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Lover of all types of games. If I find it fun, I'll play it! Standout favorites are Crystalis, Melty Blood, Kid Icarus series, Mega Man series, Metal Slug series, Contra series, Castlevania series, Viewtiful Joe, Gradius series, and Bayonetta series.

Fri 22nd Feb 2008

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Big_Sexy commented on Video: Behold the Sheer Majesty Of The Backlit...:

Actually, you can't play GB/GBC games on DS or DSLite (the only ones originally sporting GBA slots). This is because the DS is actually made up of GBA hardware mashed onto the DS hardware. The GBA is designed the same way - it's actually GBC hardware mashed onto the GBA. If you look at the slot on the GBA, it's got a trigger inside that notifies the system which hardware it needs to utilize. That's why the GBA carts have a notch, to prevent it from activating the wrong mode!
Conversely, the DS models don't have the trigger (since it's not the complete GBA suite) and thus can't actually house any GB/GBC games.



Big_Sexy commented on Contra ReBirth Announced, Approaching:

I haven't said anything on here in a while but this merits a comment.

Contra's definitely one of my all time faves, and a ReBirth version is certainly exciting. I, for one, would like to hear them say the magic words.

Online Co-op.

Still keeping an eye out for this one, with my other eye on Salamander ReBirth, which better include at least offline co-op, as that's what made Salamander so special in the first place.

@Metal Slug comparisons:
I always say "Metal Slug is like Contra, but with knives." The games are only slightly different in actual play, as they are both dumb hard.

Metal Slug is dumb hard when it comes to boss fights, while Contra averages its dumb hard all over the stages and bosses. Bosses in Contra are never as hard as bosses in Metal Slug, while stages in Metal Slug are never as hard as they are in Contra, imo.

Edit: Shattered Soldier is easily one of the better Contra games. I don't understand the hate it generates at all.



Big_Sexy commented on More Details About Swords & Soldiers:

This has got to be the best company line I have ever read. Now I'm really interested.

Though, I wish the video showed the VS component instead of just single player. It looks great, but I'd like to see if there's too much on screen to sufficiently pay attention during VS - mostly, if the screen squish is doable while in action.



Big_Sexy commented on Review: Pop Them, Drop Them SameGame (WiiWare):

I've always been interested in the Same Game series, even though I can't think of any that actually made it stateside. Let's hope this one doesn't join them.

@AlexSays - Normally I find myself on the same side of your arguments, but this is one that I have to say that you're not entirely correct on.

While it's true that many save games are about 1 block in size, Nintendo seems to be the only ones making a conscious effort to keep them down. Even then, three of Nintendo's biggest titles have save files that cannot be backed up and take a rather exorbitant amount of space. If you own a DS (as most Wii owners seem to) then you may find the Nintendo Channel as a valuable resource, as the Download Station service is magnificent. If you invest in both disc-based and downloadable-media games then you'll find yourself running short on memory with the Wii rather quickly.

However, after much thought I've realized just why we hate the tiny storage the Wii has. There's at least two reasons.

1) The Wii really has a good library of great games. Sure it's not as large and varied as its competitors, but let's face it. The reason people buy Wii's is - contrary to popular belief - to play it. While Nintendo hasn't put up the "must haves" in it's download library quite yet, there's still a lot to be excited about. And while there aren't a lot of "must haves" on disc yet, there are a few that are hard to dismiss because of sheer popularity. And these few are adding to the problem.

2) We're spoiled. Looking at Nintendo's competition, we see a fantastic amount of space that we can't seem to fill. (yet) Even the PSP and 360 is set up to have removable storage so - if we manage to run out of room - we can swap the storage with more later.
The problem with this argument is obvious. The Wii isn't designed for this. IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN. But it unfortunately wasn't. And so, we cry out for a storage solution because quite frankly, everyone else has already figured it out. Nintendo, as always, is just slow to the party. And if this is like their approach to online - by the time they really figure out this storage thing, the punch will have been long emptied and the only people left to enjoy it will be the ones cleaning it up.

The thing is, Nintendo's storage problem is hard to conceive as a problem. Because after all, Nintendo's Wii is designed as a budget console, for consumers with little money to still be able to afford the product. If you bought a Wii and was able to afford all these games, then it's noticeable because unfortunately you were never the target demographic.

Goodness. I just said the core gamer was never the target demographic for Nintendo's Wii. WHAT HAS I DONE



Big_Sexy commented on Hudson's Upcoming WiiWare Games Revealed:

@Ricardo91 - XBLA has both Doom and Duke Nukem.

@TR - What do you mean by not a first? If you're using Wild West Guns as an example, you mean to say that it's a "Gallery Shooter" and not a "First Person Shooter", right?


Hurry with some screens, Hudson!



