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Male, 31, Canada

I'm a fan of all types of games and don't pledge allegiance to any company. Systems I currently own: NES, Master System, Wii, Wii U, Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, Game Boy, GBA, GBA SP, DS, DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL, 3DS, 3DS XL, 2DS, PSP, Vita

Mon 2nd December, 2013

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BinaryFragger commented on Nintendo Launches Beta of 'Creators Program' f...:

For everyone who says YouTubers shouldn't be allowed to make any money and they should get real jobs, the same should apply to Nintendo Life's staff then, right? This site is full of Nintendo screenshots and videos (heck, it even has Nintendo in the name) yet on this very page I see five ads. In other words, they're earning money.

YouTube videos don't automatically edit and upload themselves, the same way NL articles don't automatically write themselves. I think some people are just jealous that some folks are earning a living from is normally just a hobby.



BinaryFragger commented on Talking Point: It's Time to Salute The Nintend...:

It's a great system and I love how it feels more traditional, as @sub12 said. As much as I enjoyed the DS and Wii, so many games felt gimmicky with their forced motion or touch controls. 3DS games are all about being fun to play, instead of being different just for the sake of being different (a lot of DS games felt more like experiments).



BinaryFragger commented on Nintendo Stays in Profit With Wii U on Target,...:


I agree 100%. I want Nintendo to be unique and do their own thing, but they still need to follow market trends to a certain extent. They THINK they know what we want but they're not always right.

Back in 2004, Nintendo said "gamers don't want online games" even though online games were exploding in popularity at the time and Microsoft was experiencing tremendous success with Xbox Live. Then they'res Reggie saying "there really is no loss for the Wii consumer" when asked about the Wii's lack of HD Netflix streaming. More recently, they're telling North American gamers that we don't want the New 3DS.

Nintendo can be innovative while still listening to their customers. It's sad to see a company responsible for so many gaming innovations to find itself playing catchup so often.



BinaryFragger commented on GAME is Selling a 2DS + Mario Kart 7 for £79.99:

I agree 100%. The New 3DS would be a nice middle-ground price-wise, too, especially in Canada. Here, the New 3DS XL is $230, which is $260 with the Ontario sales tax (Ontario is Canada's most populous province with nearly 40% of Canada's population). If you need a charger, you're now looking at $270.
With the 2DS often selling for $99, a $160 New 3DS would be perfect for those who don't want the 2DS, yet who don't want to spend $200+.



BinaryFragger commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS Could Be a...:

It's funny seeing people here defending Nintendo's analysts and act like they're infallible. These are the same analysts who thought $249.99 was a great launch price for the 3DS. These are the same analysts who thought the Wii U would fly off store shelves (remember when Nintendo slashed its 2014 sales forecast for Wii U from 9 million units to 2.8 million?). These are the same analysts who thought Americans would not be interested in Xenoblade Chronicles.

But hey, Nintendo is always right and their fans are always wrong. Nintendo reported its third annual loss last year, they clearly know what they're doing.



BinaryFragger commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS Could Be a...:

Well said, @Jesh.

Remember when Reggie said fan-led charges don't affect their decisions?

I'm not saying they should let fans make all their decisions, but making all their decisions based on sales and research data is clearly not working. Nintendo THINKS they know what customers want, but the Wii U's lacklusters sales clearly prove otherwise.

Look at Microsoft with their Xbox One. That thing was an absolutely disaster when it was unveiled at E3 2013 but look at it now. Fans wanted the DRM removed, Microsoft listened. Fans didn't want a mandatory Kinect, Microsoft listened. Might as well bring a car analogy here too. For years, Subaru of America refused to bring the WRX here. Fans pestered them for years then they finally caved in 2002 or around that year. The WRX is selling so well in North America that they'res a waiting list for them. They completely underestimated the demand for it.

I really like Nintendo but they seem so out of touch with their fans. In the Gamecube era, they said "gamers don't want online games" even though online games were exploding in popularity at the time.
Then in 2010, Reggie said "there really is no loss for the consumer" when asked about the lack of HD for the Wii's Netflix app.
Now they're saying we don't want a smaller, customizable handheld. If they actually listened to customers instead of just listening to the bean counters, they'd see that they're IS a demand. Probably not a huge demand (I know that the 3DS XL vastly outsells the 3DS and 2DS) but the demand is there nonetheless.



BinaryFragger commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS Could Be a...:


I really don't understand why so many people are ganging up against those of us who want the New 3DS. We're constantly being called whiners and we were even called fools in one of the forum threads.

Nintendo reported a $457 million loss last year and the Wii U is flopping on the marketplace (Nintendo's market analysts are doing a great job, eh @ryanator008?) but now that Nintendo has a product that actually interests us, we are called whiners. We are being criticized because we want to buy Nintendo's newest handheld! That is some messed up logic.

