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Bigdog commented on YouTube Stars Aren't Happy With Nintendo's Rev...:

What people don't understand is this: if Nintendo (OR ANY OTHER DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER) doesn't value this so-called "free advertising" then they have every right to do this. I really don't get what's so hard to understand about this.

When I see these arguments, all I can think of is this: Say you have a sandwich. Someone offers you $5 for it. Maybe the $ is worth more. Maybe it's not. But it's your sandwich, and you wanna keep it. Maybe the sandwich is worth more to you than the $5.

This "free advertising" whining is an even worse argument because it's not even objective.



Bigdog commented on Club Nintendo Rewards are Updated for January,...:

Don't stress about buying anything now. They specifically put up that DOZENS (yes, plural) of digital games will come in Feb in addition to these. So unless you don't have super metroid, you're better off waiting until then to decide what you want.



Bigdog commented on Rumour: Toys "R" Us Cancelling amiibo Orders, ...:

There is no rumors about this. It happened, and it was WIDE. I had two orders, that were placed 4 weeks apart, cancelled. Items cancelled were wave 3, not Lucario. It doesn't matter if the item was part of a deal (40%, etc) They then opened pre-orders again, then closed them again and removed pretty much 1/2 the amiibos from their site.

This part is rumors: but it appears they reset their pre-orders then oppened them again with a 1 item limit and it quicktly sold out again. KMart and Sears does this all the time, and it's bs.

Their phone systems and computer systems are also in a bad state today, not sure if related or not.



Bigdog commented on Talking Point: Is There A Future For The Wii U...:

I would play AT LEAST 3/4 less time per day without the Gamepad. I probably put 2-hours per day, and there's no WAY I'd be able to do that without Off-TV play.

Off-TV play is so important to me, I can't imagine owning a system without it anymore. I find myself buying more games for Wii U, even with the "No-Games" stigma it has, than any other system before it that I owned as an adult.

Without Off-TV play, I'd probably go to only buying a console once a stellar Mario and Zelda came out, and the price dropped to a stupid low level.



Bigdog commented on VGX Award Ceremony To Include New Footage of a...:

It can be anything and I'll be ok with it. Anything EXCEPT Donkey Country Tropical Freeze.

It's not that I'm not looking forward to it... but that's not the right audience and would be a waste of appearance. It would create NEGATIVE hype. Please don't do it, Reggie.

I don't think it's Smash Bros since it was specific in saying Wii U. Bayonetta or MK8 would be good shows.

It it's 'X"... god that would be too amazing. No way that happens.



Bigdog commented on Nintendo of America Offering Free Retail Game ...:

I guess I'm a lucky barsteward this time.

I just bought an XL to replace my 3DS and didn't register it cause I wanted to save the points for the next "year" (I already made Platinum this year). So, I'm still on for this one.

That's just how it is. Deals get better as a product goes on. It happens for every platform.

I mean, look at the new NA ZombiU bundle. It's a steal compared to the regular deluxe. For 40 bucks more you get the pro controller and ZombiU.



Bigdog commented on Secret Third-Party Wii U Games Under Wraps Unt...:

Obviously I want the big 3rd party multi-platform stuff to come to Wii U to help solidify the console but...

For me, personally, I would just go ape-CRAZY if SimCity was announced for Wii U releasing in 2013 with the PC version. Off the wall, but that game would be incredible in Wii U.



Bigdog commented on Chasing Aurora Announced for Wii U eShop:

The way the music evolves reminds me of Art Style: Orbient. And that's a compliment: Orbient was one of my favorite downloads on Wii.

"Lovely" is definitively the right word.



Bigdog commented on Feature: Super Mario on Wii U - Crowd Pleaser ...:

I say it depends on what kind of Mario game it is.

If Nintendo wants a Mario to help sales (Crowd Pleaser), all they have to do is release a Super Mario Bro Mii game expanded from the demos for Wii U. That will sell like cupcakes and could release near launch.