Big_Sexy commented on Tiki Towers Lined Up For A Christmas WiiWare L...:

So does that mean it's a little bit of Lemmings as well?

I was hoping that Cave Story would be ready by Christmas, but there hasn't been any news since November so I guess that won't be happening. They must have tried pretty hard, though.



Big_Sexy commented on USA VC Update: Metal Slug 2:

Especially when you consider all the extras you get with Mega Collection, not to mention Plus or Gems.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that the VS. series boards ran on the same hardware as an actual NES. If that's the case then I'm sure that even though it would
a) have it's own category, or
b) share the NES one and confuse everyone
Ninty wouldn't mind releasing it as it wouldn't involve a lot of work and there certainly is a market for it.

And the arcade Contra is controlled differently compared to the NES. Some people don't like it, as they grew up with the NES version - which we still don't have for no reason. I mean, it's in Contra 4 as an unlockable. Surely Konami is willing to make a few bucks off of it. Up for another game of wait and see?

I agree. Gamers have a tendency to be overly defensive, which probably stems from having to defend our right to game as a hobby. (you know, from people going "vidjeo gameses? that's kid stuff" or "you like that smut?") I think that it's mostly the word choices that irk me, though, as a large portion of these comments (you know, from the users that post more than once) are polite enough that I'd like to have fun debating with them rather than wonder what their foul-language count is on a daily basis.

As consumers, we have a right to be upset when the product we receive doesn't reach our expectations. As someone said once before, (on this site, I believe) Nintendo's a big boy now - they can defend themselves.



Big_Sexy commented on USA VC Update: Metal Slug 2:

@Bass X0 regarding comment 88:
I initially skipped that because it was obvious what means he was using to create said channels, and I don't know how much we can actually talk about something like that here, but let me say this.

I sincerely doubt those means have the ability to compress games in the way the developers do - at least, not when he tested them.

Besides, SNK's been releasing the Fatal Fury Archives in a much speedier manner than I expected. We'll see Mark of the Wolves in a compilation disc soon enough. Hopefully alongside the Real Bout series. As for Last Blade 2, I believe the first is already on a disc, so maybe we're not far off for that either.



Big_Sexy commented on USA VC Update: Metal Slug 2:

I think you need to read that again.

I think we've all managed to agree on one point. Metal Slug 2 is a good game, though it's not suitable for everyone, and Nintendo needs to start giving us more info on VC and Wiiware.



Big_Sexy commented on LostWinds:

The game does support two players, but in the way that Super Mario Galaxy does. The second player controls an extra pointer, which can also perform wind moves. (thus making the game even easier) It's designed to help new players into the experience rather than be a co-op game. Gets really boring for the second player.



Big_Sexy commented on USA VC Update: Metal Slug 2:

The reason I brought up that game in particular was that I remember that as being one of the games Reggie mentioned at E3 that year. There's two E3 references in there, actually - but I'm sure you picked up on the second one as it's not so subtle.

I understand that there are some major titles that the gaming community as a whole are waiting for, and Nintendo will want to horde those because they want to wait until they need it and then send it out.

Then we look at Twilight Princess and laugh because we all saw how well THAT worked for the Gamecube.

I think their "let's keep good games at bay until we need them" strategy isn't going to fly for long because sooner or later the fan base that's interested in them will find something better to do than sit around and speculate. We can only be jealous of the 360 and PS3 exclusives for so long until we realize that, in waiting for the games we want/hoped for Wii, we can afford a system that's already got something we like. Then the money will out of Nintendo's pocket and end up somewhere else.

It seems to me that if it would die, it would be from the fanbase leaving, not from oversaturation of "good" games. This becomes especially apparent when you look at the titles that dominate the VC top 20. (Btw, good job at beating Mario 2, Megaman 3! He needed to be taken down a few notches)

Also, not everyone is aware of what the great games are. That's why I come here - I want to know more about the games I don't know or on the fence about. But there's also the main reason that I'm here - news. Nintendo is being more tight-lipped than a nun in Satan's court, and I'm not happy about that. With Reggie's seemingly hateful feelings towards the Mother series, I don't know for sure if Earthbound will ever make it to US/EU. Neither do I know if we'll ever see Aero Blasters, or even Mario is Missing. I never expected Boogerman to show its face, but there it is. None of us have any clue as to what color 20 sided die Nintendo is throwing to decide what we get and what we don't.

In all honesty, I would be more understanding if we'd get a proper release schedule like the good ol' days. You remember, when we didn't have to scour the internet, scarfing up what little morsel of info Nintendo would drop from their mighty buffet table? Now it seems Nintendo is content to keep us in the dark, because frankly, we'll just be glad to see anything show up on VC and Wiiware at this point. At least, that's how I'm starting to feel.

Don't get me wrong. If I didn't already have this game, I'd probably download it - even though this season I shouldn't be spending money on myself. And Space Invaders : Get Even looks to be right up my alley. But the fact stands that this game is available in not just a different format, but a better one to boot.



