK8. Those are all the things I think are safe bets. As for what I want to see but don't think will happen?

1. Release dates for Splatoon, Yoshi's Woolly World and Mario Maker.

2. New info and footage from Star Fox, Zelda U and Xenoblade X.

3. More DLC announced for MK8. Two more packs with Pikmin and Metroid featured would be awesome.

4. A surprise game announcement for 3DS. Seriously, aside from its initial lineup in Spring, it has nothing coming. Metroid? Mario 3D Land 2? Wario Land 5? WarioWare 3D? Donkey Kong 3D Land? I don't care. Something cool would be nice.

5. N64 and GCN games on WiiU VC already. At the least give us N64 games that you promised back in January 2013, Nintendo. Why has this taken so long?!?!



bizcuthammer commented on Weirdness: Japanese Rock Legend Gackt Has Fina...:

When I lived in Japan, the guy I learned Japanese from had at one time been Gackt's on stage tour drummer. He told me Gackt was a super nice guy, and a very talented piano player. I barely knew who Gackt was before then, so it's interesting to read this. Also, I now miss Japan.



bizcuthammer commented on Weirdness: Japanese Rock Legend Gackt Has Fina...:

@rtr0GMR1 why are comments like this necessary? If you don't like the story, don't read or comment. Obviously news is slow since the holidays just ended, so fun stories like this give us something to talk about. I mean, what do you want Nintendo Life to do? Make up 'news' stories when there aren't any real ones?



bizcuthammer commented on Feature: The Biggest 3DS Games of 2015:

I'm most excited about Codename STEAM. But Majora 3D is on my wishlist as well, given I have a soft spot for that Zelda game.

My only issue is that I feel like the 3DS' release library is pretty bare bones right now. There are 6-7 games I'm really excited for on WiiU in 2015, and only 2 on 3DS. Hope we can get some more announcements like maybe a new 3DS Metroid or maybr even something like Wario Land 5.



bizcuthammer commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2015:

So many great Wii U games next year. Only problem is I can't afford all of them. Probably will have to cut a couple from my want list, which will likely end up being Kirby Rainbow Curse and Mario Party 10. Maybe Star Fox, too, if money gets really tight.

But yeah, definitely looking forward to Zelda, Xenoblade and Splatoon specifically. And I've dreamed of making my own Mario levels since the early 1990s, so I can't wait for Mario Maker!



bizcuthammer commented on Poll: Which is the Best Pokémon Game?:

I went HGSS because it's the new and improved version of Gold/Silver. And until they make another Pokemon with a postgame content as good as HGSS's (going to the Kanto region for 8 more badges, improved Elite 4, etc), that version will always win out for me. XY's postgame content was a joke, and it was much too easy.



bizcuthammer commented on Poll: Which is the Best Mario Kart Game?:

@WiiUSucks i voted MK8. I was 4 when the first one came out on SNES, and the only one i skipped out on was DD. Sorry if you disagree with me that 8 is the best, but dismissing its popularity in this poll as being only because of young gamers is kind of lame of you. There are several of us who have been around since the late 80s and before then that love MK8 just as much, if not more because we can see how much the series has evolved since its inception, than the younger generation.



bizcuthammer commented on Poll: Which is the Best Mario Kart Game?:

Everything about Mario Kart 8 is superior to all other MK games except one key area: Battle Mode. But i still believe it to be the best Mario Kart overall. MKDS and MK64 are my next two favorites. MKWii and MK7 would round out my top 5. And before any Double Dash fans flip on me, that one is actually the only MK game I never played. Yes, I am embarrassed to admit this.



bizcuthammer commented on Nintendo Rolls Out Kirby and the Rainbow Curse...:

While I love the art style, even if this game is only $40, that's still a bit much for me considering all the other games I'm way more interested in coming out next year. I won't be able to afford them all, so it's likely this one will get cut from my list. 28 levels of that type of gameplay is just too short for me to justify spending $40-60. There are $15 games on the eshop that have more levels than that.



bizcuthammer commented on Game of the Year: Nintendo Life's Reader Award...:

People are upset Smash won because it's the "boring" pick everyone expected... But isn't that the point? The game was so great and popular that it was obvious what people would choose. Why would we pick a lesser game just for the sake of it not being obvious? Yes, there were several other great games like Mario Kart 8 and Bayonetta 2. But no other game matches the sheer amount of content, replayability and general amount of fun and love that Smash has in spades.

Sorry if the pick is a boring one, but that doesn't make it the wrong one. Games that are head-and-shoulders above all others are always the obvious, yet correct, choice.



bizcuthammer commented on Game of the Year: Nintendo Life's Staff Awards...:

My GotY is Smash for WiiU. Shovel Knight would be number 2, closely followed by Mario Kart 8.

Smash and MK8 are two of the best online and local multiplayer games I've ever played, which is very impressive. Shovel Knight is my favorite indie game ever, and the best 2D platformer I've played since Super Mario World back in 1991.

2014 was a great year for Wii U in the games department. If only great games equalled millions of sales for consoles like it used to. Unfortunately we live in a world where undeserved hype sells better than truly great gaming experiences. But that doesnt mean Wii U's 2014 was nothing short of great. Here's to an even better 2015!



bizcuthammer commented on Super Smash Bros. Grabs Third Place in NPD Cha...:

I'm more worried about lack of details on 3DS sales. 3DS was keeping Nintendo afloat whike they squandered every opportunity to do well with the WiiU. If 3DS is struggling, that could be major trouble in the not-so-distant future.

Looks like Smash was able to provide a bump for WiiU, but not too significant. This is very bad, guys. Smash is Nintendo's most popular franchise with the hardcore crowd that couldn't care less about Splatoon, Captain Toad and Yoshi's Woolly World. If Smash didn't provide a meaningful boost to Wii U sales, then we're probably looking at a total of 15mil WiiUs sold when its life cycle ends in a couple of years.



bizcuthammer commented on Hardware Classics: Nintendo 64:

While it'd have been awesome to have more 3rd party support (Square especially), the first party and second party games on N64 are second to none. Especially second party, which no Nintendo or otherwise console can match to this day. The output of great games by Rare in the N64 era was just incredible. Losing their IPs hurt a lot in the GCN era, as Nintendo now had only first party. But games like Mario 64, Zelda OoT & MM, Super Smash Bros, Banjo-Kazooie, DK64, MK64, Diddy Kong Racing, Mario Party 1-3, and Conker still get played at my house from time to time.

My PSOne, though, hasn't been touched in a decade, nor have any of its games except for Final Fantasy IX, which i play once every 3-4 years, as its one of my favorite JRPGs. But even then I use my PS2 to play it so i don't have to plug in the original console. PSOne was the place for JRPGs, but outside of a handful of those, the N64 topped it in every way in terms of library.



bizcuthammer commented on Talking Point: The Time Is Right For A Nintend...:

It is my experience that mobile gaming is the worst kind of gaming there is. Terrible controls, shallow games created just to grab a quick buck, and annoying F2P garbage. No thanks. My phone is used for texting, calling, social media, etc. i never use it for gaming because gaming on phones sucks. The only people who don't know that are people who've never owned a Vita or 3DS with which they can compare it to.