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BLPs commented on Sonic Team Boss States That There Are No Plans...:

Well Thomas, after starting an article recently with almost no referral to past games being meh, you then drop that almost immediately. At least it is more relevant here, since it's somewhat related to the article.

I'm thinking my theory of a Sonic cycle is true. 2 years after an anniversary they make a new gameplay style, 2 years after that they refine it, then a year later maximize the potential in an anniversary game.



BLPs commented on Talking Point: The Limited Edition Battle With...:


You guys do too, in a sense. Less efficient but it exists. But of course, the Nintendo Store is pretty much the only way you'll get anything Nintendo related here in the UK now. GAME and a few independent places are pretty much the only thing left, and GAME is clearly cutting back on Nintendo.



BLPs commented on Talking Point: The Limited Edition Battle With...:

At least in America you have a chance of getting them in store. Here in the UK, as stated in the comments of a previous article, retailers like GAME have everything beyond select Wave 1 amiibo as only pre-order only. Not in-store pre-order, or buy it online, online pre-order only.

Unfortunately this seems to be a trend with some games from those retailers too. If you want Nintendo products in the UK, I wish you luck. A friend recently bought a New 3DS from GAME, one of the few they had in the store, and they said they wouldn't be restocked for a while due to not selling, or some corporate BS.



BLPs commented on Sonic and Mega Man amiibo Available Again from...:


Really? Well that sucks. I guess they really don't like Nintendo products, though those Skylanders sets of which there are easily 200 in my local store taking over 3 stands, are clearly not going anywhere either. Then again when I went for Bayonetta 2, I was one of two people who had the pre-order. Same with MM3D.

This little store I found though, had the Gamecube adaptor, has the New 3DS and amiibo at RRP, has recent amiibo, and a decent Nintendo showing, so I'm quite enjoying them at the moment.



BLPs commented on Sonic and Mega Man amiibo Available Again from...:

I went into GAME today, and they had no current wave amiibo on shelves. In fact all they had was DK, Diddy, Pikachu, Samus and Peach, and the occasional Yoshi. Seems they don't want to actively stock amiibo anymore.

Thankfully, I found more recent, i.e. the previous wave with Sheik and Ike, in a local store that has a more prominent Nintendo presence, and the amiibo there were for £10.99 (RRP). So they are my new friends. :D



BLPs commented on Talking Point: New Nintendo 3DS, Operation Fac...:


Apparently that is indeed true. I wish Sony was like that but...the EU doesn't exist to them. I guess, in a way, it balances out.

I guess though, it really shouldn't exist in either situation either way. At least we are passed the days of regional difficulty (Looking at you PS1 games!)



BLPs commented on A Wild Update on Pokémon Shuffle Appears:


I love collecting games. I have a backlog atm that is quite impressive.

Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection
Final Fantasy X
Crash of the Titans (Wii)
The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night (Wii)
Donkey Kong Country Returns
Deus Ex
Kid Icarus: Uprising
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii)
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
Bayonetta 2
Pokémon Alpha Sapphire
Various Virtual Console things

My degree (Ironically Games Design) is kind of eating up most of my time. I really only play games now to research things or for my YouTube channel.

As for amiibo....yeah....Marth (Bishonen), Captain Falcon (Fabulous), Yoshi (Tupac), Samus (Doom), Link (Bort), Toon Link (Toon Bort), Luigi (Mercury), Lucario (Kenneth), Kirby (Death Ball), Sheik (Not Zelda) and Pikachu (Red Lester). I believe I have Bowser (Mario Collection), Shulk, Charizard, Sonic and Mega Man on pre-order and I will bend heaven and hell to get Pac-Man.

I have issues -.-

I just like...collecting. And 100% in things. I like seeing numbers go up XD I really should be in therapy but I have to do a video review of a game for my course (And it's only 1 tiny part of the assignment :() and this compulsion to get everything proved to raise some good points about the game (Crash Bandicoot), so I can't say it's a problem XD



BLPs commented on A Wild Update on Pokémon Shuffle Appears:


Everyone has something that makes them tick. If it's DLC, then I'll buy it if it is reasonable in price and what it delivers (Hence why Destiny's DLC will never be on my list, but I don't like the game anyway so I'm not worried). I did buy the Hyrule Warriors DLC Season Pass because damn that is a lot of stuff for around £20.

