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Mon 2nd December, 2013

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BinaryFragger commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd September (North America):


And some games arrive in Europe months after we get them. Both regions have their pros and cons.

I know you have the right to complain but seeing the exact same complaints week after week becomes annoying after a while. We have plenty of new games to play yet people whine about the absence of an eleven-year-old game that can easily be played elsewhere.

I have to agree with @JaxonH, @DiscoGentleman and @FLUX_CAPACITOR about the increase of negativity on this site. We have great games coming out yet people make it sound like they have nothing to play.



BinaryFragger commented on Nintendo Download: 3rd September (North America):

What will people complain about once Metroid Zero Mission is finally released? We heard months of complaining about Super Mario Bros 3 followed by nonstop Donkey Kong Land/Country complaints.

Anyways, I'll be getting VS. Excitebike and Gunman Clive HD Collection.



BinaryFragger commented on Review: Super Mario Maker (Wii U):

I originally wasn't planning on getting the game but my interest has gradually grown during the past couple of months and I now have it pre-ordered.

I agree with the others that this should have been a launch title, though. It's pathetic that it took nearly 3 years for Nintendo to figure out what to do with the GamePad.



BinaryFragger commented on The Smaller New Nintendo 3DS Model is Coming t...:

I'm glad it's finally being released here, I personally prefer the smaller size and lighter weight of the smaller system. I already imported a Japanese one but I'll probably get a NA model at some point.

By the way, where are all the people who called me a whiner earlier this year for wanting the smaller model and who said it'll never be released here? They're all strangely quiet...
The theory that it wouldn't be released here here because the XL vastly outsold the original 3DS was hogwash because the XL was by far the best selling 3DS in ALL territories.



BinaryFragger commented on Review: 3D Gunstar Heroes (3DS eShop):

M2 never ceases to amaze me with their incredible 3D classics. They could have simply added 3D effects to old games and called it a day but they instead completely remaster them. Best of all, the prices are cheap with them costing about the same as Nintendo's Virtual Console offerings.

I really hope they keep making these. I'll continue buying them!



BinaryFragger commented on What Can be Said About This SENRAN KAGURA 2: D...:


I never heard of Omega Labyrinth but I just knew it had to be a Vita game before I Googled it now. That system is getting some pretty strange games, like Moe Chronicle (my wife was wondering what the hell I was playing when I cranked up the volume) and Dungeon Travelers 2.

I'll probably pass on Omega Labyrinth as it's a steep $73 CAD (about 2600 peso) on PlayAsia but after looking at screenshots, it looks, uh, interesting.



BinaryFragger commented on Preview: Rekindling Platforming Passion in Sup...:

I initially had zero interest in this game but after seeing all the previews the past few weeks, I now have the physical version pre-ordered. I normally don't like "create your own level" games (because quite frankly, I suck at them) but this looks too fun to pass up.

I do agree with @FLUX_CAPACITOR about the annoying tool limits, though. Nintendo makes great products but they would be even better if Nintendo would drop their "we know what's best for you" attitude. Come on Nintendo, the average gamer is now 30+ years old. Stop treating us like little children. They'll never drop their kiddie image is they keep making silly decisions like that.



BinaryFragger commented on Talking Point: Considering the Future of Ninte...:

I enjoy the Directs but I agree with the others about needing to expand their exposure. I took a quick look at YouTube and the majority of their Directs get about 500,000 views, which is really not a lot (in comparison, PewDiePie's latest video is already at 1.5 million views).

The Directs are a novel idea and I'd like to see Nintendo expand on the concept. They just need to increase their social media presence and improve their marketing.



BinaryFragger commented on 3DS Homebrew Hacker Turns to YouTube App As La...:

Have been reading some hilarious comments the past few days:
"Get the FBI and throw the kid in jail."
"Nintendo needs to region lock their consoles. "
And my personal favourite, "Importing games is theft."

People are taking this way too personally. Did this hacker personally insult your mother or something? As for the people who say Nintendo needs to region lock their systems, the GameBoy, GBA and DS managed to be tremendously successful without region lock.



BinaryFragger commented on Nintendo Removes Ironfall Invasion From 3DS eS...:


Well said.
It's quite silly that people always think of Japanese games when the topic of region locking is brought up. Europeans miss out on a lot of games and we in North America occasionally miss out as well.
For instance, because of the PSP's lack of region locking, I was able to easily import European copies of Tales of Eternia and Breath of Fire III, two PSP releases that didn't make it to North America. I also recently imported an English version of Moe Chronicle for the Vita, another game not released here.

Gaming systems should not be region locked, especially handhelds. The Nintendo apologists will keep defending the practice, though.



BinaryFragger commented on Nintendo Removes Ironfall Invasion From 3DS eS...:

"We in Europe wait months and sometimes years for NA versions to be released."

Europeans are probably the most affected by region locking for this very reason. You guys miss out of a lot of games, especially from Atlus. because of region locking.
People always bring up Japanese games when the topic of game importing is brought up but it's not just Americans that import games.



BinaryFragger commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Dismissal of Chris P...:

I often criticize Nintendo and I disagree with many of their decisions and policies (I especially can't stand the arrogant Reggie), but this was Mr Prangar's fault and the same thing would have happened with pretty much any other large company. Having to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement is common (I signed one saying I can't speak to the media) and violating it brings consequences.

Should he have been fired? I really don't know... perhaps firing him was a bit harsh but I really don't know how to feel about that. The worst part is, it hurts both parties regardless of who's fault it is. A man who clearly loved his job is now unemployed and Nintendo is facing criticism on several gaming websites, including this one. It's just a crappy situation overall.