Or, they can expand the Galaxy games with a third one. That will also sell like cupcakes and could release near launch.

But if this new Mario is indeed a new 3D Mario, that means Nintendo wanting to "drop the bomb" ( when it comes to Mario in their new shiny system. It would be "ready when it's ready, and it would be all about showing off what that system can do. Game Changer.



Bigdog commented on Rumour: Wii U "Twice as Powerful as Xbox 360":


Actually, no. The GameCube was not under powered. By a lot of measures, it was the most powerful. Specially in the way it could handle multiple threads without having to make multiple passes. (Again, it's why it's so difficult to measure "power": how do we define it? For example: A 1ghz processor able to handle 12 multiple thread is better than a 2ghz that handles 3. You'd have to make one pass with the former, and two with the latter to accomplish the same thing)



Bigdog commented on Rumour: Wii U "Twice as Powerful as Xbox 360":

Here's the newer IGN article that references somethign closer to 5X for WiiU

Again, like many are saying, that whole "how powerful" thing is even harder to describe. Processing speed? Graphical? But in any way, this bodes well.

But keep in mind: Even if the WiiU had the EXACT specs of the next xbox it would be "weaker" in something. Why? To account for the processing related to that remote. The remote itself only streams. The console does all the processing.



Bigdog commented on Rumour: Wii U "Twice as Powerful as Xbox 360":

BTW: The writer of this article further explains. That 2X is more like a floor. and based on older Dev Kits from December:

"We were aware that the "algebra" of both sources doesn't match.
A little history on this:
Develop has to cross-reference all unverified claims made to us before publishing articles, to avoid issuing inaccurate information.
We took these steps when revealing the Wii U pad uses a camera system:
And we did so when explaining that Wii U can support two tablet controllers:
And when we said Sony Studios were working on PlayStation 4 projects:
However, when we got the information about Wii U being "twice as powerful as Xbox 360" - in December last year - we were not able to verify the claim.
It was only when IGN's sources expressed that Wii U is far more powerful than the Xbox 360 that we were comfortable in publishing the story.
This was why IGN's sources are referenced in the article, because despite the "algebra" being out, both point towards the same thing.
We felt our readers in the development community would find this useful.
Hope that's cleared things up. If you have any other questions just ask.



Bigdog commented on Rumour: Wii U "Twice as Powerful as Xbox 360":

If you think about it, this makes sense. Yes, I would love a Nintendo system that is the industry leader in power. But above all, I prefer a Nintendo system that is sustainable and won't die. And with that remote tech, it would be too expensive to even TRY to be a leader in power. So: you have an HD system that can output higher than current GEN systems. It has a selling point no one else has (remote) and at an affordable price. (at this power, somewhere between 250-399). If you are Nintendo, you just have to make sure you stay on the same ballpark so that you can get that AAA multiplatform title now and then. Make it reasonably affordable since you can't add that expensive remote AND be a power leader. Will sell like cupcakes anyways, if the 1st party is there.

Then you look at it from Microsoft's point of view: they have the high def thing now, so they need to differentiate themselves in power. Kinect, while nice, isn't going to be the next killer thing. Even a Kinect 2.0 won't be that WOW factory that Wiiu's controller will be. They CAN'T release a console of the same power range of the WiiU, that would be suicide. The trade off is cost. (Say, 350-500 range.) They are going to get the fans that buy it for Halo-type games, in "ultra-def" at whatever the cost. At that point, will sell like cupcakes.

Finally, you look at Sony. That's where I think you'll find the trouble. If you are a developer in the next few years and you want your game to be about that next HD level, you go Microsoft. Simple as that. That's what they are there for. If you have a killer concept to make use of the WiiU controller you go Nintendo. If your game doesn't NEED that next level HD or if you want to maximize exposure you are going to go multi-platform. You will have to account for the less powerful unit, the PS3. So, for the next 3 years what will differentiate Sony?