Big_Sexy commented on Metal Slug 2:

Ah, Metal Slug 2. This is clearly the Arcade version, as the Anthology disc doesn't have slowdown that bad. Though I must say there's some rather exceptional play in this video. That is until he gets zombied and then kills himself. Fitting end, I guess.

Any other MS fans noticed he didn't get the "Great!" bonus that accompanies finishing a stage without dying? I don't think there were any other requirements. Curious...

Makes sense, then, why you prefer X so much over 2, since they're almost the same except X is harder. You start with the harder one, and you'll be upset to find there isn't a challenge when you look elsewhere. I admit that (with practice) MS2 becomes a cakewalk, while other titles in the series (even 6) aren't so easy.



Big_Sexy commented on USA VC Update: Metal Slug 2:

I think there's a bit of a misunderstanding.

Metal Slug X is not "the same as 2 but fixed." Metal Slug X features the same locations and mostly the same bosses, but the AI was ramped up a ton, a few new enemies make an appearance, there's some new songs and there are even more weapons that 2 did not have, such as the first appearance of the Super Weapons. The reason Metal Slug X was made was not because Metal Slug 2 was intolerably slow or flawed - it was because the fan base at the time deemed the game "not hard enough". SNK staff were shocked, but were more than happy to rehash it with Megaman difficulty and laugh as the quarters rolled into the machines for the sadists who dared play it.

Also, I really hope that MS2 on VC doesn't have slowdown, as the MS2 on the Anthology disc doesn't suffer from it like the arcade did. There's slowdown, but it's not jarring enough to damage the game, contrary to what most people have stated in this post and elsewhere.

To be honest, Metal Slug 2 is my favorite from the whole series, and if I didn't already have the collection, and if I couldn't afford it, I would download this. That said, the collection is clearly the superior choice (even without CC support, as you've got the GC controller which is cheaper and, imho, better) simply because of tidbits like the explanation above, unlockable art and music, and the 6th game which, while not as good as others on the same disc, will not appear on the VC and should not be missed by Metal Slug fans.

@debate over VC & Wiiware poop:
Considering that both Microsoft AND Sony had download specials for Black Friday and Nintendo slept in, (from eating too much turkey, mayhaps?) there really is no excuse that exonerates them from the poor support Nintendo's been giving their download services. We need more of both, but just to add fuel to the fire - I bought the Wii BECAUSE of the Virtual Console. Don't tell me that I can play these great games if you're going to make me wait more than 2 years for it. (VC launched in '06 and it took until '08 for Super Mario RPG. Really? C'mon, guys.) Virtual Console is this generation's Duke Nukem Forever.

Well, maybe I'm being a little harsh, but I wish Nintendo would remember that this is a business and that their competitors are showing them up in this category. You'd think they'd be trying to solve it instead of bringing up "Hey Wii owners! You like games? Here's like, two of them. They're games, honest! I'm a mom!"



Big_Sexy commented on Hudson Interview - Alien Crush Returns:

A third Neutopia game would be fantastic. I loved the original, but I'm still stuck on the inanely long Ice Dungeon in Neutopia II. It's too bad you didn't ask, but you probably would have gotten the same response.

Terrific interview, as always.

Seconded. Milon's only starred in two games, while every other Hudson franchise has had at least three. Also, it needs to be said - more Air Zonk, please!



Big_Sexy commented on Hudson Considers More Realistic Adventure Island:

Another Adventure Island game? I'm down. I'd like to see a return to the style found in Adventure Island 2, though I don't think many would like that. (We don't have super linear platformers anymore, and I kind of miss that)

Also, shadows262 said:
realistic graphics make voice acting in games what its supposed to be and by that i mean seeing their mouth and tongue move correctly when pernouncing words.

While I don't want this to spiral into some kind of debate again (sorry!) I disagree. Voice acting has more to do with acting through your voice than whether they synch completely with lips or not. Look at the PS1 game Brave Fencer Musashi - some of the mouth textures don't even move while they speak, but that game has some of the best voice acting ever. Disgaea doesn't even show the characters when the voice acting appears (aside from battles, as far as I know) and the voice acting there is superb as well.

In fact, I think when voice acting is bad AND it's lip synched correctly, it makes it even more noticeably bad. (look at RE)



Big_Sexy commented on More Tetris Party Tournament Details:

Tetris Party has a Bomberman themed stage?!

Hmm... See, the reason I hadn't gotten this is because I already have Tetris DS, which I enjoy because of the Nintendo-themed Tetris action (and new modes). I've been mildly interested in Tetris Party because of the climber and race modes, but I'm more interested now. Are there any other themed stages in Tetris Party?



