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Fear the poprocks!!

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I like Japan, JRPG's, playing piano/guitar, and some other random stuffs~ Xenoblade is awesome and NIER is laaaame~ (Blind Nintendo fanboys/girls are lame too~) That's all you need to know. :3

Tue 3rd May, 2011

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Bacon_Gal_Blaze commented on Atlus Reaches Out to Fans Regarding Acquisitio...:

I'd hoped that Atlus being sold would finally mean that those of us in Europe would get games earlier/at all. Instead, with Sega at the helm, it seems that the US is gonna end up in the same situation as us (or worse) which is no fun for anyone. :(



Bacon_Gal_Blaze commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Reiterates That There's "Noth...:

So I bought this lame console and now you're not even gonna give me compensation!? >:[

Seriously though, this doesn't bother me hugely, mostly because I barely touched the GBA/NES games for the 3DS and I'd rather not have a ton of crappy games clogging up my limited Wii U storage space. Eshop credit would be nice though~



Bacon_Gal_Blaze commented on Shin Megami Tensei IV Will Have Some DLC Avail...:

Can't wait until this releases in Europe, which hopefully will be soon. :3

@DarkCoolEdge Believe it or not, if good DLC is released for a good price, it will interest a large number of people. Atlus aren't releasing an unfinished game and then adding DLC as you're suggesting, these are just additional extras. Besides, as many people have already said, it's not like you have to buy it. u_u



Bacon_Gal_Blaze commented on Talking Point: The Wii U's Identity Crisis:

@SCAR392 At this moment in time especially, the Wii U is nowhere near as good as the PS360. It can't even get developer support for their ports - what about when next gen rolls around?

and yeah, Wii U needs to either find a new demographic to target or Nintendo need to give it individuality from the Wii, since so many are considering it to be some sort of Wii add-on or peripheral.



Bacon_Gal_Blaze commented on Talking Point: The Next-Gen Console War is Wii...:

Who cares if the Wii U "wins"? Provided Nintendo get around to releasing some good first party software, I'll be happy. My PS3/4 I'll keep for third party games, because in all honesty the Wii U was never going to be able to compete against this generation for that support, let alone the next gen.



Bacon_Gal_Blaze commented on Interview: Michael Pachter On Wii U, 3DS And T...:

This is a great article, hopefully we see more of these in the future from NL~ As for what Pachter says, I agree. Aside from Nintendo dropping out of the console market - I can't particularly see the Wii U being a huge success but that analysis seems slightly drastic. Still, the majority of the time he is correct and has good reasoning to back up his arguments too.



Bacon_Gal_Blaze commented on Shigeru Miyamoto: People Need To Be Patient Wi...:

This is hilarious. Some of you Ninty fanboys would be overjoyed if Nintendo crushed your house and stole every item in your possession due to your blindness. Especially @drunkenmaster. You can be a Nintendo fan without praising every move they make, and as every company does at some point, Nintendo has made a bad mistake here. It's better to acknowledge that than buy every single one of the lame ports/games being produced by third parties, claiming the Wii U somehow has amazing games and support, and you can't possibly understand why nobody would want to buy a £300 console for half-baked ports available on other consoles for a quarter of the price.