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Wed 17th Mar 2010

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Beto commented on Super Mario Bros. 2:

This is a Mario Main Game, but this game does not feature Bowser as the main villain, instead it's Wart. This was the first Mario Main Game to have Princess Peach and Toad as playable characters and on this game. Nintendo should have another Mario Main Game to have Mario, Luigi, Peah and Toad like this one. It should have a 4-player mode, Peach and Toad again and Wart should make a return to the series.



Beto commented on Super Mario Kart:

This game is great, it became the most successful Mario Kart game ever. Since it was the 1st game game ever, Super Mario Kart spawned 5 sequels of the series in history.



Beto commented on Kirby Super Star:

I loved this game when I used to play when I was 10 years old. This games is great and fun too it makes laugh, scream and use curz words. The reasons are when Kirby uses the mike ability 3 times and the enemies crash and this also happens when kirby uses the crash ability. When Kirby gets attack, fall down and Kirby gets up shock I use curze words. Also when Kirby grabs a foe on the fighter ability, he throws it the enemy is turn up, this is my favorite one. I scream and laugh when he does that I go "A-HA!"



Beto commented on Kirby's Avalanche:

This game is okay and I liked it. Nintendo should have a new version/remake of this game. It would be better to have a new Kirby's Avalanche game, now it should be in 3D style and all of Kirby's Bosses, the ones they were in the original game: 1. Waddle Dee 2. Bronto Burt 3. Waddle Doo 4. Poppy Bros.Sr. 5. Whispy Woods 6. Kabu 7. Broom Hatter 8. Squishy 9. Lololo & Lalala 10. Bugzzy 11. Paint Roller 12. Heavy Mole 13. Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright 14. Kracko 15. Meta Knight 16. King Dedede should return. Waddle Dee, Bronto Burt, Waddle Doo, Whispy Woods, Broom Hatter, Meta Knight and King Dedede are shown in 3D. Kracko and Bugzzy had appear in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as trophies and shown in 3D and they should be in 3D game. Poppy Bros. Senior, Kabu, Squishy, Lololo & Lalala, Paint Roller, Heavy Mole, and Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright should be in 3D for the first time. It should have new bosses at least 6 like Capsule J2, Lovely, Dyna Blade, Sparky, Phan Phan and Sword Knight. Also all of the color blobs red, blue, yellow, green and purple and the boulders should be in 3D. It would be great that Nintendo should have a new version of this game!