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Male, 37, United States

Arcades introduced me to gaming back in the early 80's. Then Nintendo went and saved the industry and I started buying video games based on the coolest box cover art~

Mon 15th February, 2010

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bezerker99 commented on Review: Tecmo Bowl (Wii U eShop / NES):

This game is freaking awesome. And did I read that correct??? This version has some licensing put back into it? If that's the case I will have to download - there is no question.



bezerker99 commented on Guide: Unlocking Building Items And More In Su...:

I'm so glad Animal Crossing New Leaf didn't have an update to speed up the unlocking process.

Anyways...Super Mario Maker rocks but Nintendo is weak for caving in to the demands of it's fanbase and releasing this patch. Gamers should have some patience and Nintendo should grow a backbone.



bezerker99 commented on Pikmin 4 is "Very Close to Completion", Though...:

@WaveBoy FIre Emblem is the only game you mentioned that I remotely like. lol. And Yes, Metroid II is a very sub-par game, I could say quite a few things about it but here isn't the place.

I'll eventually get around to redownloading Pikmin 3 onto my Wii U and I'll play it. It's rather charming, I'll give it that.



bezerker99 commented on Pikmin 4 is "Very Close to Completion", Though...:

@MrWarner14 that second post was an intentional misspelling. The first post wasn't. Sorry, i'm on a cell phone and my fat fingers can't type that good on it.

I am not a very descriptive person so I can't really justify me not liking the Pikmin series other than i find it boring. I even received Pikmin 3 free from Club Nintendo and I never play it (got to day 4 and ended up moving on to another game). To this day I still wish'd I had selected New Super Mario Bros U as my free Club Nintendo download over Pikmin 3. (btw, the original Pikmin is the only video game out of probably hundreds...that I rented and didn't play more than 5 minutes). I can't explain my dislike other than it does't "capture" my attention.

Hope that's a better answer than the 'cop-out' answer i said earlier!