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Wed 13th August, 2014

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BensonUii commented on Master Quest DLC Details Emerge for Hyrule War...:

Okay I'm sold, I can't wait for a price drop. :D

Seriously, Cia's boobs isn't that huge big. I've seen waaay bigger. :p

Edit: I mean I've seen way bigger with their clothes on. ;)

Edit 2:
I just realized the 10% discount for HW already ended. I guess I'll wait for a price drop as I originally planned. :(



BensonUii commented on Hyrule Warriors Horses Around with Epona in Ma...:

Reading comments from those who play the game from various comments/forums section make me wanna buy it now than wait for a price drop. Is there an exclusive DLC or skins that I won't be able to buy/use if I don't register the game before a specific date (Europe)?



BensonUii commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (3DS):

One thing I am worried about Smash 3DS is you can only use the Slide Pad for moving. Can you map the DPad and use it instead? I read Jose Otero's comments that he was able to mapped the L and R buttons according to his preference. Does that mean the game will allow you to interchange the Slide Pad and the DPad? I've always preferred the DPad on almost every game I play.



BensonUii commented on Nintendo Confirms Development of Games That Wi...:


The current 3DS held back the inclusion of the Ice Climbers in Smash because of technical limitations. Look at how assist trophies are only 30fps while the main fighters are 60fps. Who knows how many games are being kept on hold or unable to go forward in development because the hardware is not allowing it.

This is where the New 3DS comes in. It's not like Nintendo will release exclusive N3DS games from now on. I'm guessing only a handful of games will be released where it's made possible with the New 3DS specs.



BensonUii commented on Nintendo Confirms Development of Games That Wi...:

That's it. Sorry old Zelda XL, I'll wait for the New Metroid XL for me and get a white N3DS for my kid. :p

I was gonna buy the Zelda XL with my 15% discount coupon which expires this Friday. LOL thanks to NLife for the coverage. I'm glad I intended to wait until Friday. This isn't the first time. I was gonna buy the Luigi XL for 149€ then came the Japanese N3DS Direct last August. It's a double sign!



BensonUii commented on Feature: A Week of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and...:

I dunno if it's relevant or it's already confirmed/reported that your data on the Smash 3DS could be transfered to the Smash U. GameStop Italy emailed me about their Smash promotion last week and they mentioned that feature.