I think Sony is making a HUUUGEEE mistake if they let Microsoft get a big jump on them. Once perception changes that the Microsoft console is the power one, Sony is toast.



Bigdog commented on Aonuma: "Future Zelda Games Will Use Motion Co...:

By the way, and what I'm about to say applies to ALL main Zelda console games:

If you've played for less than 6-9 hours (enough to get past the tutorials and first dungeon) you cannot properly access the game. Period. Regardless of whether you end up liking it or not, you just can't. It's how these games are built. The only Zelda game that you will know whether you will 100% like within an hour or so is Majora's Mask.



Bigdog commented on Aonuma: "Future Zelda Games Will Use Motion Co...:

Let's put it this way:

I really liked Twilight Princess. I am one of those that, before Skyward Sword, thought it was the pinnacle of Zelda.

So, I played Skyward Sword to completion and this weekend I decided to go back and play Twilight Princess again. It was borderline unplayable. From small stuff (like being able to sprint) to big stuff (combat control). Not to mention, the IR controls felt restricting after getting used to Skywards Sword "Gyro" controls that let you point away from the screen and still control the cursor on screen. That makes much more comfortable to play in multiple ways. (Like laying down, or sitting, even when your body is facing 90 degrees from the screen).

So, this is like a heavenly thing to hear for me. I cannot imagine playing Zelda in any other way anymore.



Bigdog commented on Aonuma: "We'll See" About Zelda Voice Acting:

Voice acting? Just look at Metroid: Other M as to why it can be a very bad idea when dealing with a game that has a built-in level of atmosphere.

That game was great, mechanically, play style, execution. Spot on. Loved it. But look how it was absolutely slaughtered with issues about the "acting". As a developer, you go ahead and build and excellent game and then it's killed by something that has nothing to do with "gaming".

At most, I'd be ok with having fully voiced supporting staff if they wanted to go that route. But Link should remain silent. Not much can be gained otherwise.



Bigdog commented on Aonuma: Wii U Zelda Will Challenge Series Conv...:

This is a bit bittersweet for me...

Why? Before Skyward Sword I was salivating at the notion of a realistic style Zelda in HD, with traditional controls and inventory on that screen. And I still think that would be very very good, incredible even.

But Skyward Sword is just so good I can't imagine playing Zelda another way. The off-realistic look lets the developer have more freedom on the design of the enemies (and Locations/Bosses), and those motion controls are just too perfect. Even if they stick with the same style, but in HD, how are you going to keep the motion controls on that screen?

You could say: "But Wiimote+ support is staying with WiiU". True, but think of the logistics. What are you going to do, put that remote in front of you for Inventory look and play with a wiimote?

So, it's bittersweet. Dang you Nintendo for begin so good that I want it ALL. It's your fault.



Bigdog commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii):

@Thanos IGN gave it a 10. Called it a masterpiece and better than OoT. Just helping your argument here.

But quite honestly, I enjoyed this review better than all others. It was like one big love letter to all Zelda fans anxious to appreciate this game.

1up gave the lowest review I've seen with their b+. Which really puts it in perspective, doesn't it? Even for those that found "complaints", they were opinionated (stuff that depends on the type of game you particularly enjoy) and not matter-of-fact stuff that can't be looked over. (Like bad controls. Bad graphics, silly story telling/acting, boring game-play) I can't wait till this weekend.



Bigdog commented on Nintendo Explains Lack of Online Play in Star ...:

@sgotsch I assure you, it can be THAT hard. In many ways, it's almost like doing a new game because of the debugging required. One can easily almost double the debugging of a typical game.

In the case of Star Fox 64 3D on a recently developed and released system, it could slip to an extra year before the game would be out.



Bigdog commented on Nintendo Explains Lack of Online Play in Star ...:

I'm happy they didn't delay. This game needed to come out now.

