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Video game developer and Computer Games Design student from "Sunny" England. Still throwing ideas at a wall to see what will make a decent game. I appreciate any suggestions! ^_^

Tue 18th March, 2014

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BLPs commented on Head Teachers in the UK Issue Warning to Paren...:


I do know how modern parents think or feel. My mother was for a long time a single parent looking after my 4 year old sister and I often babysit.

Children her age often misbehave, love watching Disney movies, and playing bright video games. Unfortunately being the closest thing to a father figure for a while, has let me know what it is like looking after a child, and the hardships it brings. I do know how modern parents think or feel, thanks.

And being a game developer, I will be taking care in the content in my game. I will strive to make it appropriate for all ages, and to be honest, whether or not the games result in violent behavior, as said above, is CERTAINLY a need for investigation.



BLPs commented on Head Teachers in the UK Issue Warning to Paren...:

While I believe this is the kind of thing that needs to be brought to attention, I do agree that this is a bit extreme in doing it, though if anything goes through then the point gets across pretty fast.

However, I would like to point out that violent video games such as Mortal Kombat are the reason things like the ESRB exist. The 9pm Watershed on TV here is because of a parent worried the content her children were seeing was too extreme, violent and sexual.

And the irony? Parents don't give a damn these days, so what was the point in advocating these ratings when later generations don't care?



BLPs commented on Xeodrifter Currently Being Prepared for Europe...:

Honestly, living in the EU, while we get better eShop VC releases and often deals (and sometimes physical rewards) the actual games we get are either delayed to all unknown levels either due to companies thinking it won't sell (Mega Man 6 took 20 years, Atlus just not bothering), or PEGI being the biggest wall in development, i.e. this and Shovel Knight.



BLPs commented on Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Looks Set For...:

Hm. Considering the content the AVGN puts out...this might be a very mixed bag. On one hand it could be pure comedy bliss, and a fair challenge referencing past games.

On the other, more likely hand, it could be potentially offensive, possibly grating with the comedy, and may be full of awful game design, since the AVGN is based known for games that have off design or poor handling, and that might be what they are referencing.

Plus it's a licensed game, by all, no offense to the AVGN or his fans, this is one I have low expectations for.



BLPs commented on Satoru Iwata Defends Timing of DeNA Deal, Teas...:


Said it perfectly. I have a smart phone, as do millions of people. They have it already, and this acts as a way to bridge a gap, which will probably work in a solid enough manner.

Nintendo took the time to find a partner with the experience and specific skills needed, so they can help out where they are weaker and vice versa, and then didn't jump face first into it because "We can". That's what we call the irresponsible approach.



BLPs commented on Mobile Developers Extremely Positive About Nin...:


I double dip all the time. To be blunt, Sony/Nintendo never advertised these things. Ever. I may have heard about it, but then it just...vanished. They didn't push it. Like the Move for instance, that was a thing, briefly. This is where Nintendo/Sony shines. Some say they have given up on the Gamepad and done what Sony has regarding the Move, or TV, or Mobile, and quietly can it, but they didn't, they made everyone aware of it. Trying and not-succeeding is better than not trying at all.

Sony and stupid are kind of synonymous now, I agree. I don't think Sony is so much stupid...more....incompetent in some areas, and very, VERY complacent.

Online interaction, marketing, and consumer relations are the worst with Sony, and while those things "might" be improving (Maybe. If the wind changes), it's not as bad as their complacency, as it is with Nintendo.

I don't need to remind anyone of the absolute goldmine that was the PS2/Wii. That thing made millions. And believe it or not, I think Sony's/Nintendo's biggest problem is in fact, just that. The PS2/Wii. That thing took nearly no effort to fly off shelves. It was the weakest in terms of power (So third party devs and power fans can stop that BS right now) and sold millions. Sony/Nintendo then saw that and for whatever reason assumed everything with the word Playstation/Wii would sell itself.

As a result, we got 599 US Dollars, Giant Enemy Crab, Massive Damage, PSP Go, PSMobile, PSNow, PSVue, PSTV, PSVITA (Lesser extent), the PS+ subscription somehow being more expensive than Xbox Live, and soon the Morpheus (Because we can mark that thing's death on our calendars), 20th Annivesary PS4 contests, TVii, asynchronous gameplay and many many more, all on a CD for £18.99: Sony and Nintendo: The Greatest Cock-Ups.

Nintendo stick by their guns, Sony to a lesser extent. That's what I like about them. They also innovate, sometimes to incredible success. Sony goes gung-ho and screws it up, or makes too much and expects results with no effort on their part, Nintendo waits too long and under-delivers.

I kid you not when I say Sony's Twitter team spends more time arguing over dress colours than it does actually advertising some of these things. Some complain that Nintendo doesn't advertise, but at least when they do, they advertise everything they have!

