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Beetlejuice commented on Talking Point: The Argument For And Against Re...:

There is no reasonable argument for saying people shouldn't be allowed to play ROMs of games that are no longer being produced commercially.

It's like saying you shouldn't be able to read PDF scans of Nintendo Power, and should instead be buying second hand copies.



Beetlejuice commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Super Mario Platformer?:

Can we ban the accounts of all the people over the age of 13 who are voting for SM3DW? What an overrated and forgettable game. It was the 3DS game in HD with multiplayer, that's it. I finished it and sold it because I knew I would never go back to it.

I voted for SMW. I've been going back to that game almost annually since I first played it in 1992. So much replayability and great controls and design.



Beetlejuice commented on 3DS Homebrew Channel Reportedly in Final Stage...:

How come the mods here always delete comments or forum posts talking about homebrew/emulators (without even posting links), but you guys constantly post articles about the subject?

That said, it would be nice if some NES/SNES/Genesis emulators get created so we can play games on the 3DS that would never be released otherwise.



Beetlejuice commented on Watch Dogs Will be the Only "Mature" Ubisoft G...:


You do understand that it is Nintendo themselves which keeps the price of the game high, right? It's not an indicator of quality, it's a calculated move to keep the price artificially inflated to increase its perceived worth.

All other new release games, movies, CDs, books, etc all experience a great price decrease within 6-12 months after they come out. This is the normal way of doing business. The fact that several first party Nintendo titles carry the same price tag 3-4 years after they release as they did when they were new does not mean they are of highe quality. It just means that Nintendo wants to make as much money from the consumer as possible.



Beetlejuice commented on Watch Dogs Will be the Only "Mature" Ubisoft G...:


You paying $30 or $70 for an old Nintendo title doesn't prove their worth. It just shows that Nintendo keeps the prices of their games jacked up to an unreasonable level to squeeze every dollar out of consumers that they can get.

If I sell you a ham sandwich for $50 a year after I made it, does that mean you are buying the best quality sandwich you can possibly get? No. It means you are getting played.



Beetlejuice commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Ambitious amiibo Pla...:


You can add WiiTV, GBA to GC connectivity, GBA card reader, GB printer, N64 expansion pak, Wii microphone, SNES SuperScope, N64 Disc Drive and many others to the list of Nintendo peripherals that were released with much fanfare and which eventually fizzled out because they had no idea what to do with them beyond their initial introduction.



Beetlejuice commented on The Console Wars Live On As Night Trap Remake ...:

Guess you can't point out the obvious around here without getting coments deleted, so I will just join the mindless masses then!

These developers suck!! It's been 20 years and they are still upset at Nintendo? Get over it! We don't want your crappy game on Nintendo consoles anyway so who cares? Hope these bums don't make any money on Kickstarter and they have to give up



Beetlejuice commented on Video: The Trailer For E.T. Documentary Atari:...:


The producers only had a permit to dig for a couple hours if I remember correctly. In that short span they found thousands of games, consoles, and other Atari related products. The exact location of this 'burial site' was well known and documented.

It was not just a 'general landfill', and there is no other 'landfill from the 80's' that contains such a large volume of Atari merchandise anywhere else. An entire warehouse of stuff was buried there.

Looks like this will be an interesting movie, especially the investigate part involving them finding the dump location. I don't understand why so many people here seem disinterested in it.



Beetlejuice commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Be Promoting Th...:


What's bizarre is that @electrolite77 called you out on using anecdotal evidence when you said most people don't take tablets out of their homes (basing it just on people you know), then you reply by talking about using the gamepad to search eBay, twitter, etc. He didn't mention those things at all.

You didn't acknowledge his point or even attempt to answer it.

A gamepad can only be used in the home and in conjunction with the Wii-U.
A tablet can be taken and used ANYWHERE.

It's not too hard to identify which one offers more flexibility and user options, regardless of whether or not people YOU KNOW take advantage of them.

Also, you likely wouldn't have gotten as many negative responses had you not used a sensational headline calling the gamepad a "tablet killer", which it most certainly is not. Perhaps "tablet alternative" would have been more appropriate?



Beetlejuice commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

My previous rewards were a calendar that was never used and is still in a drawer, and three posters I didn't want (because I wanted a game soundtrack CD even less) that have never been taken out of the box.

A free download of Game & Wario, plus the $5 download credit I will get back makes this the best reward yet.



