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Been gaming since receiving a NES and Master System and haven't stopped since! Current systems: Wii, Wii U, Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, DS Lite, DSi, 3DS, 3DS XL, PSP, Vita

Mon 2nd December, 2013

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BinaryFragger commented on Charming Zelda-Themed Carry Case Appears on Eu...:

Although it's a complimentary service that Nintendo is under no obligation to provide, the North American rewards are still disappointing compared to what we used to get. I used to have to carefully pick and choose which rewards I wanted because they're were so many of them, like console accessories, cases, soundtrack CDs, clothing, figurines, and other unique items not found in stores.
Now the choices are posters, greetings cards and a pink 3DS XL case.

Free or not, customers have every reason to be disappointed when a loyalty program loses its wide assortment of rewards.



BinaryFragger commented on Stats Suggest That UK Kids Are More Likely To ...:


True, but the DS was approaching 100 million sales at this point in its lifespan. Even the PSP, which a lot of people incorrectly say was a failure, ended up selling 80 million units. I doubt that we'll ever see numbers like that again. I personaly prefer dedicated gaming handhelds but the numbers don't lie; phones and tablets are gaining market share for video games.



BinaryFragger commented on Philips Secures Wii Patent Victory Over Ninten...:


I do find it amusing that everyone here is suddenly a patent law expert. Also, I'm sure the comments would be VERY different if Philips sued Microsoft or Sony instead...

As for this case, I agree that it's difficult to judge without all the details. Technology patents are complicated and the system needs reform, and this sort of thing happens all the time. In the end, it'll be business as usual for both Philips and Nintendo.



BinaryFragger commented on Review: Grinsia (3DS eShop):

I played it for a few hours and it reminds me of Black Sigil for the DS: an old school RPG that is fun but not as polished as the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest remakes on the DS.

It's a good game to get if you want to relive the 16-bit RPG era and its priced pretty well at $10.



BinaryFragger commented on Mario Kart 8 DLC Confirmed for Japan With Free...:

So people are now complaining about free DLC? Although the car does look odd in the game, it's a creative marketing campaign.

Gamers are so hard to please. They complain about Nintendo's lack of marketing, yet when the company comes up with a fun idea, they still complain.



BinaryFragger commented on Digital Foundry Pins Down Mario Kart 8's Resol...:


What I find funny is Digital Foundry actually praises the game a lot in the article yet people are still complaining because they dared to mention some minor flaws.

They ended the article by saying "don't let these minor polish issues keep you away from the game - this is Mario Kart at its best and brightest."
Yet people are saying Digital Foundry is anti-Nintendo... my goodness.



BinaryFragger commented on Digital Foundry Pins Down Mario Kart 8's Resol...:

Is it really that surprising? Even the PS4 and Xbox One struggle to push 1080p at 60FPS. Buy a gaming PC if resolution means so much to you.

For the people complaining that Digital Foundry is picking on Nintendo, they do this sort of technical breakdown for Xbox and PlayStation games as well.



BinaryFragger commented on Talking Point: It's Not Too Late for Nintendo ...:


It's hard to say how successful it would be on the Wii U. Although the game is available on many platforms, that didn't stop it from rapidly selling over one million copies on the PS3 earlier this year (and that's on an aging console).

It'll be interesting to see how well the PS4 and Vita versions will sell. That may give an idea on how successful a Wii U version can be.



BinaryFragger commented on Philips Claims Wii And Wii U Infringe Two Of I...:

The patent system is in dire need of reform. The fact that companies can patent vague technologies such as "remotely control devices in an intuitive manner" is ridiculous, and companies are abusing the system (just look at Apple, one of the worst patent trolls in the world).



BinaryFragger commented on Square Enix Considering "Overseas" Release of ...:


I disagree that the ship has sailed. DQIX was the top-selling DS game in the USA and the UK when it was released, and this was in late in the system's life when it was overwhelmed with JRPGs.
The DS had significantly more RPGs than the 3DS does at this point.



BinaryFragger commented on Square Enix Considering "Overseas" Release of ...:


I agree 100%.
I'm not sure how well DQX would do in the West but I have no doubts that DQVII could match, or even exceed Bravely Default's 200,000+ North American sales.

