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Sun 24th Nov 2013

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Benjaminitonio commented on Interview: Nintendo and Nd Cube on Bowser, ami...:

Haven't tried amiibo party yet because my friends and I are all a bit reluctant to erase our smash bros. data on the few Mario characters we do have, but the other two modes are great. I honestly prefer the old way of moving around the board separately and I hope they revisit it in the future but I won't let that ruin my experience with what is a game made by people who I believe truly care about the game they're making. When it really comes down to it for me, what would make or break a good Mario party game is whether or not the mini-games are fun. They totally are fun by the way. And although everyone moving around the board together isn't my favorite thing, I do love that it allows us to fight bosses together.



Benjaminitonio commented on Talking Point: The GamePad and its Role Defini...:

I personally love the gamepad, it's probably my favorite controller ever.
-Having it for off-tv play is sooooo useful for anyone who shares a tv and even if you don't it's cool to have if I wanna watch something on tv while playing less focused games or for having a sporting event on the tv that I can hear and look up at when big plays happen.
-Whether the screen is HD or not doesn't matter to me it looks great anyway
-Having maps and inventory in my palms is so much faster and convenient than pausing the game to check or rearrange. And it's nice to have the full map when playing COD online and I love how it's utilized in Pikmin
-assyncronous multiplayer a la nintendo land is such great fun and really inspires cooperation and good times among friends, plus for the fist time ever that I'm aware of 5-player local co-op
Calling it the wii 2 or giving it a new name completely may have been better but it'll be fine, I love love love my wii u and any other owners I know feel the same. Plus anytime I bring friends over to play they are immediately smitten and want one for themselves.