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I have my own ideas dont like it?:p

Female, 18, Canada

Fri 29th Nov 2013

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BayonettaLuver commented on Bayonetta 2 And The Wonderful 101 To Stay Wii ...:

I want smash something I hate Nintendo....Its been bought out they make old games ! Not amazing new ones! I wish Nintendo would let it come out for Ps3 hope they change their mind I hate Wii U right now I really freaking hate it wish I could buy one then throw it on a highway and watch it get hit by cars then take all the tiny pieces back to Nintendo and leave it on their steps



BayonettaLuver commented on Bayonetta 2:

I am super UPSET WITH LOVEYDOVEYING Nintendo really? Why can't they make it for ps3? They LOST so many fans I LOVE Bayonetta I waited two years to get the first one I recently got it was really excited for number two and now can't play gotta go buy a piece of doggiedoodoopoopie wii U the wii u wasn't as good as Nintendo thought it actually is a waste of time I darn well hope they make this game available for all fans not just wii fans I like the wii I do but the wii U? Not so much it is pointless in my eyes Its completely utterly un fair I wanna just smash the wii u and throw the pieces of it at the Nintendo building HUGE MISTAKE they are losing fans fast and it hasn't even come out says a lot. I rest my case </3 Ps, No offense to all Wii and Wii U fans you enjoy what you enjoy it's you're choice

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