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Beetlejuice commented on Animal Crossing Content Is Coming To Monster H...:


It wasn't an insult, I was just pointing out that you buy 30+ Nintendo titles a year (which you admit to) which is far beyond what the average player does, and you are also a collector. So for you, anything you can buy that has Nintendo characters in it is good, because you want it. Therefore, you saying you don't think this is an bad/odd practice isn't saying much, since you buy such a vast quantity of games. You already buy nearly everything with a Nintendo sticker on it now, so why would you complain that you now have even more to get?

Again, I didn't mean it as an insult. You are a collector so I just felt your opinion on this matter was somewhat subjective.



Beetlejuice commented on Animal Crossing Content Is Coming To Monster H...:


Of course it doesn't bother you, because you are a self professed Nintendo fanboy who buys like 30+ Nintendo games a year. Anything Nintendo throws your way you will happily eat up and not question their motives.

I'm not saying that that is a bad thing for you to do, but it does somewhat weaken your argument as you are inherently bias towards Nintendo and their cash grabbing ways.

Putting Nintendo items/characters in a different game was once something that was cool and unique, but now if feels like it's becoming the norm. Sega had the most luck with their Sonic DLC that drew in Nintendo fanboys and got them to buy Last World (who otherwise wouldn't have) and now it seems like other companies are betting that if they sellout their own products and insert Nintendo characters into them, that they too can sell more copies.

What if Disney started putting Iron Man or Darth Vader into every movie they make from now on, just to make more money? I mean ya, it would work, but at what point do you say as a developer 'let's make something people want on our own, instead of relying on a sales boost by borrowing someone elses popular characters and putting them in our game?'

I think it's almost embarrassing that for some people to want to try a 2nd/3rd party game (sonic, MH4, Hyrule Warriors, etc) they first need to see Nintendo characters in it and then they say 'ok this looks awesome! Day one purchase!'

It just makes them look like mindless drones who will fall for any old marketing gimmick. It's especially bad when people who were complaining about Spikey Walls being nothing but a cash grab view this shoehorned Nintendo content (which adds nothing to the game) as something fantastic, even though it's sole purpose is to do nothing but boost sales.

Again, I think it's a stupid move but if Nintendo wants to try to go this route and introduce their characters into all sorts of games just to make money, be my guest. I just don't want to see any of those people here who are excited for this complaining when another developer throws together a crappy $.99 game 'just to make a quick buck' when this is the exact same thing.



Beetlejuice commented on Animal Crossing Content Is Coming To Monster H...:


If I ask the Apple CEO to put a photo of my face on the back of every iPhone 6 and he agrees to do so, how could anyone reasonable blame me for that? Just because I made a stupid request?

It's all on Apple because they have final say, just as Nintendo does in this situation. They could have said "Nah, a talking dog secretary from a life simulation game doesn't really have anything to do with a game where you kill giant monsters, so we will pass", but they didn't. They should know better. It's their IP. It was their choice.

So far we have seen Sonic, Bayonetta, Monster Hunter, Tekken and Dynasty Warriors all receive Nintendo character skins for no other reason than to harden fanboy nipples and try to sucker them into buying a game they perhaps otherwise wouldn't be interested in.

If this happened once or twice, ok, but now we have three upcoming games (that we know about) that are getting these Nintendo-themed items/characters shoehorned into them for no other reason than to try and squeeze a few extra dollars out of people. It may have been a special bonus at one point, but if they keep doing it at this same rate its going to become very lame quickly.



Beetlejuice commented on Animal Crossing Content Is Coming To Monster H...:


A) because Capcom would have had to get permission from Nintendo
b) shoehorning Nintendo characters into non-Nintendo games/worlds cheapens their branding and is nothing but a lame attempt to suck Nintendo fans into buying a different product

So yes, it was Nintendo's fault/responsibility to allow Capcom to use the characters. Actually, it was all Nintendo since they have final say on everything and they are the ones who allowed their IP to be used.



Beetlejuice commented on Animal Crossing Content Is Coming To Monster H...:


Smash Bros is a Nintendo owed property, and is made by and for Nintendo.

Monster Hunter is owned by Capcom and is made by Capcom and is released on Nintendo and sometimes Sony consoles.