I seriously doubt that Nintendo is upset about the feedback they're getting. Having customers calling in saying they want to buy your product is much better than experiencing poor sales, like what is happening with the Wii U, or as Sony is experiencing with the Vita.



BinaryFragger commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS Could Be a...:

Well said. Customer feedback is VERY important companies. We can't just blindly accept every decision that a company makes.
If none of us would have "whined" to Microsoft, the Xbox One would still have the ridiculous DRM and mandatory Kinect.

It's funny how when a software publisher refuses to port a game to the Wii U, people here complain like crazy. They say how unfair it is that it's only on Xbox and PlayStation. But when Nintendo refuses to release a product, it's the right decision and we're not allowed to question it. Nintendo is never wrong!

But as I've said before, I won't be losing any sleep over this. If Nintendo doesn't want my money, it's fine. I'll spend it elsewhere.



BinaryFragger commented on Nintendo of America Issues Non-Statement on th...:

The thing that kind of bothers me is how taboo it is to criticize gaming companies, especially Nintendo.
Yeah, it's a first-world problem. I don't think it's the end of the world but I don't see anything wrong with letting Nintendo know that we disagree with them. Can't just blindly accept everything they say. After all, they ARE wrong sometimes. Remember when a decade ago Iwata said gamers don't want online games?

Companies listen to feedback. For example, if nobody whined about the Xbox One's crazy DRM, Microsoft would not have removed it. I was called a whiner when I said I wanted to buy a regular New 3DS. I was called a whiner when I said I'd love to see GBA games on the 3DS Virtual Console.
If me wanting to give Nintendo my hard-earned money makes me a whiner, so be it.



BinaryFragger commented on Nintendo of America Issues Non-Statement on th...:


The price is one of the main reasons why I think they should sell the regular New 3DS. The New 3DS XL is $230 here in Canada, which is quite pricey. It's $30 more than the Vita and only $70 less than the Wii U.

If someone wants a Nintendo handheld, their options now are the $129 2DS (often sold at $99 here) or the $230 New 3DS XL. A $160 New 3DS would be a nice middle-ground.



BinaryFragger commented on Nintendo of America Issues Non-Statement on th...:

I agree 100%, @JaxonH, I just find it weird that Nintendo won't even give the system a chance (at least for now, anyways).

Nintendo is facing some tough competition from mobile devices, and limiting their products just seems weird to me. The New 3DS XL is $230 here in Canada which might be too steep for some people (especially parents). Nintendo's handheld is also now more expensive than the Vita, which is still $199 here. A regular New 3DS would fit in nicely pricewise between the 2DS and New 3DS XL.

Again, I know the small model would probably not sell that well here but portable gaming is a hot market and giving customers less choice seems really weird to me.



BinaryFragger commented on Nintendo Download: 15th January (North America):

3D After Burner II and Lufia this week.

I don't know why people keep whining about the DK trilogies. Those games can easily be played on various other systems.
Reminds of them people were constantly whining about SMB3 even though the same is available on a gazillion other systems.



BinaryFragger commented on Nintendo of America Issues Non-Statement on th...:


Even if only 10% of New 3DS owners buy the regular model, it's still a significant number. I'm not sure how accurate the numbers are, but Wikipedia shows that out of the 45 million 3DS systems sold worldwide (all models combined), about 15 million of them were sold in North America.

If NoA manages to sell 15 million New 3DS systems here, 10% is 1,500,000. Not enough to make a huge impact to Nintendo's bottom line but still significant.
1.5 million x $160 = $240,000,000 potential lost revenue

As I've said before, it's really Nintendo's loss. People could call me a whiner all they want but Nintendo has a product that I'm interested in buying. If they don't want my money, so be it. It's the same way you want the DK trilogies on the Virtual Console. You're willing to pay for them but NoA is dragging their feet. Nintendo's loss.



BinaryFragger commented on Nintendo of America Issues Non-Statement on th...:


Judging from the comments from here and other forums, they're are plenty of people who want the regular New 3DS. The XL's $199 ($230 in Canada) price might be too steep for some people, too.

They'res no doubt that the XL is by far the most popular model here but I think Nintendo is underestimating the demand of the regular one. They could potentially be missing out on hundreds of thousands of sales.



BinaryFragger commented on Nintendo of America Issues Non-Statement on th...:


It's true that the XL probably outsold the regular 3DS by a large margin but I just find it strange that they won't give the regular New 3DS a chance here, especially with the face plates. Look how popular the 3DS themes are, or how popular cellphone cases are. People love to customize their gadgets.