Big_Sexy commented on Wayforward Interview - LIT:

This game sounds fantastic. I'm not a fan of survival horror, but the whole puzzle aspect has me riled up. Keeping an eye on this one.



Big_Sexy commented on Tiki Towers Coming to WiiWare in December:

You're doing a fine job living up to your handle.

@Animal Crossing Vs Super Mario Galaxy:
I love both games, but if I had to choose I'd take Galaxy, even though just from sheer depth of content I'd end up playing AC a lot more.

For me, it boils down to long term. Galaxy is a platformer, whose purpose is pretty clear from beginning to end. Once you finish it, you'll probably put it away until a few years later. You'll see it and go "hey, that was pretty fun I think I want to play it again."

That has never happened to me with Animal Crossing, though I can attest that I've spent at least 2 years playing only one version of it, until I got bored. Then I put it away and never touched it again. Sure, I thought of it, but then the amount of tasks I want to do set in and I decide I'd be better off playing something that won't steal my soul.

Also I take full blame for creating a large debate. I egged it on because I was curious. But it was fun and it's an interesting read, imo, so was it really that bad when you think about it?



Big_Sexy commented on Tiki Towers Coming to WiiWare in December:

@Mr. Cheez:
Sorry about that tangent. It's hard for me to stay on one topic once I get going.

I haven't played World of Goo, (you can thank MM9 for wasting my points beforehand) so I don't really understand how the game actually works. I guess you just build and complete the various objectives via building? From that description, yeah, this sounds the same for sure. But we've dealt with clones before, and they're never exactly the same or else they'd be good (sometimes they're better - ie, Neutopia) so maybe there's some merit to this game. The monkey helpers have me interested, and it makes me wonder whether there'll be a Lemmings like aspect where you'll have to help the monkeys along so they can continue helping you.



Big_Sexy commented on Tiki Towers Coming to WiiWare in December:

lol, it's cool. (this message system ate my smiley face)

@gameking23 & shadows262:
I didn't mean you guys, but that's good to hear. You don't have to be a casual gamer to enjoy casual games. Just like you don't have to be a hardcore gamer to enjoy hardcore games. The two sets of terms don't even gel properly with their definitions, so really, we should all just be called "gamers". Though, I have a hard time defining games as just "games", as we have to draw some kind of expectations from the product.

This is true. The Zelda debates in particular always boil down to what defines an rpg, though, because there are so many definitions for it. Though they end shorter now that someone had the insight to create the "jrpg" genre.

Edit: I mean label. JRPG label.



Big_Sexy commented on Tiki Towers Coming to WiiWare in December:

The more numbersigns?

It probably has to do with our inherent nature to name everything. We don't just want order - we need it. We crave it.

Edit : What bothers me more is this weird split that's occurring, where "hardcore gamers" are hating on "casual gamers". THAT I don't understand.



Big_Sexy commented on Tiki Towers Coming to WiiWare in December:

AlexSays said : What in the world?
Nintendo markets Mario as a game EVERYONE can enjoy.
How the hell is that hardcore?

He's not talking about the ESRB rating, here. He's talking about the audience they're aiming for. Have you ever heard anyone say "man, that mario game is so hard. I can't finish it." Probably not. The above situation (dude i havent beat it yet but so far i have wasted a lot of time and tears o and the ghostly galaxy purple coin round its so stupid) is more common, but those stages aren't required to complete the game. They're extra content, intended for the hardcore gamers who do buy this game, even though the game is marketed for newcomers and casual gamers.

Have you ever played or talked to anyone who's played Yoshi's Island? The hardcore gamers can tell you - trying to get 100% and clearing all the EX stages are challenging. But it's not required. You can finish the game with 20% on every stage and still only miss out on the extra content intended for the hardcore gamer.

It's this kind of thing that makes them something other than hardcore - not their image.

Did I imagine praise in that last post? Because it's gone now. Curious...



Big_Sexy commented on Tiki Towers Coming to WiiWare in December:

That's for sure. I meant the elements that actually made the series better, like the more interesting puzzles and the parry technique (that they subsequently downgraded in Twilight Princess). The blank expanse of ocean always bored me, even when searching for treasure.

I suppose a better example is the hated/cherished Majora's Mask, where the inclusion of transformation and the task of repeating those three days made a Zelda so unique they've yet to reproduce one like it.

I don't think this is related to their kiddie image, either. Yoshi's Island is one of the best platformers ever to come from the big N, but you still can't label it as hardcore because the game was aimed towards audiences who hadn't really played games before. It's apparent in its tutorial, and it's even more evident when you try to chart the game's difficulty curve.

Then you look at Metroid Prime, which I doubt anyone would say has a kiddie image. That game is aimed toward the hardcore audience - but again, this has nothing to do with its look. The game has a control scheme and difficulty curve that casual gamers can't/won't put up with.

