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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Bensei commented on Reaction: Pokémon Shuffle Isn't Quite Microtr...:

@rusellohh: This technique doesn't work in normal stages. This game removes the time-limit mechanic from Pokémon Trozei and replaces it with a turns-mechanic. Therefore, to prevent people from clumsily wasting their turns only turns that actually do damage are allowed. Just as in Bejeweled.

I wouldn't say it doesn't need any skill just because a technique is missing. It's just a very different challenge: The challenge to foresee the chain reactions you are creating and choosing the best outcome there is. Or how to build a pattern like this by making chains WITHOUT making it collapse.

Try to play until Stage 31 or so. I got to 46 and still didn't pay a single penny and got 3 gems left from in-game drops (you get one after every Mega-Evoltuion Boss). I didn't even use any coins, not even for Mew.

There are Extra-Stages however which swap turns for time. You can swap items as you wish.
Though the limits are very tight: from 30 seconds to like 2 minutes, even expanding gives just extra 10 seconds with coins and 15 with a gem.
You have to catch a lot of Pokémon to unlock more. 35 mon or so got me 6 stages till now.



Bensei commented on Reaction: Pokémon Shuffle Isn't Quite Microtr...:

Oh, and don't trust any reviews that come online till now. The game is out three days. Every complaint I hear in the reviews a re complains that I had the first day. In that destructoid review it sound like any Pokémon after a certain stage just gives you 3%. Actually it's just the extra stages and some pretty useful 'mon that are that low. Up to Stage 40 most Pokémon still have a default ctahc rate of 30% or 50%, which I usually raised up to 60-70% on the first try, which is still pretty good.

Don't know if this changes up higher, but at that point you should have around 40 'mon available which can make catching Pokémon easier since you can play out their weaknesses.



Bensei commented on Reaction: Pokémon Shuffle Isn't Quite Microtr...:

There are more ways to get coins (watch out: SPOILERS!):

Stage 37 is Meowth. It's scream produces coins instead of traps. Wellt, they are still a trap, but if you put three of them together you get 100 coins. Haven't caught it yet, but I bet it also has an ability to raise your coins if you use it as a helper.



Bensei commented on Reaction: Pokémon Shuffle Isn't Quite Microtr...:

The event-stage isn't overly hard. Okay, I didn't win at my first try like the others, but after some time I beat it without paying. Catching is another story, but you can level up Pokémon to do more damage and get Pokémon that are super-effective against them to increase hits and catch rate. With this I could even beat 3-turn and 5-turn stages without spending even in-game currency, and I don't think I spend a lot of time thinking about my turns. I just put together some 'mon and where like "oh, a 3-chain...5...8... nice, didn't see that coming."

So I think in the end it won't be impossible to catch all the 'mon, you just have to get used to some different playstyles if you don't wnat to spend real money. Like rushing through the game and getting back to some monsters later when you either leveled enough, got enough super-effective monsters or just need that particular monster to boost your team for the enxt battle.

Plus: You get 500 coins every day you connect to the internet to check for events which boosts getting coins a little. So you can get a super ball every 5 days even without playing.



Bensei commented on Nintendo Ends Partnership With Austrian Distri...:

@speedreeder: Oh my, that really sounds terrible. But a friend of mine also had a broken shoulder button. No more warranty for a few, but they repaired for free anyways. They had snailmail though, but he didn't complain about it so I guess it was fast enough for his taste.



Bensei commented on Nintendo Ends Partnership With Austrian Distri...:

@speedreeder: Actually I was quite satisfied with Stadlbauer's repair services. A friend of mine even got his account back after his 3DS was stolen.

I was a part of the Austrian Nintendo club. Yes, they charged 5€ per year, but they offered really cool community events and contests were your chances of winning were pretty high. I'm sure I got way more than those 5€ back. And they had a real nice and friendly forum! I really only missed the Stars catalog which Stadlbauer only couldn't do because they had issues with Nintendo Europe over it.

Too bad this era is over now, but I hope we are FINALLY allowed to take part in german contests. It really sucks that even after June 2013, were NoE took over, the terms of service still list only Germans can partake... even though I can order from the Stars Catalogue!



Bensei commented on News Site Claims That Zelda "Takes A Dim View ...:

If you want a good book about the Zelda-Series deals with philosophical themes read The Legend of Zelda & Philosophy. Feminism IS the only part I could agree with him there, apart from Tethra and Impa there are no real strong female main characters in the Zelda-Series. As is with other Nintendo-series, were the protagonists are mainly male.

But come on: The Gerudos are thieves and their "king" is the most evil thing you can imagin, but if that guy would have really played the game, he would have seen that they were only be able to overcome Ganon by joining forces with the Gerudos as well, showing that Ganondorf is just an evil individual, not an evil race altogether. And the Islamic depictions were also found in the Goron regions.