If it's on-disc DLC as Capcom so loves, then I'm a bit more...iffy. If it's something that should have been there to begin with, then I'll just buy it with some spare cash I have from my wages or something. It really depends. If it's just Avatars or Costume Packs or something then I simply won't bother because that, to me, isn't worth it unless I have cash left over at the end of the week.

For F2P've got me there. I've played mobile games on the off, but never once have I gone "I can buy this" and I think the reason I stop myself doing that, is because there is another way of doing it, that is more of an experience. I think I'm blessed with patience like a Buddhist Monk or something.

I can however, see how it would be a problem. I do thing...that I seem to buy almost insane amounts of. know...little figures you put on your Gamepad....

It makes me feel better damn it! :(

The point is, everyone has something. For me, to combat my anxiety and extreme loneliness and to satisfy my compulsions to collect, I have amiibo figures, or game collections, or I organize my room alphabetically again, or I beat a game 100% even when it really, really isn't worth it or insanely hard. For others, it may be microtransactions.

I guess you can't really explain it to other people. You find it hard to resist the transactions presented by F2P, and I have a hard time resisting getting everything humanly possible in a game. It's like trying to explain my CVD (Colour-Vision Deficiency) to friends and family. I'm not Colour-Blind, I just can't see certain shades of colour and they appear as something else that I can't distinguish. Like I don't know lime-green is that colour, I just see the same as what they call light-green.

It's the same with compulsions. I can't ever justify my desire to get 100% in Sonic 06, and people won't understand, but I try and stop myself, like you with F2P.



BLPs commented on A Wild Update on Pokémon Shuffle Appears:


Let me direct you towards Tumblr...

If you don't want to be a whale, then great, that's good for you. You do that. But as stated those with compulsive disorders like myself or gambling addictions are more likely to become the whales.

Now, you hope that everyone can join you in going against this model of gaming, and while that is entirely commendable, I want you to just think for a moment, about what you said.

Those with disorders, addictions and so on will not follow this philosophy. Now you have a choice, and I'm going to use lovely America as an example here (Don't be offended please, this is for demonstrative purposes).

Here in the UK, it is free to get help, therapy and medication for these disorders. It's actually quite distressing, talking to someone confidentially about these issues, and you have to be really strong to go out and get help to control these compulsions and addictions. In the US, something like this will be damn expensive. Really expensive from what I've heard. Infinitely more than what "Whales" will spend on this game.

So I pose to you that while I personally agree that this model of business is frankly stupid, and people probably shouldn't in favour of more traditional sales methods, it's better than doing what you think would be right at the end of the day. There will always be whales, but if you want it to stop so strongly, then by all means round up all those who don't have as much of a choice in being "Whales", pay for their medical care, put them through things they won't want to go through at this time, and then ask if it's so bad that this will happen.

I appreciate that you want this to stop, I do too, but I personally think that we should simply download the game and don't pay for anything. After all you don't have to, do you? But at the same time maybe those of us with addictive personalities should be helped to forcefully change this instead of doing the simple thing.



BLPs commented on Twitch Plays Pokémon Celebrates Anniversary ...:


Well, this was big and ambitious when it started, but a hellish experience to play or be involved in. Then as the series went on it kind of...died from attention outside of dedicated Twitch circles. Seeing it back is a bit sad because maybe how it died so fast was a sign.



BLPs commented on Twitch Plays Pokémon Celebrates Anniversary ...:

So...this happened a year ago. That's nice. Apparently they did every other Pokémon game via ROM too huh? Well....wonder why I never heard of that. Can't possibly think why. Nope.

Well, I'm going to get off the internet while this goes on for another few weeks, ends, then fades into obscurity once again.

Also, slow news day guys? :P



BLPs commented on Video: Defy Gravity With These Sonic Lost Worl...:

"While life's a little tough for Sonic fans at the moment - including this writer - it's worth remembering that this generation of Nintendo hardware has (arguably) delivered a decent game with the blue blur"

You're getting better. Keep trying though. One day I'll see an article about Sonic that doesn't start this way or similar.