So no, Monster Hunter is not a "Nintendo game". It is a game that is being released on a Nintendo console, that is all. It's creation, development, and history has nothing at all to do with Nintendo or their characters. That's why having Animal Crossing people in MH4 makes absolutely no sense and is just a transparent ploy to suck Nintendo fans into buying it.



Beetlejuice commented on Animal Crossing Content Is Coming To Monster H...:

I wonder if people who think that having Animal Crossing characters in Monster Hunter is cool are the same that were complaining bitterly that a Mercedes didn't belong in MK8 because "it took you out of the game" and "didn't fit the aesthetics"??



Beetlejuice commented on Animal Crossing Content Is Coming To Monster H...:



Bayonetta, Dynasty Warriors and now Monster Hunter are all having Nintendo characters shoehorned into those titles just to attract Nintendo fans to those games. I don't know if it is desperation yet, but it is extremely corny and a very transparent move of their part.

I'm looking forward to riding on Yoshi in Devil's Third though



Beetlejuice commented on Review: SPIKEY WALLS (Wii U eShop):


And who cares?

Every hotdog is the same too. Does that mean that there should only be one person in New York City that is allowed to sell them, because every other one is just a knock off and not trying to be something different? Or if you personally don't like hot dogs, is it really necessary to complain about how hotdogs shouldn't be sold, and how people shouldn't want to eat them?

Also, this notion that these cheap games are ruining the eShop is absurd.

Here is a recent list of the top selling eShop titles on the Wii U....

1. Zelda: The Minish Cap
2. Super Mario Bros. 3
3. Super Mario 3D World
4. Zelda: A Link to the Past
5. Kirby Super Star
6. Super Mario Bros. 2
7. Mega Man X
8. Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream
9. Mega Man X2
10. Super Mario World
11. Shovel Knight
12. Zelda: Wind Waker HD
13. Mega Man X3
14. Mega Man 7
15. Cubemen 2
16. EarthBound
17. Super Mario Kart
18. Super Mario Bros.
19. Kid Icarus
20. Teslagrad

Oh wow!! Look at all that shovelware! The Letter has really disrupted the eShop rankings and is preventing people from locating and purchasing the quality titles!! Hopefully when Spikey Walls sales are factored in next week, things don't completely go to hell!



Beetlejuice commented on Review: SPIKEY WALLS (Wii U eShop):


My stance is "If someone wants to make this game, and someone wants to buy it, who cares?"

Your stance is "This game should not exist and nobody should be buying it"

Now.....who sounds more reasonable here?

In the end it's just a vidya game, and not something worth getting too upset over...

....or to try and tell people not to buy something with their own money because someone feels it is not up to their personal standards.



Beetlejuice commented on Review: SPIKEY WALLS (Wii U eShop):

Does every game have to be a "masterpiece" or have "artistic merit" to be allowed to exist??

At least the developer is honest. He created a game that's a knock off of a fad (Flappy Birds) and he priced it appropriately. It's essentially a "junk food" video game.

Not every game that is released needs to strive to be something incredible or made with the expectation that it will advance the art of game making or whatever.

Does every meal have to be a steak? Does every film need to be a Citizen Kane? Does every holiday need to be spent at an art gallery? No! Sometimes you want a Whopper or to watch Billy Madison, or to spend a day off laying on the couch doing all of the above!

I can't imagine how empty some of the lives of these people complaining are. Honestly, find something else that is actually important to be this passionate or concerned about!!



Beetlejuice commented on Carbon Fire Studio Launching Frenchy Bird On W...:


Not assuming anything. I have no problem with any of these types of games appearing on the eShop. I am just confused by the idea that having these budget/knockoff games on there is going to somehow create problems for all the high quality and highly rated content on there.

These people seem to imagine some bizarre scenario where someone goes on to the eShop looking to buy a great game, and instead of Shovel Knight they either intentionally or accidentally buy The Letter.

Stuff like that doesn't happen. If someone buys a cheap $.99 game, they know what they are getting. If they buy a $14.99 game, they know they are getting something with a little more effort out into it.

It's easy to filter the good from the bad, and I believe most consumers go to the eShop with an idea of what they want anyway, so having these cheapo games sprinkled throughout the eShop doesn't detract from anything.



