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Tue 8th Dec 2009

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belmont commented on Feature: Five Key Details That May Emerge From...:

@Xenocity OK thanks for clarifying this up. I have not yet tried 3DS emulators but since there are lots of GBA ones I sort of assumed that one would work good. In any case 3DS is supposed to be stronger than PSP where GBA emulaton works almost great.



belmont commented on Feature: Five Key Details That May Emerge From...:

@Lebon14 It is not that simple. Where I live Nintendo is practically non existent. So I just buy from the UK store. If I mail or call them it is not easy to explain what happened.

As for 3DS GBA emulation I clearly don't understand how they screwed them. They ran bad, sleep doesn't work even some colors are wrong. Not that their other emulators are better. I still don't get the reason there is no full screen mode. Yet some homebrew developers, without proper hardware knowledge, make better emulators.



belmont commented on Eiji Aonuma on the Idea of Giving Link a Voice:

To me this "silent protagonist in order to be your avatar" seemed lame even back at the 90's. Other games like final fantasy and Metal Gear gave the protagonist personality and actually helped the player to feel for them. So I want Link to talk.

Also this strange thing of slowly showing speech lines should have been gone and replaced with real voice acting since GameCube days. Why they are so slow and have this bibib sound? In Skyward it was very annoying.



belmont commented on Hardware Classics: Sega Game Gear:

I love the Game Gear. I even have the TV Turner. My favourite games include Sonic, Wonder Boy, Mortal Kombat and many more. Too bad the Game Gear 3DS VC was short lived.

Of the two original Game Gear units I have the one has no sound while the second one has a faulty screen. Sort of bad luck. I may check the mod screen.



belmont commented on Rumour: The eShop is Opening Up in More Europe...:

If someone lives in the above countries and buys Nintendo games probably have just already chosen UK as region as I did ages ago. It may be useful for those that have credit cards that don't work in the UK for some reason.

By the way in some of those countries videogames are way expensive.



belmont commented on Final Fantasy's Cloud Is Set To Cause Some Str...:

The point I think is that I (or someone like me) that never played or watched a smash game (even though I have a lot of rpg, adventure and vc games for my 3DS) the inclusion of a fan favourite character made me check reviews and videos from a game that seemed meh to me. Obviously I may never go on and buy the game but some others maybe. The audience may be small but there is some.

There was some interest trolling. "PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale for Wii U", "Browser on the FF7 remake for PS4", "Characters of Last Guardian will make the debut on Smash" were one of the best quotes I found.



belmont commented on Editorial: A Wii U Price Cut is Still Worthwhi...:

Price drop? It would help but in the end of the day those who don't already have a Wii U don't want one for a variaty of reasons.

If you check you will be surprised. I got the basic pack two years ago for 219 euros new and you can find it as low as 200 without games or 230 with Smash.



belmont commented on Online Co-Op and Versus Modes Confirmed for Bl...:

Except that when the UE4 source code is given nobody will care for the Wii U or the Vita. The game will be released on March 2017 so the ports... who knows when. Still looking forward to the game though, I have pledged for the digital version.



belmont commented on Nintendo UK Confirms Its Community's Top 10 Wi...:

@JaxonH Thank you for taking the time and writing this! I will definitely check Kirby. I have played a lot of the games of the series and most were very fun. I have Rayman, Stealth 2 and Shovel Knight on my Vita. I will check Shantae and the other eshop games. I wanted to try New Super Mario Bros U but for some reason it is still somewhat expensive. As for the Wind Waker I have the original on Game Cube and it is easily the worst Nintendo game I have ever played (excluding the super bad Superstar Saga games) so the remake is not really for me.

As for VC I have build a huge digital library and enjoy a lot of games there. Really Nintendo did a good job there. If it could have cross-buy or some way to play the Wii only games with the gamepad it would be great since Mega Drive and Master System are absent from Wii U for some stupid reason. The most recent games I bought were the GBA Castlevania games that are some of my personal favourite games, especially Aria of Sorrow. Next on my list are the two Golden Sun games. I still remember the battle theme and the epicenes of those games. Man I hope Ninty continues to publish VC games.



belmont commented on Nintendo UK Confirms Its Community's Top 10 Wi...:

@JaxonH Yes it is strange. I am more of a PlayStation gamer after the demise of sega but I always enjoyed Nintendo, especially portables. For some reason the only Kong game I have is Land wayyy back in the Game boy era so I am not so sure about Tropical Freeze. I will surely buy the Bayonetta combo if I find it on a good price and will check Splatoon. Of course I am open to Wii U suggestions. The only other game I have is a good Avengers fighting game from Ubisoft. Also I have a TON of VC games. Any other good Wii U exclusive suggestion (digital or retail) except Mario?



belmont commented on Despite the Rumours, Nintendo NX Will Not be A...:

@DarthNocturnal @Hikingguy Hey I thought I was the only one that NX would be a SteamOS machine. Way back when SteamOS was announced I saw a forum post on a SEGA forum that SEGA could create a new console as a SteamOS machine. They would offer every third party games and they would create their own application, like Steam, that would be pirate "secure" and would play DRM free SEGA games from cd or digital download (like PS4). SEGA games would be available only from the SEGA application.