I really don't understand why Square Enix is so hesitant about releasing Dragon Quest games in the West. The series has a sizeable and loyal fanbase here yet they keep bringing FFXIII sequels that no one asked for instead (and end up selling poorly).



BinaryFragger commented on Activision Enlists Kevin Spacey To Sell Call O...:

I'll be getting it for the Xbox 360, unless there happens to be a Wii U version.

I agree 100%. The Call of Duty games aren't masterpieces but if you want a good FPS with excellent controls, fun maps and solid multiplayer, you really can't go wrong. Best of all, the games just WORK (unlike the Battlefield 4 fiasco). Quite frankly, I think a lot of people hate the series simply because it's "cool" and trendy to do so. Then you have ignorant and insulting comments like XCWarrior's...



BinaryFragger commented on Talking Point: What We Want To See From Ninten...:

Sony tried "digital only" with the PSP Go and looked what happened. Granted, that was five years ago but still, a lot of people clearly still enjoy physical copies.
I personally prefer physical games since I can lend/trade with friends, and I also like some of the cool bonus stuff that often come with cartridges/discs, especially XSeed and Atlus games.

Others mentioned problems with Internet connections, which is definitely an issue here in Canada (most Canadian ISPs have data caps). Here are the Internet packages from Bell, one of the biggest ISPs in my area:
$47.95/month - 40GB cap
$57.95/month - 80GB cap
$65.95/month - 125GB cap
$90.95/month - 175GB cap
$157.95/month - 300GB cap



BinaryFragger commented on Talking Point: What We Want To See From Ninten...:

I know this will probably be an unpopular opinion here, but the PS Vita is everything that I want in a handheld. It has great visuals, two excellent analogue sticks, is comfortable to hold and has tons of great games. Aside from mediocre battery life and overpriced memory cards, it's a nearly-perfect handheld.

With that said, I'm very satisfied with my 3DS XL, and I would be perfectly happy with an XL with better graphics, a second circle pad and no region locking. Nintendo has a history of making excellent handhelds and I doubt that they'll disappoint with their next one.



BinaryFragger commented on Download Developer Hits a "Brick Wall" When Tr...:

"" Braid, no Fez, not Hotline Miami, no Limbo, no Brothers, no Bastion, no Mark of the Ninja, no Spelunky, no Rogue Legacy?" Lol, those are great examples since those games are new. I'm going to laugh at you twice because you're using ridiculous examples. LOL."

How are those games "new?" Here are the North American Xbox 360 release dates:
Bastion: 07/20/11
Fez: 04/13/12
Mark of the Ninja: 09/07/12
LIMBO: 07/21/10
Spelunky: 07/04/12



BinaryFragger commented on Review: Golden Sun (Wii U eShop):

I'm currently on my third playthrough, it's such a wonderful JRPG. I wish the characters would talk a little less but it's an otherwise fun game with great graphics and excellent music.



BinaryFragger commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Must Take Careful Step...:


Glad we can agree on something. And to be honest, I don't hate DLC in general. Games such as GTA IV and Fallout 3 had excellent DLC. I just feel that we're on a slippery slope and we'll be seeing more crap DLC like the aforementioned Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Nonetheless, I still feel that video games offer great value when it comes to entertainment. I can spend $15 to see a movie or $100 to see an NHL game (well, maybe not now, my team didn't make the playoffs ;) ) or I can spend $60 on a game that'll give me 20, 40, even 100 hours of entertainment.



BinaryFragger commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Must Take Careful Step...:


I agree. Nintendo has done a good job with their DLC so far and I don't see that changing anytime soon, but then again, they might be tempted to do the same as other publishers seeing how many people love buying incomplete games.
Nintendo has always gone against the grain and followed their own path, let's hope they continue to do so with DLC. I don't want the next Mario Bros game to have six worlds, with worlds 7 and 8 being $5 each.



BinaryFragger commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Must Take Careful Step...:

"I don't get it. Why is it bad for a company to want to make more money from the extra work they put into a game? So they hire more staff and just don't pay them? How does this work?"

