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Tue 11th Jun 2013

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Bingoshi commented on Video: Players Give Their Opinions On Zelda: A...:

I never was much of a critic...and I'm not saying your wrong or anything, I just kind of don't see what you're talking about. You said everything looks shiny, but I kind of don't see it... I mean, I guess they could make things look dingier or something, but it looks okay to me. I mean, when I think of shiny graphics and such, I think of Sonic Heroes...and this doesn't look like that. I know you weren't talking to me, I just wanted to toss my opinion out there. Besides, 3DS screenshots always look worse than how the game would look when you actually play it.



Bingoshi commented on Video: Total War Mod Allows You To Conquer The...:

I guess I'm going to be the only one who didn't like this... I hate stories where the hero dies and evil wins, so seeing Link dead and stuff just...didn't feel right to me. Yeah, people love stuff like this, but not me.