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Thu 13th February, 2014

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BearClaus commented on Mad Men Football Shows Off Its New N64-Inspire...:

Stranger things have happened than this game turning out good. Namely, this game turning out to be in any sort of development at all! Seriously, color me surprised. This game being released in the first place would be a greater surprise than it getting a review score greater than 2/10.



BearClaus commented on Miley Cyrus Confuses Fans by Owning a Wii U:

A public figure owning a Wii U controller is definitely newsworthy, especially compared to some of the other things that get news articles on here. I mean, not many people own a Wii U controller.

I've woken up like that before… I'm pretty sure Penny Racers on N64 put me to sleep once when I was nine. ;)



BearClaus commented on Review: Donkey Kong Land (3DS eShop / Game Boy):

Great soundtrack, but not a great game. More 6/10 than 8/10. The controls are pretty awkward and the level design isn't excellent, but the game may be worth checking out for its strangeness and aforementioned soundtrack.



BearClaus commented on Review: Bayonetta 2 (Wii U):

@Captain_Toad I'm tempted to just post a comment saying, “c1pher_c0mplet has gotten the message,” whenever a new comment comes in. That might alleviate things.

Nah, waste of server space. But so are all these redundant replies!



BearClaus commented on Nintendo 64x64: Paper Mario:

This game bores me often. Maybe I'm partially responsible for this, but the battles tend to repeat themselves. I guess that just means I'll have to change my badges around next time I pick up my save file.

The visuals are simple, but they convey atmosphere effectively. The music, while not usually great on its own (exceptions include Bowser's theme), contributes to this. I always wished the game did more with the paper aesthetic, but thankfully its sequels did just that. This is a good first effort.



BearClaus commented on Nintendo 64x64: Conker's Bad Fur Day:

My siblings and I saw this in a store when it was contemporary, but my dad (rightfully) wouldn't buy it for us. We were too young. Now that I'm old enough, I'll likely never be able to play it (for a reasonable price).



BearClaus commented on Sportsball:

I just watched the trailer… It's Joust mixed with Kung Foot from Rayman Legends. Cool.



BearClaus commented on Nintendo 64x64: Sin & Punishment:

This game was created so that it could have a sequel on Wii with Wii remote & nunchuck controls.

Hated how the music kept playing during cutscenes. It felt totally bland, cheesy, and out of place. The story still wouldn't have made sense of course, but that just bugged the heck out of me. I loved the voices that said, “Get Bonus!” and, “Game Over,” though.

Import is a genre?



BearClaus commented on You Can Now Download The Entire Banjo-Kazooie ...:

This is great for those who can't get enough of that wonderful honeycomb extension jingle. :-)

Hey, I didn't know I could get the Donkey Kong 64 soundtrack! Oh well, it's great in-game but I'm not sure it can stand alone as buying material.



BearClaus commented on Feature: Working 9 to 5 in a Fantasy Life - Is...:

Working 9 to 5 in a Fantasy Life will be an ongoing series here on Nintendo Life where I spend a full working day playing one of the Lives

I clicked this article to see if this was the case. Sheesh, that many consecutive hours on one game? Must be maddening. I hope your hourly wage is high.



BearClaus commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Brings Circ...:

This happened to my brother's 3DS long before this game. He blames Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon primarily. (I wouldn't be surprised if Kid Icarus: Uprising had a hand in it too.)

Anyway, I've been worrying about breaking my circle pad on this game since it was announced. So many GameCube joysticks in my household got worn out during Melee. No Wii joysticks wore out playing Brawl though! Except maybe for one that I think could be showing its age.



BearClaus commented on Review: Rabi Laby 3 (3DS eShop):


I've known of this series since the release of the first game, and only just this minute did I find out it's not called "Rabi Lady."

You all needed to know that.



BearClaus commented on Review: Mega Man X3 (Wii U eShop / Super Ninte...:

I for one am glad that the score was not inflated to reflect the game's name. I don't see much personal bias in this review at all; if there were any, the score would likely be higher on the basis of Zero's inclusion as a playable character. I mean, that's pretty cool. Anyway, the game really does have notable issues in many aspects of its design. 5/10 does not refer to a bad game anyway, not on this site.

During the time that I played some of this game's levels, I was wondering whether or not I was playing a finished game. For a game that does so little new, it's quite a departure from its excellent predecessors.



BearClaus commented on Nintendo Confirms Three More Virtual Console T...:

I was like, “Ooh, Adventure Island!” for a second, then I read, “Wii U eShop.”

I want that game in some form on my 3DS. Revenge of Drancon would fully justify another wave of Game Gear titles. Oh well, there are other platformers available.