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Thu 28th August, 2008

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bboy2970 commented on Zero Escape Series Director Struggling to Find...:

NOOOOOOO!!!!!! Zero Escape is one of my absolute favorite series of all time! The third one MUST come out! Here's and idea: If it doesn't sell well in Japan, don't release it there. Why should we have to suffer just because they don't know an amazing game when they see one. I wonder if he has talked to Aksys? Since they handled localizing duties for the non-Japanese versions, and reaped the benefits of its stronger sales elsewhere, I bet they would be willing to throw a little funding his way. This game needs to happen. It has been near the top of my most-wanted list for a very long time.



bboy2970 commented on Review: The Denpa Men 2: Beyond The Waves (3DS...:

I was gonna wait on downloading this until I beat the first game just sounds so good! I feel like jumping on this one regardless of the completeness of the first game. That settles it, I'm getting this game next week!



bboy2970 commented on Rayman Legends No Longer a Wii U Exclusive, De...:

Wow Ubisoft...just wow. Though I'm upset about it, the loss of exclusivity is not the core issue here. The game is clearly finished now or very very close to being finished so just because you have to tend to the PS360 crying babies, We who originally supported you have to wait until the other versions are done. That's just a dirty move Ubisoft....I'm certainly gonna be finding this one used. I'll be damned if Ubisoft gets MY money after this horse crap!



bboy2970 commented on Nintendo Comes Out On Top In Consumer Experien...:

I love Nintendo's customer service! They are always very helpful. Comparitively, Sony's customer service in my experience, is frustrating, tedious, and they are quite rude and abrupt every time. No biggie thoguh. Its not as if I use their products much anyway :P



bboy2970 commented on Review: The Cave (Wii U eShop):

I disagree strongly. I would rate this a very high 8 or even a 9. The puzzles to me are top-notch and while backtracking can be annoying, it is very far from a deal-breaker. So so glad I took a chance on this game!



bboy2970 commented on Prepare To Be Jealous At This Amazing Nintendo...:

Its a great collection for sure! He's definitely got me licked in japanese stuff(obviously) and vintage stuff. Overall though, I'm pretty sure that my collection could go toe to toe with his in raw value. As my swapnote friends already know, my collection is also quite the spectacle ;)



bboy2970 commented on Capcom Comments On Monster Hunter 4 Vita Rumours:

Hopefully Capcom is being truthful. Without Monster Hunter, Vita is almost surely doomed to fail. If PSP hadn't been saved by the Monster Hunter series, I'm sure it would have met a similar end. Once this game hits 3DS, there will be no hope for the Vita in Japan or really, the rest of the world for that matter.



bboy2970 commented on Nintendo Executive Describes Rise of Tablet Ga...:

Nintendo doesn't have much to worry about I don't think but Sony and Microsoft might. Nintendo is often looked at in a different way than the other game companies which is often looked at as a disadvantage. It may turn out to be an advantage though since they will still have a place alongside phones and tablets while the others are looked at as more obsolete as a result.



bboy2970 commented on Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wii U Download Will Be...:

No problem. I already purchased a 1.5 TB Hard Drive in anticipation of the Wii U. Along with four brand new black Wii remote Plus controllers, 4 brand new black nunchucks, and 2 new induction charging panels. My place has long been prepared for the new system. Just 23 days to go!!!



bboy2970 commented on Game Boy Advance Games Pop Up On Nintendo Euro...:

Oh lord PLEASE don't let this just be a total coincidence...The only thing that makes me nervous is....where is the US in all this rumor hupla? Europe os getting a direct on the 4th and buth the European and Japanese shops are going down around that time. Where's out direct? Where's our maintenance?



bboy2970 commented on Review: Hotel Transylvania (3DS):

Not surprising. The only movie tie-in game that I've ever played that was actually quite good and not complete garbage was Alice in Wonderland on DS.



bboy2970 commented on North America, Here Are Your 23 Wii U Launch T...:

I'll be picking up:

New Super Mario Bros. U
Epic Mickey 2
Sonic Racing
Just Dance 4
Scribblenauts Unlimited