Beetlejuice commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Be Promoting Th...:


This is going to be my last post on this, and I will reply to your original response to me and point out how it made no sense. It will be long due to the quotes, but hopefully this puts it to bed.

1) "Battery life sucks" - You missed the part where the writer said a great many tablets never leave the house. Which is true: a lot of people don't have data plans on them and rely on home WiFi, and a tablet loses a lot of it's use without a connection. So if you're mostly using it at home, how hard is it to use it while plugged in? You do it with every other device that relies on batteries: phones, laptops and tablets. And if it's that big of a deal, buy a battery with a longer life.

None of what you wrote there proves my statement "the battery life sucks" wrong. You made excuses for the poor battery, said I could plug it in, or buy a replacement one, but that doesn't make what I originally stated wrong. The battery life is bad and not comparable to a tablet. It's not even debatable.

2) "It's not portable" - No argument there

Thank you.

3) "The touch screen sucks" - Good thing it has buttons, a D-pad and analog sticks then. And a stylus. It's quite accurate with the stylus.

What do analog sticks, buttons and a D-pad have to do with the touch screen being of poor quality? Absolutely nothing at all. I was comparing the touch screen on the gamepad to those found on tablets, and it is undeniably made of cheaper components and not of as high a quality as those found on your average tablet. Again, this is not disputable. Galaxy, Apple, Asus, etc all make tablets with better quality screens which use superior capacitive touch panels.

4) "You can't download and save music or movies on it" - Most people don't do that with tablets. That's why they have streaming services. People actually downloading stuff usually have laptops and PCs.

Doing this is a standard option on tablets. The Wii-U gamepad does not have the ability to do this at all. Therefore, it is another strike against the gamepad being a replacement for a tablet. You making a statement that "most people don't do that" doesn't change the fact that tablets can do this, and that what I said was true.

5) "It has no internal memory" - It doesn't, but the Wii U does.

What does that matter? We are comparing the gamepad to a tablet. A tablet is self contained in one independent unit and operates on it's own, while the gamepad is essentially an empty vessel which streams information from another unit which it must be in close proximity to at all times. The gamepad cannot be considered a "tablet" if it is dependent on other external hardware to be functional. Another strike against the gamepad being a tablet competitor.

6) "Can't buy games for $1" - That's funny, Blok Drop U happens to be on sale for about a dollar now. But can you buy Nintendo games and other Wii U exclusives on a conventional tablet?

There is a library of games and apps numbering in the tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, available for $1 on the android and apple stores at any given time. You attempt to rebuke this fact by stating that currently on the Wii-U, there may possibly be ONE game available on there for $1 at this moment (assuming the sale is still in effect). Again, how does buying "Nintendo games" on the Wii-U translate into the gamepad being a viable alternative to owning a tablet? Pro tip: It doesn't.
Also, you can't "buy" a game on the gamepad unless you are linked to the Wii-U. You can't take the gamepad outside and play a game on it. The game is not "inside" the gamepad. If you have a game on a tablet, you can play it anywhere, anytime.

Hopefully that cleared things up, and helped you understand why I was so confused with why you even bothered to respond in the first place.

Now why don't you go read the six comments posted before this one and try to pick a fight with those guys instead?




Beetlejuice commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Be Promoting Th...:


Oh ya, I know about that. The pack costs you like $30-40 to replace the crap battery they included with it. When you buy a tablet, right out of the box you are getting between 8-12hrs per charge on the battery. The gamepad gives you 4-5hrs maybe, which is horrible.

I'm actually surprised that Nintendo isn't including the new battery inside new Wii-U gamepads at this point. I do love the pro controller though! One charge keeps it going for a few months, its unreal.



Beetlejuice commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Be Promoting Th...:


This IS a horrible article and clickbait. Read the rest of the comments on here, you can count on one hand the amount of people who agree with his opinion. The rest of them state how stupid it is and how unlike a tablet the gamepad is. Go pick a fight with one of those guys and try to argue semantics with them instead.

And where did I say the Wii-U is a useless device?? i said its controller is not the equivalent of a tablet! Now who is the one that's not reading things??

And what did you say that disproved what I wrote??

I said the battery sucks (it lasts like 4 hrs) and you responded that it can be plugged in...does that change the fact that the battery life is horrible? No!

I said the touch screen is of low quality, and you responded by saying it has buttons and thumbsticks....what does that have to do with the sensitivity and resolution of the touch screen? Nothing!

