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Male, 24, Ireland

Hi everyone! :) I run an Irish gaming channel on YouTube called 'Nintendo Impact Gaming!'. I hope you can all check it out, subscribe and support. You can check us out on Instagram too! If anyone wants to add me on the Wii U, feel free: BarryDunne :) 3DS Friend Code: 0430-8260-0584

Thu 5th June, 2014

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BarryDunne commented on Review: Fullblox (3DS eShop):

Nearly finished Pullblox and have a bit done in Fallblox and Pullblox World too. This is great. You should purchase the 3DS Theme too! :P



BarryDunne commented on Sit Tight, Nintendo Will Announce Its E3 2015 ...:

new Pushmo title in Japan!

  • 674 blocks - called Pushmo: Hippa Land - partially free to play - 4 worlds - play select levels in each world for free -1 world is 500 yen for 100 courses - other 3 worlds are 300 yen for 50 courses
  • buy all four for a discount of 400 yen (1,000 yen in total) - Buying & beating all four worlds gives you a special challenge 'Super-Difficult Mountain' - worlds are regular puzzles, puzzles that look like objects, puzzles with enemies, and NES-sprite based puzzles - play as a different character in each world - 28 free puzzles - must buy at least one of the worlds to get access to the Create-A-Puzzle feature - QR code sharing of puzzles returns


BarryDunne commented on Reaction: The Splatoon Global Testfire Demo Is...:

Gotta be up for about half 3 Irish time in the morning and set up gear to record and then edit it and let it render over night and hopefully it's done by the next game and repeat this until 9pm Saturday night. Will be worth it!



BarryDunne commented on Nintendo Download: 30th April (North America):

Why did they change the name in the States for the application? Curious to know. Just got a quick video uploaded there. It's a cool wee application for people who want to give old titles a go and get more use out of their amiibo figures! :)



BarryDunne commented on Digital Foundry Assesses The Legend of Zelda: ...:

HD remakes I want:
Super Mario 64/DS
Super Mario Sunshine
Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2
Luigi's Mansion
Star Fox
Twilight Princess
Red Steel 1 and 2
Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes
GoldenEye 64 (I wish)
Manhunt 1 and 2 (better chance than 007 lol)
Metroid Prime Games

I can dream right? :(



BarryDunne commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Problems With Trends and...:

@OMC79 I 100% agree but each experience is different when you record a video. It's an interactive experience that is different every time you play and that's what makes games so great. I don't mind not getting paid with Mario videos because I only put a few up due to copyright warnings which annoy me :/