An example of a hardcore game with a kiddie image would be Megaman, with its cutesy style graphics. You'd be hard pressed to find one in this series that's not aimed towards hardcore gamers. But that's what Capcom does.



Big_Sexy commented on Tiki Towers Coming to WiiWare in December:

AlexSays said : I'd manage to offend more people than usual.

I find that hard to believe. I've seen some of your posts, and you manage to offend people quite easily, intentional or not. I find it rather hilarious, because your sarcasm is common among fanboys but your amount of knowledge is not.

Not to echo other comments, but the game's rating should be the last thing you should worry about when deciding whether a game will be fun or not. Expanding your userbase and creating enjoyable games rely on a lot of factors, but I can guarantee that purposefully raising your rating by adding violence and vulgar language is not one of them.

If indeed we needed another Zelda or Metroid game, we'd need one in the vein of the Windwaker or Prime series - not because of the aesthetics, but because they actually evolved the series by enhancing play concepts we were familiar with and adding new conventions that made the game more enjoyable and interesting between installments.

What we don't need is another dark, moody, "more adult" Zelda that's just gonna copy everything from Ocarina of Time and Link to the Past and pretend its new by calling it something different. I don't care what anyone says - Twilight Realm is Dark World.

Also Hudson needs to stick to Bomberman games until they learn how to make a Mario Party game that isn't dependent on luck 85% of the time.

Edit: I agree with AlexSays. Mario Galaxy is not hardcore, though the way Nintendo's headed they would tell you that it was aimed at the core gamer. Just like Animal Crossing, it has elements that hardcore gamers can appreciate, but it is by no means a game intended for hardcore gamers. A hardcore game is like the Megaman or Ninja Gaiden series. (new and old) Mario Galaxy is certainly aimed more towards the newer gamers, while using the Mario face to attempt to bring in the older crowd who is leaving Nintendo for saying crap like "Animal Crossing is for the core gamer." The fact that all levels (save Bowser's) are short enough to complete in 10 minutes is proof enough.



Big_Sexy commented on Tiki Towers Coming to WiiWare in December:

I have to disagree, because I don't think any developer relies on a games' possible controversy as a money factor. There are games like NARC, a re-imagining of an arcade classic, which features high violence and the ability to do various drugs and even take bribes - essentially, you can be a dirty cop. There's also The Punisher game, which was done to coincide with the release of the new(er) Punisher movie. That game had tons of violence, and some brutality in it is only rivaled by Gears of War or the cartoonish Mortal Kombat fatalities.

Why, then, is there no controversy? Because it isn't popular. And it's not popular because it's not fun to play.

Also, I'm hoping that the backgrounds for Tiki Towers only look that way because these are images from a development build.

I didn't mean to insinuate that you disliked the 360. I just wanted to point out that it's pretty common for gamers - who they themselves dislike being labeled - to label the 360 as a console for violent games, when that's not really the case. It's only because the "cool kid" 360 games have lots and lots of violence in it. There a plenty of hyper-violent games on the Wii, too, but somehow Nintendo still manages to hold that look of "hey, we're not pedo but we certainly love the kiddies" that's plagued them all these years.



Big_Sexy commented on Tiki Towers Coming to WiiWare in December:

Lol, well idk about that. There's been stories circulating about kids who've stomped their pet turtles hoping they would pop out in their undies like in Super Mario World.

I think the real problem is getting people to understand the difference between fantasy and reality. We don't have this issue with alternate-reality books and movies - why video games?

Edit: Also, there's a famous vertical shmup series that tasks you to kill Japanese pilots using crazy power ups within the realm of World War II. It's the 194X series, by Capcom. A Japanese company. Honestly? I think some people just take things meant to entertain as a personal offense, which is a little too far if you ask me.



Big_Sexy commented on Tiki Towers Coming to WiiWare in December:

Tiki Tower doesn't look all bad. I'm up for some games from RealNetworks, as they have some licenses I think would transfer well to Wii (like Bejeweled, for example).

@Wiiloveit & gameking23:
Personally, I don't see anything wrong with killing in a video game, mindless or not. Metal Slug is one of the best games ever, imo, and there's a lot of senseless killing going on in that entire series. Same with Megaman, and even the Mario series. (robots and turtles have feelings, too)
In fact, I'm fairly certain the only genre that doesn't have people killing other people in one form or another are puzzle and sports, and it occurs there from time to time, too.

It seems you dislike realistic violence, like blood and painful screaming. But the 360 gets a bad rap, because while those titles are certainly the most popular, it's not because that's all they've got. There are a lot of standout titles that don't feature such violence, and many of them aren't available for Wii or even PS3.