Plus I got the Deluxe so I'll also have Nintendo Land. That's 6 games to play on launch PLUS whatever is one the eShop on day 1. Good thing I took that week off of work. I'm gonna need it!



bboy2970 commented on Review: Mole Mania (3DS eShop / Game Boy):

I didn't even know of this game's existence until it was revealed it was coming to the eShop. I still had no interest since I still had no clue what it was. I then read it was a Miyamoto game and was instantly sold! So glad this gem came to the VC! Its so much fun and one of my favorite VC downloads thus far!



bboy2970 commented on Mole Mania Burrows onto US eShop Tomorrow:

Just tried out Mole Mania via...certain means just to make sure it wasn't (as unlikely as it may have been) a hunk of crap. I'm happy to report that its great and my decision to purchase tomorrow has now been solidified!



bboy2970 commented on Review: Sparkle Snapshots 3D (3DS eShop):

I got the original Sparkle Snapshots on a bit of a blind purchase but was a bit....surprised by all the pink and girly-ness. Still, it was a fun app to tool around in. I'm actually considering purchasing this. Can anyone tell me if there are a bit more tools here that aren't completely geared toward girls? The Mario stuff is a nice start but is that all? For example, the first's categories of stamps were hearts, flowers, sparkles, etc. How would that compare to the sequel?



bboy2970 commented on Club Nintendo's Gold and Platinum Prizes Have ...:

Hmmmm....not great. Not bad, but not great. I'll be getting the cards since they actually look pretty cool. It pains me that I only have one account in platinum range this year. In previous years (besides the one with the Mario hat) I've had multiple accounts on platinum so I was able to keep one sealed and ogle at the other. This year I have no such luxury unless I just buy another set on eBay....Oh well, better than a swift kick in the butt (or a calendar :P)



bboy2970 commented on Bigger Nintendo 3DS Console Revealed:

I'm definitely grabbing one on day 1 but I really wish they had implimented the extra shoulder buttons and second circle pad of the CPP. Chances are they'll release a bigger CPP and more accessories is really not a good thing. Especially considering how large the first CPP made the first 3DS. What the hell will THIS one look like with an added boat!?



bboy2970 commented on Japan Gets New Skyward Sword Link Figure in Oc...:

I will definitely be grabbing this when its out. There is absolutely no question about it, it looks so sweet. Plus its very refreshing after almost all Zelda merchandise has been based around Twilight Princess the last 5 or 6 years. Should make a nice addiction to my Zelda shelf :D



bboy2970 commented on E3 2012: Watch the Nintendo Press Conference L...:

I'll be watching Nintendo's feed. I love Nintendo Life and everything but I love Nintendo themselves more :P I'm still keeping this tab opened though to occasionally click over to the live text. Just an hour and a half to go!!!



bboy2970 commented on E3 2012: Watch Ubisoft's Wii U Games Live Righ...:

That was a pretty good showing. For me it blew Microsoft and EA out of the water! The ZombiU trailer looked good and although that game isn't really for me, it should hopefully prove a valuable exclusive to WiiU. Just Dance 4 looks great and Rayman Legends is looking amazing. Also Assassin's Creed is looking top notch although that one also is not for me. There was definitely some not so good stuff (that stupid PC demo) and some pretty weird stuff in their too (girl wood??) but overall the best press conference I've watched thus far. Too bad for them Nintendo is gonna blow it away tomorrow! C'mon time, PASS FASTER!!!!



bboy2970 commented on Rumour: Nintendo to Announce Bigger 3DS Tomorrow:

Oh boy! I was hoping for a redesign. I get tired of my game machine designs very quickly so something fresh would be great! I hope the screen is really huge, second Circle Pad, dramatically longer battery, better stylus placement, and no freaking lines on my top screen when the system is closed forcing me to put a cloth in between the system!



bboy2970 commented on Rayman Origins 3DS Hits North America on 5th June:

Great news! I was going to get this for sure but the superb demo solidified that. I can't wait until June 5th!.....Wait....isn't that also the day of Nintendo's e3 press conference!? June 5ht is officially the best day of my life!!!