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Kirby and LoZ games ftw!

United States

Sat 2nd Feb 2013

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BitingScarfy commented on Review: Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (Game Boy A...:

First of all, it's "cannibal", not canable.
The enemies aren't even close to being real people. Originally, Sakurai intended for Kirby to be yellow. And while you CAN fly, many times floating goes way to slow to defeat some enemies, and floating leaves you extremely vulnerable. Besides, no one's seen a pink character before, not in that time.
So maybe Kirby is "overpowered". But if that was such a problem, then the games wouldn't even still exist today. The Kirby games were most likely intended to be that way. Just because it isn't challenging enough for you doesn't mean it's a terrible game to play when you're bored. They're supposed to be light-hearted and bright, and targeted towards kids. I'm not sure if you would like playing, say, Ninja Gaiden Black or Demon's Souls every single day without prevail, huh?