These faceplates are a new revenue stream for Nintendo yet they decide to not sell them in one of their biggest markets. Just baffling.



BinaryFragger commented on Nintendo of America Issues Non-Statement on th...:

More choice is a good thing. After all, that's why Apple and Samsung sell small and large iPhones and Galaxies.

Anyways, I'm fine with NoA's decision. They're essentially telling me that they don't want my money, and that's fine. I'll spend it elsewhere.



BinaryFragger commented on Two Tetris Titles Pulled From the 3DS eShop in...:

Blame Ubisoft all you want but they own the rights now. Same reason why Konami's various TMNT games are no longer available on Virtual Console and Xbox Live.

Nintendo's rights have expired, simple as that. Happens all the time in the video game industry.



BinaryFragger commented on Mario Kart 8 Beats Stern Competition To Become...:


Well said.
I find it funny how people constantly say the gaming media hates Nintendo when it's absolutely not true. Heck, I remember seeing a thread in the Nintendo Life forums once about how GameSpot hates Nintendo and how first-person shooters always win their GOTY, when in reality a first-person shooter has NOT ONCE won the GameSpot GOTY award, while Nintendo has won multiple times (most recently last year with Link Between Worlds).

A lot of people were butthurt last year when The Last of Us was dominating the awards. Nintendo released several excellent games this year, so now its their time to get the awards. Funny how none of the "awards are rigged" and "awards don't matter" people aren't commenting this year...



BinaryFragger commented on Pixar Movie, Up, is Now Available for 3DS in J...:

I don't see this taking off, especially at those prices. The price shown at is 3240 yen, which is CAD$31. Yikes!

Sony's PSP movies were a complete flop, mainly because buying a movie in UMD format was poor value. 3DS movies will most likely suffer the same fate.
Why pay $30+ for a movie that can only be played on one device when you can buy a DVD, which can be played with multiple devices, for the same price (or even less)?



BinaryFragger commented on RCMADIAX Confirms Two Wii U eShop Releases Thi...:

More cheap, mobile-style games for the Wii U. Just what the consoles needs.
People like to defend these games because they're not expensive, but I've played plenty of cheap games (as cheap as $1) that are far superior to games such as The Letter. Low price doesn't need to automatically mean low quality.

Cthulhu Saves the World, DLC Quest, VVVVVV, Breath of Death VII (just to name a few), are all dirt-cheap yet well-made.



BinaryFragger commented on Sony Pictures Is In Negotiations With Nintendo...:

For everyone who's shocked about a Sony+Nintendo deal, Sony Pictures Entertainment works independently from Sony Computer Entertainment, which makes the consoles. The division even has its own CEO and chairman. Don't worry, it won't be the PlayStation folks making the movie (if it even gets made).



BinaryFragger commented on Review: Xeodrifter (3DS eShop):


Ugh, I couldn't stand those disappearing platforms.
To be honest, I didn't hate Mutant Mudds, I just don't think it deserved the 9/10 score given by Nintendo Life.

I'm anxious to try Xeodrifter when I get home tonight.



BinaryFragger commented on Review: Tested With Robots! (Wii U eShop):

I know the Wii U needs more games but Nintendo really needs to implement some quality control. The eShop is becoming a dumping ground for low-quality games, much like Google Play and the Apple App Store.

The eShop is a double-edged sword. It's nice that developers no longer need big publishers to get their games released, but on the other hand, now everyone and their dog are releasing games trying to make a quick buck. It's reminiscent to what happened to Atari in the early 80s, where every company (even cat food companies like Purina) were releasing terrible Atari 2600 games.



BinaryFragger commented on Demand For amiibo Continues As Pre-Orders For ...:

I'm glad I didn't bother with the amiibo craze as it seems really frustrating with Nintendo's vague statements and people who are buying tons of them only to resell on eBay at inflated prices.

No thanks, I'll spend my money on games and systems (I plan on getting a New 3DS when it arrives in North America) instead.



BinaryFragger commented on Nintendo's New Response: Some amiibo "Likely" ...:


What if someone gets a Wii U for Christmas and decide they want some of these amiibo figures they heard about only to find out they're nearly impossible to find?

I don't understand this "must pre-order!" fad that the gaming industry is presently obsessed with.
Nintendo is hoping to make a ton of cash with these but I don't see how that can be possible if people can't even buy them.



BinaryFragger commented on The Father Of Video Games Ralph H. Baer Passes...:

This man created an industry that generates more revenue than Hollywood and provides entertainment to millions of people around the world.

I hope people can put their fanboyism aside and simply appreciate the positive impact that his invention has had on our lives. Whichever console is sitting next to your TV traces its roots back to Baer's Odyssey.

Thanks for pioneering my favourite hobby, Mr Baer.