I said you can't download movies, tv shows or music to the gamepad, and you reply that most people with tablets stream media....does that change the fact that the gamepad can't do any of the things I mentioned? No!

I think you are the one with the reading comprehension issues. All you did was twist what I said and act like a rapscallion. Now heed my warning and be gone with you!



Beetlejuice commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Be Promoting Th...:


Then why are you nitpicking statements I made if you too feel that the gamepad is not a tablet?? Nothing you attempted to point out proved what I or anyone else on here has said was wrong, so what was the point??

Your arguments are ridiculous! I'm using antecdotal evidence that people use tablets outside of their homes?! Let me put it this way...

Can I take an iPad and walk down the street and sit at the park and use it? YES.

Can I take the gamepad outside my house and sit down at the library and use it? NO.

Therefore, it's impossible for the gamepad to be used anywhere but the home, while the tablet can theoretically be used ANYWHERE on earth as long as the battery is charged. So is it really that outlandish for me to say that a tablet can be used in more places than just the home??

I can't even bother arguing with you about the rest of this stuff. It's so ridiculous! And you used the word 'charlatan'?! In 2014!? Are you 70 years old?,

Also, Damien has a long history of posting cheesy click bait/flame war articles on here, so no harm in calling him on it!

Again, you are the only person in this comment section to have a problem with my statements, while everyone else here has posted basically the same thing, or replied to me and agreed with what I said.

Seems like you are the one with the messed up thinking here!



Beetlejuice commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Be Promoting Th...:


Is this one of Damien's troll accounts? Hahaha!

You are the only person so far in the comments to disagree with me, so let me put you in your place quickly...

1/2) I see dozens of people every day in coffee shops, libraries, malls, parks, etc, using their tablets. Damien has no evidence that people just 'use tablets in their homes', so I have no idea why he said this. Lets put it this can use your tablet anywhere you want as long as its charged up, while the gamepad can only be used when its within a few feet of the Wii-U console which needs to be plugged in. And the battery life does suck.

3) the touch screen does suck. It's of very low quality and made of cheap components. Having buttons and thumbsticks are not generally features found on a 'tablet', which also helps to prove that the gamepad is not a tablet. Thanks for making that point.

4)I guess you have not heard of digital purchases? Many people have iTunes movies, tv shows and music saved on their tablets to be enjoyed whenever they want. For android uses its even easier to put films and songs on your device. Have you never used one before? You seem to not understand technology very well. A tablet can do these things, the gamepad can not.

5)so the gamepad is not a tablet then, since it has no internal memory. Gotcha!

6) no you can't buy Nintendo games on a tablet because its not a Nintendo system. On the other hand, you can't buy games or apps on a gamepad because its not a tablet.

Your rebuttals to me was embarrassing, read all these comments on here. No one here agrees with the notion that the gamepad is in any way comparable to a tablet. You are all alone on this one.



Beetlejuice commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Be Promoting Th...:

....can't read books on it, can't read magazines, no free angry birds, not as 'cool' as owning an iPad, no FaceTime with friends, no instant messaging, no camera for taking photos, can't record videos, no App Store, low resolution screen.....

How could anyone reasonable think this would be a good argument to make!?! The Wii-U a replacement for a tablet?! My god.....



Beetlejuice commented on Talking Point: Should Nintendo Be Promoting Th...:

Maybe not because the battery life sucks, it's not portable, the touch screen sucks, it doesn't have 'apps', you can't download and save movies or music on it, it has no internal memory, its only a streaming device for the Wii-U, cant buy games for $1, etc.

How did this article slip past the editor? It's utterly useless and poorly thought out.



Beetlejuice commented on Best Buy Gearing Up For Enticing Buy One Get O...:


I've bought 3 refurbished wiimotes from Nintendo and am extremely pleased. They have obviously been meticulously cleaned, and the d-pads (if not all the buttons) are fresh replacements. Not a single mark or fingerprint on any of them, and if I didn't know where they came from I would think they were brand new.

I think your are pretty safe germ-wise if you buy anything refurbished from them.



Beetlejuice commented on Feature: Braving the Queue At Nintendo's Best ...:


"Seriously though, the guy in front of us played as Mario... Why he waited for 5 hours to do that is beyond me."

This quote reminds me of the time in high school when our fat friend Dave told us he was on the way to McDonalds on Christmas morning and he saw our gym teacher jogging, and how it was weird that someone would go for a run at that time of day....Ya Dave...THAT was the weird thing....