Beetlejuice commented on From the Forum: To Buy or Not to Buy? SPIKEY W...:

An NL article that rips off the content of a forum post about a game that is a ripoff of Flappy Birds? I think my mind has been blown!

That said, I will probably buy this game just because. Who cares if it is 'crap' or whatever, it's cheesy looking and cheap. All these dorks whining about it 'not belonging' on a Nintendo system need to find something more important to be concerned about.



Beetlejuice commented on Video: Watch These Teenagers As They're Expose...:


Another good point!

This video series is designed to show off children's ignorance for laughs, much like those 'man on the street' segments on tv shows that only show answers from the most ignorant people.

I can't believe people are getting so worked up over this. It shows that they only think emotionally, not critically.



Beetlejuice commented on Video: Watch These Teenagers As They're Expose...:


I think you are vastly over estimating the amount of people who play video games who also frequent video game news websites and forums.

Of all the guys I know who play games (some only casually) I don't think any of them really read about stuff online that much. It would be very easy for children who don't know much about video games to be completely oblivious to the history of said industry before they were born.



Beetlejuice commented on Video: Watch These Teenagers As They're Expose...:

In this thread: angry nerds criticize children for not knowing/caring about old video game systems.

Who cares? Why are some of you having such a volatile reaction to this?? I bet if some of you guys had to discuss your knowledge of sports, women, cars and music, your responses would be just as embarrassing!



Beetlejuice commented on Talking Point: The Argument For And Against Re...:

There is no reasonable argument for saying people shouldn't be allowed to play ROMs of games that are no longer being produced commercially.

It's like saying you shouldn't be able to read PDF scans of Nintendo Power, and should instead be buying second hand copies.



Beetlejuice commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Super Mario Platformer?:

Can we ban the accounts of all the people over the age of 13 who are voting for SM3DW? What an overrated and forgettable game. It was the 3DS game in HD with multiplayer, that's it. I finished it and sold it because I knew I would never go back to it.

I voted for SMW. I've been going back to that game almost annually since I first played it in 1992. So much replayability and great controls and design.



Beetlejuice commented on 3DS Homebrew Channel Reportedly in Final Stage...:

How come the mods here always delete comments or forum posts talking about homebrew/emulators (without even posting links), but you guys constantly post articles about the subject?

That said, it would be nice if some NES/SNES/Genesis emulators get created so we can play games on the 3DS that would never be released otherwise.



Beetlejuice commented on Watch Dogs Will be the Only "Mature" Ubisoft G...:


You do understand that it is Nintendo themselves which keeps the price of the game high, right? It's not an indicator of quality, it's a calculated move to keep the price artificially inflated to increase its perceived worth.

All other new release games, movies, CDs, books, etc all experience a great price decrease within 6-12 months after they come out. This is the normal way of doing business. The fact that several first party Nintendo titles carry the same price tag 3-4 years after they release as they did when they were new does not mean they are of highe quality. It just means that Nintendo wants to make as much money from the consumer as possible.



Beetlejuice commented on Watch Dogs Will be the Only "Mature" Ubisoft G...:


You paying $30 or $70 for an old Nintendo title doesn't prove their worth. It just shows that Nintendo keeps the prices of their games jacked up to an unreasonable level to squeeze every dollar out of consumers that they can get.

If I sell you a ham sandwich for $50 a year after I made it, does that mean you are buying the best quality sandwich you can possibly get? No. It means you are getting played.



Beetlejuice commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Ambitious amiibo Pla...:


You can add WiiTV, GBA to GC connectivity, GBA card reader, GB printer, N64 expansion pak, Wii microphone, SNES SuperScope, N64 Disc Drive and many others to the list of Nintendo peripherals that were released with much fanfare and which eventually fizzled out because they had no idea what to do with them beyond their initial introduction.



Beetlejuice commented on The Console Wars Live On As Night Trap Remake ...:

Guess you can't point out the obvious around here without getting coments deleted, so I will just join the mindless masses then!

These developers suck!! It's been 20 years and they are still upset at Nintendo? Get over it! We don't want your crappy game on Nintendo consoles anyway so who cares? Hope these bums don't make any money on Kickstarter and they have to give up