I think violence in video games doesn't have a place when the writers attempt to humanize the context of the game (like GTA4, for example) because you have to be careful about adding moral implications to a medium that - while it can be art - is generally entertainment. (Shadow of the Colossus is a perfect example of this done right)

Gaming fun is based on a foundation of doing things without thinking about what it implies. That's why we have heroes who are famous for eating everything in sight, eating shrooms of various color and shapes, and eating rare meat off the ground.



Big_Sexy commented on Family Glide Hockey Coming To WiiWare:

4 player Air hockey, eh? This sounds interesting...

That would be fantastic. I love the tank game in Wii Play, but it's the only game in it I enjoy. I already have two Wiimotes and have need for no more, and $40 for a single minigame is waaaaaay more than I want to spend, considering I can pick up used full games for a quarter of that price.



Big_Sexy commented on Home Sweet Home:

I don't know if I can recommend this. On the one hand, the designing aspect and building aspect are for the most part fun. You can flex your creative and organizational muscle in the design phase, and then work your reflexes during the build phase. It's a nice blend, and it works well. You can also challenge yourself with the harder difficulties, which bring more problems like lower cash-back for reselling design items and faster energy loss during build phase. Perhaps the coolest feature is the faster you finish your build phase, the more money you earn towards your home design.

On the other hand, the build phase has A LOT of detection issues. It's fun once you get it working right, but damned if the game doesn't try to stop you from having fun. The game will task you to assist your workers (even though you can perform them without being asked to, which speeds up build progress) and the assist motions require you to REALLY flail your arms to get it to detect your movement. Getting your workers to work on something when your design contains a lot of items becomes a chore, as you'll essentially waste time hovering over objects until you see the cursor - which shouldn't happen, since the build phase is already hectic enough without having to guess whether your worker will actually do what you want or not.

It all depends on how much you're willing to overlook these problems to buy a game that's mildly entertaining at best. I love these types of games, but I'm having a hard time saying whether I like it enough to recommend it to someone else.

I guess the best way I can sum it up is "if you want this type of game, and the Wii is the only outlet you have to play these games, then this is probably your best bet. Unless you also like platformers, in which case get Actraiser instead."

Also it should be noted that the PC version is still $20, while the Wii version, with its special motion-sensing assists, is only ten.



Big_Sexy commented on Overturn Coming To Japanese WiiWare:

Everybody's changing avatars! Maybe I should consider doing the same, as it'll be a year that I've had the same one soon. I just don't know if I want anything other than Stafy staring back at me.

The customization would be welcome, but I doubt it would be very good: gamers have been spoiled by the likes of Armored Core when it comes to customizing robots. Anything less is just sad.

I prefer the simplicity of static robots, as it has a more competitive feel since the common limits allow you to seek ways to exceed them without being completely unfair. (like a fighting game)

High TEN. I got into it a little late, as they were pricey little devils (lol PS3), but the system had an abundance of wonderful shmups and fighting games, and home to (arguably) the only great 3D Sonic game ever. It was like angels came down and left a Dreamcast in our hands, saying "make it count."

Too bad Sega didn't listen, not to mention the deaf pirates running rampant.



Big_Sexy commented on Brand New Sorcery Blade Game Play Video:

Draygone said "Nobody was able to create a good N64 RPG, except for Intelligent Systems."

What about Quest 64? The story is like most FF fare (uninteresting for the most part until something crazy gets revealed, then boring again until the usually nonsensical last boss) but the combat was sublime. And then there's Ogre Battle 64, arguably one of the best in the series. Two examples off the top of my head of awesome RPG's for the N64 not made by Intelligent Systems.

As for this game... I'm excited, but I won't hold my breath. I've got Disgaea DS to hold me off anyway.



Big_Sexy commented on Overturn Coming To Japanese WiiWare:

Wow. This game looks gorgeous. There must only be like three stages or something.

In all seriousness, mech combat games are always totally awesome or completely horrible. Here's hoping it's more of the first.

@Mayhem: Virtual On is one of my most played Dreamcast games. I would love to see Sega return to that.



Big_Sexy commented on Second Wave of Mega Man 9 DLC Released!:

The true hardness of MM9 comes from the incredibly stupid hitbox tricks the game toys you with, imo. That and they make you mine for bolts because there are only 3 E tanks and one M tank in the entire game, which is total bull. The creator claims he was aiming for more of a MM2 experience, all the while hitting us with the MM1 stupid stick.

I like others don't understand why Capcom decided that Bass wouldn't show up at all, despite it being called Megaman 9, meaning that 7 and 8 preluded this. None of this DLC interests me, either - the only exception was ProtoMan mode but that went down the drain as soon as the words "no story" popped up. Too bad they didn't do this like MM:Powered Up before it, or else we'd have a lot more to do in this game.

@Objection Blaster: Actually, I happen to think that between this and the 360 version (which, content wise are of course, identical) that WiiWare has the better version because the Wii's crappier video output makes the game look more authentic. Something about the 360's shiny graphics make it unbelievable as a New Age Retro Videogame.