Then when NX was announced the thought immediately came to me: a strong SteamOS PC (removes the third party problem) and a second application with Nintendo and Virtual Console games ONLY with the option to transfer Wii U VC games

SteamOS is basically Ubuntu, so you can program everything easily.



belmont commented on ​Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Gets a Wi...:

I have backed the project for PS4 but, at first, I wanted Wii U and Vita versions. But after watching the campaign I am afraid that they may have to downgrade their vision of the game. They said otherwise but it seems clear that Wii U, 3DS and Vita cannot handle the game. However those guys at armature have done some great Vita games, Injustice, Metal Gear HD...



belmont commented on Wii U Stretch Goal Seemingly Teased for Bloods...:

I would like to play this game on the Wii U (or the Vita) but I don't want them to downgrade their vision of the game. If they port it or pay to a team to do the port the game may be an inferior version. I will stick with the PS4 version.



belmont commented on Former Castlevania Producer Koji Igarashi's Ki...:

A Wii U or Vita version would be great but either of them may not help them create the game they vision due to technical specs. Anyway the PS4 is enough for me. Most SOTN long time fans are likely to have a PS4 anyway.



belmont commented on Talking Point: Is Konami About To Exit The Con...:

@Quorthon Seems that I may have been right though:
/QUOTE[Cox says that Konami gave the Castlevania license to MercurySteam, only to take it away soon after, as the publisher’s upper management considered the proposed new direction for the series “too radical”. Cox went to Japan with a video of Lords of Shadow to present it to Konami once more. The meeting consisted of Konami’s senior managers, and Kojima happened to be in attendance as well. Upon seeing MercurySteam’s demo, Kojima allegedly stood up and said: “This is awesome, why isn’t this Castlevania?”]
Thus without Kojima we had LOS but with him we have Castlevania LOS. I also enjoyed LOS (all 3 games) but seriously it wasn't Castlevania. You could put Kratos there and have the game work fine. In this sense the series were "ruined".



belmont commented on Talking Point: Is Konami About To Exit The Con...:

I really don't get all this Konami hate.
Why it is so bad to release only two games per year? Last year we had Lords of Shadows 2 and Pro 2015. Also they released some classics on PSP/Vita (Silent Hill Origins, Silent Hill SM, Gradius, the PSP Castlevania game et al). That's fine for me. Do we really need Konami to make a new Castlevania or Metal Gear per year like Pro?
This year we had Suikoden 1 and 2 and we will see Metal Gear TPP and Pro 2016. Seems enough.

As for Kojima I really enjoy his games but surely it was only Metal Gear. They have more games. Also Kojima was partially responsible for turning Castlevania to a God of War clone. Kojima can find a decent job elsewhere. Konami makes money from other gaming business in Japan and they already hire people for the next Metal Gear and may make a new Silent Hill anyway. They are not going anywhere



belmont commented on Streets Of Rage 2, Gunstar Heroes And Sonic Th...:

SEGA does what Nintendon't. Those 3D Classics play fantastic on the 3DS. Still they are somewhat pricy though. You can find Mega Drive game collections on other platforms cheaper.

Anyway I go for a ride on Outrun 3D!



belmont commented on Games Consultant Believes Nintendo NX Could Be...:

We never wanted motion controls or other strange gimmicks like tablet controllers (although I love off-tv and remote play). Just a good console, friendly to developers with strong hardware. PS4 recently proved that.



belmont commented on Unity Support Is Coming To The New Nintendo 3DS:

So more 3DS games is always good. However Unity games are already available in a lot of other platforms and I don't think the New 3DS has that much of install base to interest the majority of indie developers.



belmont commented on The Legend of Zelda for Wii U No Longer Set fo...:

Zelda U will be a release title on NX on 2017 and a downscaled version may be released in Wii U, just like Twilight Princess.

Jokes aside the scope of this game seemed just big for Wii U's hardware capabilities from the beginning.



belmont commented on The Nintendo 3DS is Now Four Years Old in Europe:

I got a 3DS for about 240 euros about a week before the price drop was announced and man I was surprised of how outdated it fell and of how super slow it was. However I never regretted getting it. It has some very cool games. The Layton ones are my favourite with Layton vs Ace Attorney being my favourite game in the system. Other great games are Resident Evil Revelations, Sonic Generations, Dead or Alive, Mirror of Fate,my Dual Destinies and the backlog of my old time favourites Game Gear and Game Boy.



belmont commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Heading For a Period of ...:

DeNA does what Nintendon't

Seriously, as noted in the comments, I am afraid that Nintendo hardware will become somewhat irrelevant even for hardcore games. Someone suggested that if the mobile department is successful shareholders may ask Ninty to abandon consoles, just like they asked for mobile development.