And looking at how the PS4 is selling...I don't see Sony's complacency going away anytime soon.



BLPs commented on Mobile Developers Extremely Positive About Nin...:


I can't help but think the reason Sony has been able to do it for 18 months without any mention and the reason PSMobile is being discontinued are the same thing. They didn't mention it. Here, Nintendo is clear in saying it is happening, while they continue working on hardware, which we know they are developing now.

Sony isn't doomed, unless they do something stupid, but the reason I think Nintendo is being heralded is because they are keeping this in our minds, and they have the IPs to back up this idea, as well as splashing cash on a partnership to ensure it works with serious and committed mobile people.

But, it is a double edged sword. Time will tell.



BLPs commented on Mobile Developers Extremely Positive About Nin...:

So while Sony and Microsoft try to create a new market with VR (Which is going to be really expensive, just a thought), Nintendo taps into Steam and Mobile, two growing areas, to strengthen their business. I like that. I like that a lot. Give the others something to think about.

Then again, Sony tried Mobile and look how that went ;)



BLPs commented on eShop Games Added To The European Club Nintend...:

Well, this is something Club Nintendo NA has had in some form for a long time now. How the coins have turned.

Just think guys, you can complain about the CN rewards, but at least you guys get games ahead of us, and you actually get Etrian Odyssey! :D



BLPs commented on Satoru Iwata Insists Smart Device Game Pricing...:

With the way they handled value for money and DLC, sometimes free, other times lots of content for a good price, I have faith here.

After all, it's because of Nintendo and games like Hyrule Warriors and Mario Kart 8, that I have a new content to price standard. If a game is offering DLC for a higher price than the £17 I paid for all the Hyrule Warriors DLC combined, then I'm going to wonder what's in it, because it damn well better surpass all the content I got for HW.



BLPs commented on Reggie Fils-Aime Highlights Nintendo's Strengt...:


Everything needs a degree of hype, but how the PS4 has done what it did is a mystery. Sony is getting complacent with their actual lack of advertising, but that is neither here nor there.

At least I'm getting games of quality to inspire me. :)



BLPs commented on Video: Nintendo Promotes Mario Party 10 in New...:


I don't hate to lose. I hate to be insulted endlessly online because of my sexuality or because I didn't use American-English on a server.

It is a shame about Classic Mode, but at the same time, until Mario Party 8 or 9, people complained it was getting stale so...a welcome change, at least for one iteration. :)



BLPs commented on Video: Nintendo Promotes Mario Party 10 in New...:

Cue "Nintendo doesn't advertise comments here", when the ads are decided by the networks.

As for the online comments....yeah, it wouldn't hurt having it, but it also doesn't hurt not having it. Just remember that no matter what, shoehorning online functions into a game just so you can play with people in wherever, is a surefire way to have online issues spring up. I think a game would do better if online wasn't brought in, because then, the bad press from online moderation (Which people deem to strict) or the bad press from people being idiots online (Can't win) wouldn't occur. And then there wouldn't be outcries of "Oh the online service sucks" either.

And to all those who think I'm being bitter, well if you guys can be so open saying how you "Hate" the lack of online, or "Hate" Mario Party with a car, well I got news for ya. I hate online games. Never had a good time with the people on them (Thanks Pokémon.)



BLPs commented on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Speedrun ...:


I prefer glitchless runs, due to how it shows the player playing the game as intended by the programmer, as fast as possible. However, I would consider the pinnacle of glitchless to be done by avoiding glitches that are indeed possible to avoid, like a lot of Ocarina of Time glitches. If it was Pokémon Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/International Red/International Blue, then it's a different matter because you can't avoid Focus Energy or Gym Badges.

But again, this is just personal preference. Just because someone personally does not consider it legitimate in their eyes, doesn't mean it's wrong, or bad or invalid, God no. It just means they prefer another style of Speedrun. I think some people take the phrase "An opinion is fine until you offend mine" a little too far, especially on topics such as these.

But this also raises an interesting point in my eyes. Because these games have glitches, and because they can be used in many different ways such as speedruns, it kind of goes to show that, oddly, people notice when a game isn't properly programmed. It kind of takes recognition from those who work hard to properly code a game, or for games where the structure is more linear and harder to break. I mean, if your game is solid and hard to break, showing a good programmer and testing department, no one will notice. XD

I find it odd how Super Metroid with all it's programming quirks, sequence breaks and loopholes, is often considered the better game based on sequence breaking other something like Other M (Disregarding Other M's issues separate from this), which due to the design and programming, is harder to sequence break, if not impossible. The game with the more solid programming gets the flak. But I digress.