Deconstructing the worker as Marxist isn't really clever either. The plotwriters aimed for that impression. Any child can tell you that. Can you doom them for it? Not in my opinion. The game doesn't encourage you to whip the workers or enslave them. It's an NPC in the game. If you look up tzo the Master and want to become one yourself it's your decision, but if you listen to the workers you see they suffer from him so much that they want to be thieves in the future. The game shows you that "enslaving" your underlings leads to problems, so it also suggests it would be a better idea to treat them fairly. But the game leaves that up to the player. If you are a Marxist you probably only saw ways to "motivate" your workers by yelling at them, and that you should yell louder so they don't become thieves.

The animal part was just ridiculous. No real argumentation line from him there

In the end, Hochschartner is just a philosophy student who wants to depict how clever he is by quoting theories to analyze a game, like a snub who just discovered there are other languages and tries to throw in many fancy french words into every conversation he starts to make people around him think he's multicultural, educated and superior to anyone around him.



Bensei commented on Cut The Rope:

Those screenshots are fake! The resolutions is way higher, it shows mouse arrows and the stars are shown on the level-layout, whereas they are shown on the Top Screen in the 3DS version



Bensei commented on WayForward Fought "Many, Many Battles" to Keep...:

"Draw every day! Chuck Jones always said that every budding artist had 10,000 bad drawings blocking their pencil that had to come out first. Or at least something like that. It’s still the best advice I can give, because when you draw, and people see your draw, the opportunities begin to unfold. But you’ve got to keep creating and share your work, warts and all."

Inspiring, I always forget that rule xD



Bensei commented on GameStop Defends Xenoblade Chronicles Pricing,...:

@Buzkeel: As they are older than a year, you will get around 2 bucks at Gamestop (which is unfair, imho, as they sell those game for 10 bucks and up)

Try to sell them elsewhere. You should get way more for the Marios. Though I guess you won't get much for games like Iron man 2



Bensei commented on Review: Dillon's Rolling Western: The Last Ran...:

I'm sorry but this review just feels like a big rant about how this game is similiar to the first. The new features are hardly pointed out, yet even things that were good about the first. I don't think that the game's difficulty is not only raised by more and more monsters, for example. It's more difficult because there are DIFFERENT monsters, that attack in unique ways. I think the rangers and the train made the game more dynamic and is a welcome change to a formula that worked pretty well in the first place. I never felt that a map felt just like the one before



Bensei commented on Ghostlight Hatches A New Plot To Bring Devil S...:

@Melkaticox: Thanks for explaining. Actually, I'm interested in checking the series out, as there'll be the crossover Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem. Is DS a spin-off series, or is DS just a subtitle to indicate it's a remake? (Like the Dragon Quest Games got subtitles in Europe)? Or should I wait until SMT4 reaches Europe? I wnat to check out the main series first before dving into spinoffs



Bensei commented on Review: The Very Hungry Caterpillar's ABCs (Wi...:

This game also disappears from the PAL-Shop on 30th November. It's a pity, although I'm way too old for this.

I guess it didn't work so well here sicne it's just in English, which is a killer for a pre-school game



Bensei commented on Tips: Two New Super Mario Bros. 2 Secrets:

Really hated it that I lost the shining stars in NSMB Wii. I didn't want to finish a level without getting all the star coins so I saw the Super Guide Block, but never touched it. Sadly, in NSMB Wii seeing it (by dieing 8 times in a row) was enough



Bensei commented on Mighty Switch Force! HD Heading to Wii U eShop:

I hope they also release MFC DX. It worked on PSP, so it should work even better with Wii U controls

I wonder if it gets a HD makeover, or if it's just an upscaled version of the 3DS title? Doesn't matter though, I'd buy it anyways.



Bensei commented on Feature: Wario is Missing?:

I don't think this was planned as a Wario-Game, I just think they completely forgot Wario could star in a Jump'n'Run.

However, it would be really awesome if Wario was an unlockable character in this Game :3



Bensei commented on Wreck-It Ralph Confirmed for Wii, 3DS and DS:

I doubt the cameos will be in this game. As I can judge from the trailer, they are not an integral part of the story, so they could easily be replaced.

I had to review that smurfs game, which fetured full sequences of the movie. But none of them, not even the stills, showed a single glimpse of Neil Patrick Harris, although he was the Main Act (next to the smurfs). They mentioned the name of his role all the time in the narration, but no pictures were shown.

Of course this game has nothing to do with Wreck-It Ralph, but as you can see, you can skip licenses).



Bensei commented on Europe's Virtual Console Loses 6 Games This Month:

About the losses: All the Games are published by Irem, except for R-Type (TG-16) but I guess they are involved. The other 3 are TG-16 games, but they are from G-Mode, not Hudson.

The only Title that worries me is Military Madness. It's from Hudson, and I really see no point in removing WiiWare-Games...