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Thu 23rd December, 2010

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Big_Gamer commented on Shigeru Miyamoto: Mario and Luigi Don't Have L...:

@Tasuki What? People have the same last name all over the world why would it be different in a cartoon? Its stated as their last name many times just as Donalds is Duck.

About the Mario Mario thing. I was sure it had been said in some game their last name was Mario, guess I remembered wrong



Big_Gamer commented on Albert Chen - Star Wars: Rogue Squadron II Aim...:

@0LD_SK0OL_PUNK You know, I hate those reviews. I think all the movies are great (EP3 being right behind Empire) and theres honestly only a few small changes that I dont agree with in the OT (like greedo shooting first).
But I do agree that the unaltered versions should be released on Bluray (they do exist on DVD)



Big_Gamer commented on Fact Sheet: Wii U - 1080p HD confirmed, No BluRay:

so they will use another type possibly equal to bluray space? okay that makes me more pleased. Still on the edge about the harddrive though, but I guess its just that Ive gotten spoiled with all the downloads on my PS3



Big_Gamer commented on Child Pornography Law TKOs DOAD Release in Swe...:

this must be because a guy got convited for owning manga which was considered as child porn. It even was his job to translate them. Was he defendet by his employers? No, in fact they fired him.
Seriously, it wouldnt suprise me if someone gets convicted for playing duke nukem 3D, because I mean hey who can say that they really are 18.