BLPs commented on Next Level Games Employee Suggests He's Workin...:

My next statement is a bit of a stretch but...

NLG probably has Development Wii U consoles and 3DS consoles. I imagine, being new and a cutscene animator, he would have a play around with these things. Especially since he says he has now experienced Nintendo IPs, it implies he has played games belonging to those IPs, many of which NLG haven't touched (Yet). So, I imagine he has just been playing Nintendo games, and since he is a cutscene animator, it would be likely it was to see how Nintendo characters from respective franchises are animated.


Or he already has one, and since he works for NLG, yes, he is working with Nintendo anyway. XD Or True, maybe he doesn't want to say he doesn't have one.



BLPs commented on Next Level Games Employee Suggests He's Workin...:


That's just it. The fact he said "me" singular, referring to himself as an individual, as wanting a Wii U due to experiencing Nintendo IPs in his first gaming job which he only just started, makes me think that he is stating he just might want to buy a Wii U. Not entirely sure what's so hard to get about that.

Then again this is also a gaming community. They secretly watch every pixel of every video and lip movements incase something somewhere looks remotely like a requested game. ;) I mean, they may have done hints like that in the past, but nowadays it's a little less common due to how OTT it can get with fans.

I hate to use this example, but take Pokémon. Fans will take anything to get a game they want. It could be the colour of the Pokémon Centre floor for instance. But, then GameFreak does actually on occasion do things that reference these cryptic conspiracy theories. The whole incredibly long complex sequences of things you have to do to get Mew under a truck for instance, was eventually proven false, but the developers really don't help themselves when to get Regigigas in Gen 6, you need all 3 golems, Regice has a nickname, during the day, holding a specific item where you found Regice.



BLPs commented on Next Level Games Employee Suggests He's Workin...:


I imagine the guy, since he just started his job in games, was genuinely excited, and wanted to purchase a Wii U, but upon realizing he said it, probably guessed it would cause this kind of speculation, which for all we know NextLevelGames might not want.

I'm not looking for a negative in a positive. I'm being rational.



BLPs commented on Speedrunner Conquers Super Mario 64 in World R...:


It's not on you. My sense of humour is just very blunt and to the point. I come off as rude to most people, because I don't get all these social cues, so I just go and say whatever fits in my head.

On that note, yeah, TAS is cool to look at, if a bit...messy, given 3D cameras and stuff. I just prefer skill based runs, as to me that is someone with a controller playing the game, and that wows me. But sadly my ideal one would be something where no glitches (Unless unavoidable, i.e. Pokémon Gen 1) are used knowingly. But hey, that's just me. :)



BLPs commented on Nintendo Executive Discusses the eShop, Indies...:


I'll probably throw some stuff out there. I'm a bit busy focusing on 3D Modelling at the moment for my course but...I can try.

I don't know how useful it would be posting my work here for feedback but...I'll consider that.

I'm of the belief that if one person can end up happy from playing my game, then hell, call me finished. I'll say that's it. If they like it, they like it, if not, oh well.

Unity is what I'm using for my course at the moment, alongside the entire Adobbe CC Suite, and 3DS Max for Modelling. All course related but I can use them elsewhere.

Languages...I know several already, just finding what works for what game.

As I said, going to EGX Rezzed next Thursday, so I might pick up some ideas, or meet people and here what they think. I'd like to do that rather than it just being a day out and spending money.



BLPs commented on Speedrunner Conquers Super Mario 64 in World R...:


Well, to answer your question on the fastest time to get from title screen to end credits, since it's going within the programming and seeing what could be done with it, I honestly think (And this is just me being cynical) but you could probably remove the actual game and just have press start load the credits. Boom. Job done. Takes about 2 seconds XD



BLPs commented on Nintendo Executive Discusses the eShop, Indies...:


Spent a long time reading this. That's some sound advice, in my honest opinion. I guess I'm having troubles with this because I have a clean slate.

I'm 19, the first in a while to go to university in my family, and I want to make something of it, because that's what I promised to someone I recently lost. Making them proud would mean more to me than the money I'd get from a game.

I have nowhere to publish it, no licenses, just me, Unity, any language I want to teach myself overnight (Which is scary), and whatever ideas I can take from other stuff and spin into something great.

But...then I'd need people to play it. And I don't have that, my lecturers and tutor can only do so much after all, and they are only a small group of people. And unfortunately at University, I'm sort of on my own. The people I do sit around with all want different things to me, and aren't going to help me on these fronts, especially since I have a totally different vision of games to them (I focus on gameplay).

sigh I'll find a way. Even if it means even visiting the forums here. I know I can do it, I just need to find a place to start.

I'm going to EGX Rezzed next Thursday. Might meet some of you there, might end up picking up some ideas or having epiphanies, who knows.