BinaryFragger commented on Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Acknowledges Nintendo a...:

"These companies are not mortal enemies like some fans want them to be. They each just do their own thing, and however the sales play out they play out. But it's nothing they take personally. Mutual respect."

Oh man, I wish fanboys would understand that.
I absolutely don't understand what it is about consoles that make some people irrational jerks. "My console is outselling your console, I am superior!" Um, right...

You don't see this idiocy in any other community (the only one that comes close is the Apple VS Android debate). Aside from being a tech geek, I'm also a car enthusiast (I was a mechanic before switching to IT) and you don't see these stupid arguments. You'll see friendly teasing, but you don't see "my Honda is outselling your Nissan, you're a loser!"

It truly baffles my mind that people will actually insult someone because they like a different console then act surprised that game company executives actually respect each other. Heck, even Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were known for being friends despite being fierce rivals.

I also agree with you about Phil being a class act. When the Xbox One was first revealed, I thought the Xbox division was done. Absolutely finished. I was a huge fan of the original Xbox and Xbox 360 but they're was no way in hell I was being an Xbox One. Now here I am seriously considering getting one. Brave Phil, you've restored my confidence in the Xbox brand.



BinaryFragger commented on Chris Prangar, Nintendo Treehouse Staffer Who ...:

As much as don't like many of NoA's recent decisions, this is solely Mr Prangar's fault. Many companies have policies that forbid publicly speaking on behalf of the company. That's why you often see "...spoke on condition of anonymity" in news articles.



BinaryFragger commented on Nintendo: Wii U GamePad Is The Only Real Innov...:

"I hope this gen shows Nintendo that sometimes, people prefer evolution over inovation. "

Best comment so far.

Some people on this site wonder why the PS4 and Xbox One are selling so well by saying "they're only more powerful versions of the previous consoles!" but that's not necessarily a bad thing. The 7th gen had many great franchises and being able to continue playing these franchises on new consoles is appealing for many gamers.
Buying a PS4/Xbone means getting a better Dragon Age, Grand Theft Auto or Fallout. No hardware gimmicks required.



BinaryFragger commented on Nintendo: Wii U GamePad Is The Only Real Innov...:

"they'll remember NX is coming b/c Reggie said so at E3"

But Nintendo says they don't want to talk about the NX

Yet they can't go 15 minutes without mentioning it. Heck, Reggie mentioned it mere seconds into his E3 video. They sure talk a lot about the system that they don't want to talk about.



BinaryFragger commented on Nintendo: Wii U GamePad Is The Only Real Innov...:

"Moffitt feels that developers within Nintendo have now gotten used to exploiting the controller, and forthcoming titles like Super Mario Maker and Star Fox Zero will make players view the pad in a different light"

So in other words, it has taken Nintendo nearly three years to figure out what to do with the GamePad.

Nintendo needs to realize that people want GAMES, not hardware gimmicks.



BinaryFragger commented on 3DS Can Last For Another Two To Three Years In...:

I'll be happy if I could get another 2-3 years out of my 3DS and Vita (although I wish Sony would actually support the latter).

The DS and PSP kept getting good games late in their life cycles and I would expect the same with the 3DS and Vita.



BinaryFragger commented on Soapbox: It's A Tragedy That Rare Replay Isn't...:

"I'm a rabidly loyal Nintendo fan, but not to the point of only having one console per generation; today is a GREAT day to own an Xbox One, and I plan to play that console exclusively for the next several days at least."

Well said.
I've been on the fence about getting an Xbox One but now I'm generally interested in getting one.

I find it funny how a lot of people on this site say the Xbox One sucks because it doesn't have a lot of exclusive content, yet when the console finally does get an exclusive (and a good reason to get the console), exclusive games are suddenly evil. Just look at all the butthurt comments above, even going as far as saying Xbox owners "don't deserve" the game. Absolutely ridiculous.



BinaryFragger commented on Soapbox: It's A Tragedy That Rare Replay Isn't...:

"If it wasn't profitable MS surely hadn't released Rare Replay."

How does that differ from Nintendo or any other company? All of Nintendo's games are released with profit as the main goal. After all, they hesitated to release Xenoblade Chronicles in North America because they didn't think it would be profitable.

You're mistaken if you think Nintendo releases games solely out of the kindest of their heart.



BinaryFragger commented on Soapbox: It's A Tragedy That Rare Replay Isn't...:

Xbox owners don't deserve this game? Wow...

It's a shame to see petty jealousy and fanboyism in a NintendoLife editorial.
When the Wii U gets an exclusive (such as Bayonetta 2), it's a great thing and you say that consoles need exclusives. When the Xbox gets an exclusive, it's suddenly a bad thing.
Be happy for those who'll get to enjoy these gems (by the way, a lot of Nintendo fans also own other consoles). On the bright side, it's good that Nintendo didn't release this because if they did, it would cost $50 and include six games.



BinaryFragger commented on Terraria Is Coming To The 3DS And Wii U, But N...:

Already bought the game twice but might as well get it a third, and maybe fourth time. It's a shame that it took so long for it to reach Nintendo platforms (the PS3/Vita/XB360 versions came out in 2013) but it's a game worth waiting for.



BinaryFragger commented on Exclusive: Project CARS "Simply Too Much For W...:

"I guess the only thing that could of been handled better was when they announced the cancellation."

That's the only part that annoyed me about their announcement. I'm not surprised at all that they couldn't get the game running properly on the Wii U but to say that the game looks amazing and needs "just a little more time" was very misleading. They should have cancelled the Wii U port early on as they did with the XB360 and PS3 ports.

Other than that, I don't really see what the problem is and I think people are taking it way too seriously. A game was cancelled, big deal, it happens all the time.