BLPs commented on Nintendo YouTube Creators Program Update Clari...:

"It'll be interesting to see how much new content we see as this program developers,"

Love your wording there. You speak good England! :P

Seriously though, the revenue split is something that bugs people? Really? I make 60% of whatever my company takes! It's not the end of the universe or anything.



BLPs commented on Rumour: Sega-Related YouTube Videos Are Being ...:


I don't do it for the money (I get very little anyway), but I do it to have fun recording games I like and...don't like, as the case may be.

I know a few YouTubers who definitely are in it for the money. I'm just passing the time, they are doing it to earn a happy buck or two.



BLPs commented on Rumour: Sega-Related YouTube Videos Are Being ...:

Alright so, as I'm scrolling down the page I see a few new "Matched Third-Party Content" and "Remove Claimed Songs" (Even when they are far in the background!). I do an edit, go back to the page, and suddenly there are more.

Weirdly, one from a long time ago is "Visual Content administered by Rooster Teeth" on the Monopoly Wii game (What?).

Yeah suddenly videos of the past two years are being bombarded. The hell?



BLPs commented on Editorial: Nintendo's YouTube Creators Program...:


I agree. PewDiePie is not keyboard friendly. Then again nor is saying it. It just Iunno. Anyway:

I operate on the belief that when I have enough to live off, I live off that. The rest gets put away somewhere, or charity as I often try to do, via charity streams that go nowhere, or such things. (So my wages go to charity sometimes).

For someone who, let's speculate here, makes millions on Youtube per annum, would it really kill them to lose a bit of revenue or perhaps even, I don't know, put some aside for some good cause. I know a lot do. A lot don't.

And some YouTube "Personalities" (Because I can in no way believe PewDiePie is actually that ear grating personification of homosexual stereotypes, and if he is then I'm going back to women!) somehow make it big. Is it luck of the draw?

At the end of the day, the problem is in fact with YouTube itself. It doesn't give everyone a chance. If you don't want to take that chance then great, that's a choice. But what if you work your ass off for years, just like myself and people I know, and get nothing or only just get something.

It's a perspective thing. What one person experiences is different to another. I'm sure PewDiePie is very content sat on a throne somewhere. I'm content here. I can't imagine myself possibly liking that lifestyle, as I'm a hard worker by habit, but that's when you have to realize: This offer from Nintendo, with some refinement that as you agreed these YouTubers should be giving rather than wetting themselves and throwing their toys out of the pram, is from the perspective of some people, the holy grail.

There are people on YouTube not getting the chance and if I see them, I refer them to my partnership company, who personally scoped me out because they liked what they saw. If I can give someone that break, or with some work if Nintendo can too, then we are making more of a difference to someone than many of the big boys on YouTube's peak are. From their perspective, what the hell do they care? But from ours, and from that of those we help, it means the world.

I'm sorry if that didn't make sense, but I finally managed to put something I wanted to say into words. XD



BLPs commented on Editorial: Nintendo's YouTube Creators Program...:


You raise a good point, but I think I've seen one thing with partnerships and big YouTuber uses vs small ones.

The big ones are more prone to...being open about their earnings. If that's the right way to say it. Smaller channels are very humbled, like myself and hell, even bigger channels than me, to be earning anything.

Big channels get the ads, the promotion from Youtube, all that jazz. When starting out, YouTube was actually very equal, but then partnerships came. It got a bit uneven, but even after that, it did even out a year or two ago, as smaller and smaller channels got chances. But now it's wide open again.

I think the issue here, at it's core, is less about who is getting money, or where from, but rather how much. I think there should be a ceiling on this thing.

(And we know PewDiePie already sleeps on money. He can probably live off the interest)



BLPs commented on UK Supermarket Giants Wage Wii U Price Wars to...:


I had a look in my local HMV. There is nothing Nintendo in there at all, and it's a pretty large store. Big bit for Sony and Microsoft though.

Same with my local GAME. 4 stands, and two walls. One wall is all Xbox. One is all PS4. One stand is split between Skylanders, Minecraft on one side, Vita and more PS3/4 on the other. Another stand is just 360 stuff on both sides.

