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Re: Hardware Focus - Sega Master System


I could never use those. Much preferred the basic plain pad, or the lovely chunky joystick - the one with the massive bulbous hand grip. Surprisingly good, that was.

Also, did you know that the original Light Phaser for Mastersystem will only work on old CRT televisions? It doesn't work on new LCD or plasmas. Something to do with the scan lines on CRT screens.

Re: F-Zero


Still holds up gameplay-wise by today's standards. Way ahead of its time, with a great sense of speed and adrenaline. Pretty much the same as the GameBoy Advance version but on a bigger screen (obviously). The controls are bit hard to master but worth persevering with.

Re: Golden Axe


Another accurate arcade conversion for the Megadrive.

I remember we all went mad over this when it first came out. A great hack & slash title but as always with these VC games, it'll be loved by the fans & probably hated by newcomers. But then, that's what the VC is all about isn't it?

btw.. Check the manual for details on how to do extra moves like the shoulder charge (useful against ALL enemies) and the twisting rear slash (press jump & kick buttons together). These extra moves give the game more depth.

Re: Altered Beast


This game has always been slagged off and I can see why, but for some reason I love it.

I think it's probably because the idea behind the game was fresh at the time of its creation: collect globes and you're rewarded by transformation into a beast with enhanced capabilities which allow you to defeat the boss guy. This concept has been used since in games like Bloody Roar (PS1). Mind you, I hated that!

A good concept that admittedly could have been executed more effectively. The controls could have been a little more responsive and maybe more varied and longer levels added. This does however remain a great nostalgia kick if you loved it originally. An accurate arcade conversion for the Megadrive too.

Re: R-Type


A classic in every way!

Just as good as you remember and a brilliant arcade conversion too. This version was originally billed as the best conversion on any machine, and R-Type is one of those rare entities .. a game that doesn't age. It's still as good now as it was back then. An added bonus with this version too is the autofire button option on the classic controller. One button charges up the force beam and the other fires rapidly. Nice!

Word of warning though. R-Type is still as rock hard to play as it was originally. You'll need patience to progress through the levels. Lots of trial and error, lots of replays, and you'll learn where to expect the aliens to come from. Hugely satisfying if you're willing to put in the time & effort.

Re: Victory Run


Avoid it!

It's basically a good game in its essence but the way you have to constantly upgrade car parts to stay in the race makes it near impossible to play properly. This wouldn't be so bad if the car didn't lose half its speed and monoeverability half way through a race because you touched the grass edges three times! Seriously - one or two slight racing mishaps and it's like the steering wheel has fallen off! I want my money back.

Re: Alien Crush


I've always been a fan of pinball games but this has left me uninspired.

I played it twice and never touched it again. Yes, the mechanics are good but to me it seems all about the graphics. A nice alien-style environment which in its day was impressive, but now it fails to impress. The game also lacks table features, with far less ramps & bumpers etc. than should be included in a pinball video game. Only one table as well.

I like the sound FX though.

Re: Wario's Woods


An obvious Tetris-alike attempt released at a time when everyone was trying to out-tetris Tetris .. and it shows.

The the gameplay has been enhanced in many ways above 'simple puzzle game' mechanics. These enhancements are good in themselves but only serve to over complicate the gameplay in Wario's Woods. This is a simple puzzle game but with unnecessary 'arcadey' elements added. Instantly forgettable in every way.

Re: Donkey Kong


This was the first title I downloaded from the VC service.

Great for a nostalgia blast but also has enough playability to keep you coming back for more. As already mentioned, only three levels but the emphasis is on trying to beat your personal best high scores as those levels repeat.

A classic Nintendo game in many respects but by today's standards feels 'unfinished'. It's as if the orginal programmers thought, "Oh heck, I can't be bothered; three's enough - let's release it as is."

Non-retro fans will probably be disappointed.

Re: Vigilante


I just downloaded it and was disappointed.

Not as good as I remember. Simplistic gameplay - puch, kick, jump, and the difficulty curve ramps up a little too quickly. Doesn't make me want to play on into the game. Another VC game I feel conned by after downloading.

Re: Super Mario Bros.


I have the original PAL NES cart and this downloaded game runs faster. A good thing? Well for me, no. As I'm used to the gameplay speed on the PAL version, this is very off-putting and I now regret downloading it.

It's a shame the VC games don't have a standard option on the Wii menu to alter the general speed of VC games. That would be highly useful and not outside the capabilities of the Wii technology.

Re: Pac-Man


I've been wondering if proper 'Arcade Cabinet' games were going to arrive on VC at any point. These previews of 'Arcade conversions' as they're billed hint at this being a reality. Am I deluding myself, or will we be seeing ACTUAL arcade games on our Wiis very soon?

Re: Wii Classic Controller - Hands On


I also can vouch for the loveliness of the classic controller.

Again though, I have a problem with the wire coming out of the bottom instead of the top. Feels like the horrible Dreamcast controller did in that respect. And those slots ...

There's a little spring-loaded button that moves a flap inside the slots. It really is a mystery what it's for. Looks like you can attach something to the controller by using the flap & slots, but I'm not sure. Maybe it's a secret competition or something? Or a secret warp button that takes you to another dimension aftre you've pressed it 100 times !? That would be typically Nintendo!