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Wed 22nd Dec 2010

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Banjo__Kazooie commented on Review: Super Mario All-Stars 25th Anniversary...:

Honestly I feel that this review is a little bit too low. While yes it is true that a Wii disc holds plenty more than the size of this game, yes the soundtrack was poor at best and the booklet isn't the best, the way they priced it was spot on in my opinion. These are still great games and it's nice of Nintendo to release this as a hard copy because then people who aren't able to connect their Wiis to the internet would be able to join in the fun on this classic. I never owned Super Mario All-Stars so for me this was well worth it. I've been playing hours and hours of these games and I'm finally able to actually beat some of them because of the save features. I thank Nintendo for not leaving us out on the fun like they seem to do with limited edition things.