...I can't believe that I just said looking crappier was a benefit. Goodness this game is weird.



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From the screenshots, it seems it can be 3 or 4 player co-op, as one of the screens shows two players in and still asking for more. Their official site says only two, so maybe you can get CPU partners or something?

The level setup looks like the SNES horror that was Home Improvement, and the art direction that of the ugly but okay to play SNES Toy Story. Let's hope this game just needs more polish-work or I fear that the first (truly new) WiiWare platformer will be a major miss.

Edit: Um. Guess they're saying they're done with it...



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Sorry for the double post, but I think this will make my long comments easier to swallow.

I don't see it being so hard to update, as they did so for WiiWare, which I imagine to be far more complicated than allowing you to download a game you can't even play on that system.

As it stands, the Wii has an ability to lock downloaded games to a specific system. If you want to see it in action, download a game and transfer it to your SD Card. Bring it to a friends Wii and try transferring the game to their Wii. What ensues is Nintendo basically telling you to stop being cheap and buy the game if you want it so bad. I don't think it would be hard to do this using the Wii's ability to interact with the DS. It could create the lock automatically, thereby making it both stupid-proof and secure to the point where pirates would have to reverse-engineer said program to even come close to figuring out what causes it. I'm sure pirates would have an easier time trying to find the lock on the games themselves.

I see your point. I just thought that they would consider doing NES games on the DSiVC (if it will exist) since
a) Nintendo likes easy money
b) Nintendo likes rereleasing games, and
c) NES games have been available in the form of GBA cartridges for quite some time now.

But the prospect of GB games on the DSiVC sounds nice. I would love me some Donkey Kong.



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Ptolemy said, "You redeem a point card on one system or the other, how exactly are you supposed to share them between systems?"

Actually, I answered that question before you posted your comment.

I don't see why it would be so hard to announce a DSiWare channel on the Wii, force an update, and allow users to download DSiWare through the Wii. It already has an SD card slot, and we've already received news that an update will allow us to download straight to the SD card.

I think the above option is best, with the latter being using your points card directly on your DSi, then buying the games through its DSiWare channel.

Ptolemy also said, "Where does this happen already that you expect it to happen in this situation?"

I believe the PS3 and PSP do this already, although they bypass the points system altogether and make you pay cash-monies with your credit card for everything. Games are downloaded with the PS3, saved on said PS3, and can be transferred to the PSP. Please, correct me if I'm wrong.

Ptolemy went on to say, "Through WiFi. Great. How's that work? What happens when the signal is interrupted? What happens when you turn the DSi off mid transfer?"

I would suppose the same thing that happens with the Wii. The first set of data sent is that you lost points and you gained a product. When the system is shut down mid-way, the download doesn't go through but the fact that you already paid for it does. So you simply turn that beastie back on and try it again. I lost connection in the middle of downloading Sin and Punishment - one of my first VC games - and this is exactly what happened. I just fixed the issue, went back online and bam, redownload. Not all that hard.

I imagine you to be one of those people who actually paid for a Ethernet port to have a true and steady connection, but keep in mind that all systems come with WiFi and not all users will spend money for an alternative - especially if they own/plan on owning a DS of any kind, for which there is none.

Ptolemy queried, "Whay are you buying cards again, anyway? OK, so you get a card as a gift in a high denomination. Maybe that would be a pain."

I buy cards because I like having physical proof of points if/when (god forbid) something bad happens to my Wii and I have to send it in for repairs. History will tell you that linking an account doesn't always help in these situations, so having these cards handy will help if/when that day comes.

BUT WAIT! That's not even the real issue here, is it? The real problem is that when you want to purchase anything, Wii or DSi, you'll have to buy points. Points have a nasty habit of laying about when you have less than 500 left, staring you in the face like you spent $4 more on a meal that was only worth five. If you were forced to split the points across the systems, and you ended up with 400 unusable points on each, that means that there's $8 worth of points that - while both came out of your pocket - won't be usable until you put even more points in there. And yes, this still happens even when you use credit cards - at least, here in the US, where the lowest purchase option is 1000 points.

I can understand this way works well if you only have one or the other - but what if you have both? Why then, would Nintendo punish you for purchasing both of their systems instead of being pleased that you wish to spend money not on Sony, not on Microsoft, but on them?

Ptolemy finished with, "I see no problem with the fact that the points are non transferable between the two systems once they're redeemed. Stupid would be if they made a completely different card that only worked with the DSi.
Sorry for the wall of text. I'll be more concise next time. Promise "

Agreed - there isn't a problem with the points being non-transferable. But if they really don't have any way to download the games with the Wii and put them on the SD card you intend to use for your DSi, then they might as well have made a seperate card, because aside from "green" issues, it doesn't make any difference.