The problem is a lot of DLC is already on the disc (like Bioshock 2). They'res no extra work involved in that type of DLC!
DLC used to be used to add extra content to a game. Now, a lot of developers and publishers are using DLC to unlock content that is already on the disc. Taking a finished product, removing content and selling it separately is becoming a big problem and I don't know why gamers are letting the companies getting away with it. They'res absolutely NO way that book publishers or movie companies would get away with that. Imagine buying a BluRay movie for $30 and having to pay an extra $10 to access chapters 6 and 7.



BinaryFragger commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Must Take Careful Step...:


If the DLC is already on the disc (which was the case with BioShock 2), it's obvious that the content was already created before the game was sent to the printers. The developers didn't need extra time to complete something that was already on the disc.
THAT'S what a lot of people have a problem with. Adding content to a game to extend its life is OK. Removing content from a finished game then selling it separately is not. Imagine if your reading the latest Stephen King novel and when you turn the page, it says "send us $5 to see this page."

Would you be OK if the next Mario Bros game charges you an extra $10 to access World 5? If that sounds absurd, that's exactly what Ubisoft did with Assassin's Creed II. Two entire chapters were missing from the retail game, and later released as DLC. Ubisoft said it was because they needed more time to complete the chapters, which is a laughable excuse. Though could have simply delayed the game to give them more time. After all, they had no problems delaying Rayman Legends or Watch Dogs.

But whatever. If you want to be nickel and dimed, that's your choice.



BinaryFragger commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Must Take Careful Step...:


The difference is expansion packs added extra content to an already-complete game, and were released months, even years after the game came out. For instance, the Brood War expansion for the original StarCraft came out 8 months after the game's original release date. It made a lot of sense: buy a game, enjoy it for a while then get more content for a relatively-low price when you start to get bored with it, making the game feel new and fresh again.

Today's games have DLC the day the game comes out, which is ridiculous (sometimes the DLC is even on the disc). It's annoying to spend $60 on the newest first-person shooter only to find out that half the maps need a $15 map pack to unlock. Or racing games that come with a fraction of the cars than previous games.

I'll gladly buy DLC that adds new content to a complete game. Unfortunately, the current trend is to remove content from a game then make it available as DLC on day-one.



BinaryFragger commented on Review: NES Remix 2 (Wii U eShop):

I bought the first Remix this weekend, and wow, it's a lot of fun.
Most of the games in the collection did not age well and aren't a whole lot of fun on their own, but are perfect in short bursts with the challenges. The sequel will be a day-one purchase for me.



BinaryFragger commented on Talking Point: The Game Boy is 25 Years Old, a...:

I miss my old original Game Boy in all its black and white (or green and black, to be more accurate) glory. I gave it to the little brother of my then-girlfriend about a decade ago.

Such a fun little machine. The screen was absolutely horrible and needed perfect lighting conditions, but batteries lasted forever and it has a wonderful library of games. I played countless hours of Tetris, Super RC Pro Am, Operation C and the Donkey Kong Land series.



BinaryFragger commented on Koichi Hayashida Explains Absence of NES Remix...:

It's an understandable decision, but they really should have added multiplayer. It's a strange omission considering that Nintendo has always been at forefront of the local multiplayer experience.

I'll still be getting Remix 2, though. The first one was a lot of fun.



BinaryFragger commented on Talking Point: Amazon Fire TV is an Early Warn...:


They may not be killing traditional handhelds but they're certainly affecting sales. The 3DS so far has sold about 40 million units three years into its life, whereas the DS was already at around 65 million at that point. In the end, the DS ended up selling over 150 million units, and even the PSP (which a lot of people incorrectly think was a failure) sold 80 million units. I doubt we'll ever see numbers like that again.



BinaryFragger commented on Rumour: Mario Kart 8 Wii U Hardware Bundle On ...:

Bundles can potentially offer better value. For instance, when I decided to buy a Wii U last week, the store had the regular 32GB system (with Nintendoland, which I didn't want) and the Mario Bros U bundle. Both were $299, but I chose the Mario bundle because it was a better value since New Super Mario Bros U and Super Luigi U sell for $59.99 and $19.99, respectively.