Then one stand is PC games, with 3DS and DS sharing on the other side.
Then the last stand is Wii U/amiibo/peripherals on one side, Wii and Blu-Ray/DVD on the other.

Hence why the Nintendo Online Store exists! :)



BLPs commented on Editorial: Nintendo's YouTube Creators Program...:


You raise a very good series of points, (Though you may wish to tone down the language a little) and yeah, more power to them. If they CAN do this, then great. But YouTube doesn't exactly allow for the little guys to grow. That is something I think Nintendo could focus on instead.

But on that note, I think just turning around and outright ignoring Nintendo, is kind of a half-assed approach from the rich and famous of YouTube. Nintendo, unlike many other companies, is reaching a hand out, and instead of saying, you're doing this wrong, or this could be better, they are telling them to sod off, we don't want you.

Mutual gains here. Instead of just ignoring them, or telling them it sucks, HELP THEM!. No one learns without help.



BLPs commented on Editorial: Nintendo's YouTube Creators Program...:


I'm making video games and studying a degree in Computer Games Design.

Doing what I love. Getting paid for it. And it's damn hard work, but at least I'm getting actual qualifications I can use should I lose my job, which many YouTubers can't do, since they seem to focus solely on video production.

Everything has to end, otherwise nothing would ever get started. And at that point, well they'll be a bit less lucky then.



BLPs commented on Editorial: Nintendo's YouTube Creators Program...:

So...what? A two month delay for payment tallys and 60% share is bad? It's what I get with my group.

To be honest guys, I said it before, I'll say it again. YouTube is dominated, dictated by whatever sells. PewDiePie and such are all over the front page. Where are the other people in searches and such, who ALSO have partnerships? Nowhere. YouTube pays and promotes whoever sells.

Many of those bigger channels will, by laws of nature, go at some point. Those people behind the channel will have to get a job and it sure as hell won't be their internet personalities getting them that, especially when corporations wont hire, when they have videos of them moaning about corporate decisions that they may one day have to follow in a similar scenario.

When Nintendo flags one of my videos, I simply click matched third-party content, then ad revenue goes directly to them, not me. Does that bother me? No. I am damn thankful for the <$2 a month I earn with a partnership I spent over 5 years working towards. If it's as simple as losing one video series in monetization I do not give a damn.

I make videos to have fun. To entertain. Not to make a buck. The minimal cash I have in PayPal from my deal right now, isn't an incentive to work, it's not my wages. It's saving up for something I want to buy for the channel. A heavily requested game or new piece of equipment. If I have to lose a video in earnings, at least it's Nintendo.

The privileged YouTubers are now just sweating their pants as the tides change and they realize that as time passes things have to change. Unfortunately they can't dictate the order of Youtube, who gets paid most and what not forever. Eventually, whether they like it or not, they WILL stop making videos. Be it illness, a sudden loss of fans, or maybe they get dropped. You cant say those things won't happen, and you can't say they will for certain either. They'll have to find something new to do.



BLPs commented on Weirdness: Super Bowl XLIX Analysis of 'Mega-B...:

Well we can always reference MMBN with...Oh I don't know...Grid Man...

But...I was not aware this sporting event was happening. Welcome to Britain where the American customs and big things are about as exciting as watching paint dry....wait that's sport in general.

The UK is like that too. With our very overpaid football players who kick a ball between pieces of wood/metal for 90 or so minutes and then hug each other if something goes well, then go back to lockers and share chocolates and take turns doing the washing up or running off with each-others wives.



BLPs commented on YouTube Stars Aren't Happy With Nintendo's Rev...:


I've said it before, I'll say it again. What if, one day, PewDiePie loses all his fans. What if that revenue suddenly dries up? Does he have an actual occupation to fall back on? Using this as the one sole source of income is what worries him, because if it goes, be it from Nintendo putting their foot down or other factors, god forbid he has to get a real job.



BLPs commented on YouTube Stars Aren't Happy With Nintendo's Rev...:

I'm going to take a neutral stance here.

I have a partnership, much like many Youtube Celebrities as they are regrettably called, and I make $2 per month if lucky. Do I have as much influence as all these big people making megabucks? Hell no. Do I care, if I could make more? No. Do I want to maximize the revenue by shooting down any content programs like this one? No.

