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Male, 20, Philippines

I like games. I hate studying, i prefer learning.

Wed 2nd Jan 2013

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beat commented on Nintendo Expects To Sell 5 Million 3DS Console...:

pokemon? fire emblem? shin megami tensei? monster hunter? animal crossing? and many more???!!! what 5 million? dont you mean 10 gazillamilliagajillion?... okay maybe i exaggerated quite a bit. XD and also made up a non-existent word...



beat commented on Pokémon X & Y Developer Roundtable Reveals Sk...:

when had pokemon ever let us down? i mean, every single main series pokemon is great. i believe game freak has done enough to earn my trust and make me confident that this generation will also be awesome, or maybe, even more.



beat commented on Feature: Our Top 10 3DS Games - Summer 2013:

haha! looks like a lot of people agreed with me. fire emblem awakening!! YEAH! i cant even describe how awesome it is! added the fact that jrpg is my favorite genre(turn-based, strategy, etc...)!