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Thu 7th Mar 2013

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BetweenTheTrees commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights Frustration at Missed ...:

Now is the time for GameCube 2. A new controller mix between Wii u pro and GameCube. Awesome online with a PlayStation plus/Xbox live monthly free game and something that can go above and beyond ps4 and Xbox one. The time for motion control and second screen controllers has passed. But miiverse was genius, it really made you feel connected to a community. A new advanced version would be great. And if they keep their mii's at least let us purchase clothing and hats and props etc. Some kind of achievement system would be nice, they could do coins. Bronze coins, silver coins, gold coins and red coins. Or stars. I love Nintendo but i love third party games too and my ps4 gets all of my attention.



BetweenTheTrees commented on Slender: The Arrival Is Stalking Its Way To Th...:

i played this on pc. it's a great game. nintendo gamers probably won't appreciate it because it seems that no matter what comes to the eshop it's never enough. they get pissed when games skip wii u and talk poorly about the ones that do decide to grace the wii u with their presence. not all fans are like this, but too many are, if i were a developer i would skip the wii u simply because of the majority of it's fans.



BetweenTheTrees commented on Reaction: Mario Kart 8 Accused Of Poor Sales P...:

is race still an issue? I kinda thought most people were over it. I don't see a black man as a black man, I see him as a man. that's it. I don't see Mario as Italian, I see him as Mario. most people I know feel the same way. the "journalists" are the racist ones, they're the only ones thinking these racist thoughts, they are the only ones that seem to notice skin color.



BetweenTheTrees commented on Nintendo Download: 10th April (North America):

alright. a baseball game. ANOTHER side scrolling DK, ANOTHER side scrolling Kirby. the only saving grace is Mario kart, and Mario gold wt. but half of the games you mentioned haven't even been released yet. I haven't purchased anything, let alone played my wii u in months. the lack of actual fulfilling content is concerning. so to me in my opinion I bought an expensive $350 emulator for snes, gba and nes games



BetweenTheTrees commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

i'm gonna finish up infamous SS. play some titanfall and it's clan wars for ghosts so i'll be playing the devastation dlc like mad. and maybe get some minecraft in at a friends place seeing as I don't have a 360 anymore. the TU14 update is pretty great,



BetweenTheTrees commented on Weirdness: First Zelda, Now Mario And Luigi Ma...:

you can take screen shots on the ps4. stil looks better than any wii u game. the screenshots and video you can capture on ps4 is only in 720 instead of 1080. still I can capture 15 minutes of video, edit it and post it to my fb, my ps friends etc etc. so yeah the almighty ps4. you got it right.



BetweenTheTrees commented on Month Of Kong: Whatever Happened To Donkey Kon...:

@rjejr Agreed. I bought a Wii U day one and ever since then it seems all I do is look forward to upcoming games. My Wi U sits and gathers dust as I wait for something good to actually release and I have a feeling all i'm going to do for a good long time is wait for something meaningful to come from my Wii U. I had such high hopes. it stings when this kind of thing happens and you put so much hope into it.



BetweenTheTrees commented on Talking Point: The Watch_Dogs Wii U Delay Demo...:

Nintendo is far from dead. Nintendo is one company that can rely on it's own first party to stay afloat. and not only stay afloat but completely excel. I have been openly loving sony lately. the ps4 is completely epic. it really is. BUT the fatc remains Nintendo is a better developer. if MS or Sony lost their 3rd party support what would they be? they have some original 1st party content but not much. I for one never liked halo. MS and Sony are almost completely made up of 3rd party games. Nintendo has survived and thrived on their original 1st party titles. that is strength, complete power. I bought a ps4 for 3rd party games. I bought a Wii U because I knew it would bring me things only Nintendo could. Nintendo should forget 3rd party and remember how legendary itself is. bring us the games only Nintendo can bring and the Wii U will prosper. release a new Metroid, starfox, Zelda, super Mario galaxy 3 or Mario sunshine 2, the ideas are out there. a lot of titles that could turn heads.



BetweenTheTrees commented on Watch_Dogs Delayed Again on Wii U, Will Arrive...:

if you want to play awesome third party games, don't expect anything on a Nintendo console. Nintendo consoles are for Nintendo games. I got a ps4, sold my 3ds for a vita. let me say. sony. you put Nintendo to shame. I love Nintendo. used to be diehard Nintendo fanboy, and then I realized what a good system is. Nintendo is not it.



BetweenTheTrees commented on Feature: Breaking Down What Nintendo's QOL Pla...:

Nintendo had lost me. I tried so hard to be optimistic and keep a good attitude but they have lost me. I just can't keep interest. gaming I guess just is no longer Nintendo. it seems like all they focus on is virtual console which is nice but I want new games not old games. I mean what is Nintendo even doing with their time? hitting their heads against a table it seems and that is all. i'll probably buy 4 maybe 5 more wii u games for the duration of it's life. time to focus on something that will actually bring me enjoyment not disappointment. my ps4. goodbye Nintendo, unless they can actually turn themselves around and do something useful, anything at all. but I doubt it.



BetweenTheTrees commented on Satoru Iwata Confirms That DS Games Are Coming...:

sounds cool if done correctly. but i'd much rather have some new ip's and some new franchise games rather than old ports.
nostalgia is fine but not everything. this is why Nintendo is in trouble. they stay in the past and if continued they will be a part of the past as well. i'm tired of the wii u gloom.



BetweenTheTrees commented on We Cannot Continue Without Winning, But It's N...:

you said it exactly. the reason I own a ps3 ps4 and 360 is for 3rd party titles. why did I buy a wii u?, something unique. something I could play and be able to say I've never done that before and I had a blast. Nintendo by far has the very best first party. if third party titles wormed their way in AND brought dlc and features that other consoles have. I believe the U would be fine.



BetweenTheTrees commented on We Cannot Continue Without Winning, But It's N...:

while I agree they have some amazing first party games, I don't think a new Metroid is going to sell systems. some new amazing ip's would. something that can compete with these hardcore games. because that is what the market has become, hardcore. hack and slash, run and gun. that's sadly what sells now. and some new hardware wouldn't hurt. I love my wii u but my ps3 can pretty much keep up with it, my ps4, well... let's not even go there



BetweenTheTrees commented on Aussie Pirate Sued For Illegally Sharing New S...:

It just goes to show that unlike most companies nintendo still has a soul. They showed him that although he did something stupid they still appreciate him as a customer. we feel the love nintendo......but hopefully not the lawsuits. it was a simple matter of tough love.



BetweenTheTrees commented on Wii U Players Won't Be Able To Join A Clan In ...:

I wish the Wii U would have more success in the third party area. i really love Wii U. but i came to terms and know for third party as it was intended i must go PS4/PS3. hopefully they start bringing full games to Wii U instead if these half assed ports. until then it's Sony for third party.