Amazingly enough, unlike people such as PewDiePie (Based on his feelings of entitlement here, and the fact he seems to do nothing else other than these things on his channel) I have a skillset that allows me to have a job, and earn a living anyway. Guess what that means guys? I'm not in any way worried if I lose one source of income. We call that good financial planning kids.

If Nintendo, as they have done, come along and pop up with third part content, I just accept it, they monetize the video instead of my partnership company and they get the revenue. Then I just move on, happy that I can entertain the few who watch the stuff I create.

My point is...maybe people like PewDiePie should get an actual job. With actual skillsets, qualifications and aspirations.

@Yorumi It was, to answer your question, at one point 30 seconds for free use of something like music. I don't know about now, but it was back then.



BLPs commented on Sega's Digital Restructure Means 300 Staff Wil...:

@Squid @Damo

Oh I can fire a wild guess as to why it's there. Just like the same reason every Sonic review starts with "Sonic has been bad in recent years" or variant (Which ignores 2008-2012 I might add), and just like how a previous Soapbox piece ended up as a lengthy note of whining because god forbid they try new things with a series.

This is, as far as I can tell given the history of the hedgehog and the general work attitude of the staff here, a way of sniping at Sonic fans, yet again. It's your fault, you like this crap, you're the reason this is happening.

I saw people leaving here yesterday, and at this point, I don't blame them. You guys need to start being impartial. With reviews, fine, it's an opinion piece. With something like this, which is just a news story you have to report on, give us the facts of, you do not need to start sniping at one particular fanbase as the source of all the world's problems.



BLPs commented on Nintendo Launches Beta of 'Creators Program' f...:

@BinaryFragger I agree that YouTubers should be allowed to make money. Where I draw the line is when it is the sole income. That just seems absurd to me, to earn that much to live off. I have a job, and a university course learning how to produce video games, so my earnings on YouTube are more like pocket change and experience in analyzing, playing, and experiencing video games, so that I can be more effective in producing them, all while supporting myself with my actual job.

This is fairly standard. With my partnership now, I have a 60% cut.

In addition, I have a two month wait. The revenue from November doesn't go in until Jan 31st, and so on. Plus with the exchange fees, I do lose a bit of that when it gets sent here to the UK.

Per month, I'm lucky if I get close to $2. But the team I work with is happy, I'm happy, and the partnership company is very helpful and happy with what I do, as are other members of the program since we are all talking to each other.

And yes, my YouTube work, partnership and education are all interrelated. Despite one starting months ago and the other 6 years ago. It was all intentional I swear! XD



BLPs commented on Video: Donkey Kong Country Returns...To Wii U:


Apparently I'm a non-programmer. Cool.

I just think for Nintendo, they are right to offer the games in their original forms, otherwise we sure as hell wouldn't get them so cheap. Remakes are great, but the originals are often more sought after.

But, since I know nothing, I'll just leave you be. I'll go back to swearing at Unity and 3DS Max.



BLPs commented on Video: Donkey Kong Country Returns...To Wii U:

I'm not quite sure why everyone is complaining about this. It's less of a re-release, and is listed under Virtual Console...why would they change anything unless the controls can perfectly suit it?

If the game uses Wiimote + Nunchuk with motion controls, to make that work with the Gamepad or other Controllers will require a pretty significant re-programming, at which point it won't be a Virtual Console release, rather a remake.

So why don't y'all just simmer down and remember, it would be nice to have the controller mapping function of other virtual console releases, but unless someone out there wants to tear the game apart line by line and remove the motion controls and assign those to buttons, change the on screen graphics for those actions, or better yet keep the motion controls and remap them to the Gamepad's gyroscope. I'd like to see you do that.



BLPs commented on Speedrunner Sets New World Record for Fastest ...:

Breaking a game doesn't really seem like a speed run per se, rather a way of showing how much time you put into ripping the game apart, or in the case of a TAS, pre-programming your actions by the frame.

A speed run, to me anyway, is utilizing skills I learn by playing the game as it is presented, and going through in the fastest possible time. I always consider a more accurate speed run to be one that beats the game as fast as possible in the form the game is originally presented.