And there's nothing wrong with walls of text. Sometimes people need to look past the size and see what's written on the wall.



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@kevenz: I thought exactly that while watching the video. But there's no versus mode, so I guess Tetrisphere wins.

This game certainly does look and sound fantastic. Just wish it had some kind of competitive mode, that would really push me towards its purchase.

As it is, MM9 left me with 1300 points for the rest of this year, so I have to make my purchase choices carefully. I really wanted World of Goo, too, and it turns out to be 200 points out of my range.



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Well, Nintendork, before any negative posts appear, I'd like to say that everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you can get enjoyment out of a game like this, then you should enjoy it without letting another person's grievances get to you. Sometimes people hate on games just to seem cool or popular. I just think that it would have been nice to explain why.

I happen to think games like this (because there are others, like My Aquarium) aren't much of a game as they are a screensaver. I don't derive much enjoyment from having my game interacted for me. For example :

For the first month I had this game I actually started catching and sending Pokemon for the express purpose of creating a Pokemon tower. (Players can hold B and press and hold A to grab Pokemon, which can then be used to place them - in my case, on other Pokemon) I started having trouble stacking them beyond about 10 or so, and one day I happened to leave the game alone so I could get something to eat. Lo and behold, the game went into one of its "events" and it just happened to be a stacking event. Not only did the game stack the Pokemon effortlessly by forcing them to jump 50 feet in the air and land on their target, it was also able to stack Pokemon that were literally impossible to stack ingame. (and beat what I thought was an amazing record by about 20)

I've showed this game to other people, and they themselves have had pretty much the same reaction. "There's not much to do, is there?" "This would be a good distraction for 1 to 2 year olds, but it probably won't hold their attention for longer than an hour." Games always have a limit as to how much interaction you can have, but the truth is this game has even less than Hey You, Pikachu!, which is shameful at best. If Nintendo keeps going in this direction with the Pokemon spinoffs, pretty soon they'll start removing the controllers from our hands.



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What I don't understand is why you couldn't link the account and simply download DSiWare games using the Wii. It seems Nintendo's users would benefit from Sony's approach to PSP download software, using the PS3 (or a comp) to download games. If I'm not mistaken, you can't share bought games in this manner (without doing the dreaded H word) and that would ensure the same kind of security Nintendo's looking for.

The beef I have with this is that I imagine that if there will be a DSiVC, there'll be access to simple systems like the NES. If the DSi has its own shop, only accessable from the DSi, that means I'll have to buy another copy of a VC game I have for Wii to play it in portable form, despite both systems using an SD card.



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Site's live now, guys. Check it out. The main page song is pretty cool, and fitting.

EDIT: OMG the wallpapers are randomly generated. My brother got different wallpapers than I did.



Big_Sexy commented on Why You Should Be Excited About Cave Story:


Greatest news ever. Also, a wonderful post. I couldn't possibly gush anymore about this game as you did above.

Even without extra content, this game is an absolute must have. I will now go do unspeakable acts to earn money for this.



Big_Sexy commented on USA WiiWare Update: Bomberman Blast And Art St...:

@Hyperfludd & KnuxSonic8 -
I was under the impression that we weren't getting the retail version - that it was Japan exclusive. Know something I don't, Knux?

In other news, Nintendo makes flOw for the Wii, announces two more. LOL

I have to admit, it sounds interesting. If they had made it 300 points I could have actually afforded it.



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You can do the same with Snap, which is better since that's the main focus of Snap to begin with - you can get some really cool shots and show them off.



Big_Sexy commented on My Pokémon Ranch:

Thank you! I try to be nice. And I agree, this doesn't really deserve to be in the Top 20. It's like looking at the NPD and seeing WiiPlay up there. Sure, some of it's fun, but you know the only reason its there is because it comes with something that people want, despite it being only remotely related to the game. (See what I did there?)

It's not fair, but let's face it - look at what people are buying these days. The mass majority don't really care whether it's fun or not, as long as its pleasing to the eye and/or mildly distracting. There are calls to arms for better graphics all the time, but only the few who like to spend time posting on sites like this want a call for better gameplay. Personal preferences aside, the Top 20 is what people are buying.

It does come with pokemon. In fact, Haley will bring a new one every day (as long as you play it on a daily basis) but in all honesty, you won't get much enjoyment from this game unless you have the DS game. Platinum might be out soon, so you might want to hold out for that - unless you're really desperate for some Pokeymans.

If you really want something good that's Pokemon related, and don't want/need a DS game, get Pokemon Snap instead. It costs just as much, and it's actually a game!

Or if you're into puzzles, go grab Pokemon Puzzle League, which is based on (and an improved version of) one of the finest puzzle games of all time. It's a must have in my book.

Both of those are 1000 points, and are worlds better than My Pokemon Ranch.