Make the sequel Star Fox 64 has ALWAYS deserved, and add it to that. Release it say.... in the next three-four years. Should be right around the middle of the 3DS life (maybe not this model, but the 3DS family)

I expect my consulting fee, Nintendo.



Bigdog commented on Monster Hunter 4 to Burn Up Your 3DS:

No matter whether I like Monster Hunter or not (I do), this is incredible news for anyone that enjoys the 3DS. The 3DS has just been guaranteed to win out Japan, at the very least giving solid ground for publishers looking forward through 2012.

That lineup for the 3DS is absolutely stacked through 2012. This is really smart for Nintendo, and will allow them to properly focus on the WiiU toward the middle to end of 2012.



Bigdog commented on Analogue Stick Add-On for 3DS Revealed:

Forget the second analog stick, if this is comfortable, I will get it.

I love my 3DS but it is uncomfortable as hell, cramps my hand like crazy and I have to constantly adjust. With my old dslite, I had this big old cradle that felt like a game pad and gave more battery life. One of the best video game purchases I ever got, and made the dslite be used exponentially more in my house. (

So, if this is comfortable, and adds more baterry life, I'm all for it. If all it does is add the circle pad, I think it's silly to damage the brand for such a small consideration.



Bigdog commented on Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Limited Edition...:

@AbuJaffer Me too, I've got four wiimotes too (with two M+), but I'll get rid of one. No way I'm missing out on this, specially since WiiU will be backwards compatible. I don't like having the attachment at the end, and having to remove the remote from the sleeve every time I want to use the M+.

Can't stop looking at this cover, damn it looks good. Wonder what the regular box art will look like.



Bigdog commented on Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny Crashes In Next...:

Yeah, it wasn't until I accidentally created a "grass factory" that I was able to keeps the runeys in check without spending massive amounts of time doing it.

But it was (is) a really fun game, that I spent about 150 hours on. I prefer it than harvest moon. Looking forward to this one.



Bigdog commented on Talking Point: How Much Fan Influence Should G...:

Yes, sometimes a publisher will make mistake that would have been "seen" if fans had input. But I prefer that they have their own little isolation for games.

Example: Wind Waker. Everyone I knew at the time it was first shown hated the art style. I personally wasn't sold at the time. Nintendo stuck with it. It's now, IMO, one of the best looking (and fun) games in the Zelda series.

Between two worse cases, I'd rather a publisher do what they want and the game fail then opening too much info to the public.



Bigdog commented on Investors Urge Nintendo to Develop for Smartph...:

Also, all the doom and gloom on the 3DS is silly, IMO. It's all about software. Once the software comes, the people will too.

Personally, the only reason why I didn't buy it at the $250 point (Yes, already got one on the adjusted price) was because there were no titles. Ocarina is like a bonus, not really a seller for me. Been there, done that. Same with Pilotwings, Street Fighter and Steel Diver. Nice games, but not 1st tier games.

Hell, had there been even a Rune Factory game, or SOMETHING I would have gotten at the higher price. I just needed a reason.

So, they'll be ok. Once they missed that boat they HAD to decrease. You don't want to scare 3rd party supporter, specially at this point in the lifecycle.



Bigdog commented on Investors Urge Nintendo to Develop for Smartph...:

Example on the dangers of investor thinking. The concern, rightfully, of an investor is for immediate gains and/or dividends. So yes, on the surface developing for IOS platforms or Droid would be a nice boom.

But, the exclusivity of Nintendo is the only assurance a company such as Nintendo has that they will be in business in the future. I'm not a common example, maybe, but I will definitely buy a console for Zelda/Metroid/Mario alone. As far as I'm concern, everything else is gravy.

Nintendo is a gaming company. That's it. Not like Sony with electronic products and Microsoft with software. So long term, it would be an egregiously bad move to develop on other platforms, and cut the legs off your unique differentiation point.

Now, as far as allowing pay-to-play and cheap ($1-$10) to develop for Nintendo platforms, Nintendo needs to jump on that boat soon so they don't get left behind.