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Male, 24, Ireland

Hi everyone! :) I run an Irish gaming channel on YouTube called 'Nintendo Impact Gaming!'. I hope you can all check it out, subscribe and support. You can check us out on Instagram too! If anyone wants to add me on the Wii U, feel free: BarryDunne :) 3DS Friend Code: 0430-8260-0584

Thu 5th June, 2014

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BarryDunne commented on Sonic Lost World's Wii U Exclusivity Ends With...:

@gamekill Project Zero/Fatal Frame/Zero is like a 2nd party game for Nintendo systems so I don't think it won't be going to other systems anytime soon. That's a day 01 purchase for me. I've been waiting for something like this on Wii U since the system launched. Camera games are perfect for Wii U. Where's our Pokémon Snap Wii U and 3DS sequels?! lol



BarryDunne commented on Join Us Live For A Super Mario Maker Twitch St...:

I hope you can stream my level as I made the first level in the original Donkey Kong Country for the SNES as it holds a special place as it's the first game I ever played. Still an instant classic to this day! I'm currently working on my second level from the game. Nearly have it done. It's another awesome level too!




BarryDunne commented on Review: Devil's Third (Wii U):

@liljmoore same dude! I respect everyone's opinions but base my own review on my own view on it. If I like the look of it, I'll buy it. And I especially cannot wait to play Multiplayer. I reckon I may be hooked more online on this than I am with Splatoon...please help me! lol XD



BarryDunne commented on Video: Here's How Zombi Shapes Up Against The ...:

The PS4 has slightly better textures and looking at the panning shots there, the PS4 is a bit smoother. Other than that, the Wii U version is far superior. It was built for that system alone and nothing else. I wonder if Ubisoft will add Vita support for the PS4 version in some way. I think it could work!