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Video game developer and Computer Games Design student from "Sunny" England. Still throwing ideas at a wall to see what will make a decent game. I appreciate any suggestions! ^_^

Tue 18th March, 2014

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BLPs commented on Review: Cube Creator 3D (3DS eShop):

This game seems to be a good handheld equivalent to Minecraft. The one thing about Minecraft that I absolutely, cannot, in any way shape or form stand, is how vague it is. This is somewhat alleviated by the console releases that remove the need to manually place things to craft, but the game still at that point doesn't do a good job of telling you how things work. It's very much a guide game, especially on PC. Object positioning is imperitive, yet the game doesn't tell you that in a good manner.

Cube Creator 3D on the other hand, is a game that fits the 3DS, and removes the fat of Minecraft, namely the issues above. I expect future biomes will appear in later updates should that be a route the developers choose to take.

It's a game that unlike Minecraft, is very friendly to those unfamiliar with the mechanics, whereas Minecraft is one hell of a hurdle. I could jump in to Metroid, but I was asking friends what to do in Minecraft, for what many consider the most basic of things.



BLPs commented on Masahiro Sakurai Shares His Positive Feelings ...:


Probably because Lucas isn't released yet. Remember what happens when you announce price alongside an initial reveal? 599 US Dollars happens.

Plus, have you not noticed Nintendo announces prices closer to the date. Doesn't mean it will cost any more or any less.



BLPs commented on Masahiro Sakurai Shares His Positive Feelings ...:


You cant replace the mastermind mid project. Not on something this big anyway.

At the same time though, if he didn't prove it can be done, I wouldn't be a developer of games today. Granted I'm not developing much at the minute, dislocated knee and all, but hey, I can always doodle ideas.



BLPs commented on Masahiro Sakurai Shares His Positive Feelings ...:

This man is a worker, and one I genuinely model my work practices on. I like to oversee everything, and wound up being a temporary team leader on coursework when the leader was away, but because of how efficiently and passionate I ran the team, they kept me on for some...OCD based reason I guess.

Of course, it has its downsides. I would like to say that Sakurai-san deserves a break, maybe at the end of the year for Xmas. But if he wants to do it, then hell, let the man do it.

I know I want a break after May 18th and my coursework is done. But on my independent summer projects begins fully, so no rest. Not while there are fans out there who need pleasing. And that is why this man is an inspiration. At least to me.



BLPs commented on Video: Nintendo Inks In 'Claim Your Turf' Mark...:


Real reason: bullied for 17 years and feel disassociated from society.

Reason youll find funnier: Tumblr is a thing so I just say humans as a quick umbrella term instead of a very long list so no one gets offended

I...mmen aged 18-49 are the largest gaming demographic on Wii U and watch ESPN? What a contrived coincidence. XD



BLPs commented on Cube Creator 3D Bringing a Minecraft-Style Exp...:

Graphically better than Minecraft, certainly. Looks a lot smoother, despite being still made of cubes. The textures I think, make the game look better.

@redivgamer90 It is bad practice to give an opinion without justification. Care to explain why you feel the demo was really bad? :)



BLPs commented on Video: Nintendo Inks In 'Claim Your Turf' Mark...: complain they don't advertise, so when they do, you complain it isn't good enough. Ever heard of baby steps?

You know...I think im going to steer clear of fanbases. You humans confuse me XD



BLPs commented on Video: This Is The 3D Sonic Game We All Truly ...:


No. God no. But some of them happened nearly 10 years ago, and another thing, a lot of the recent mishaps as you might say, are subjectively bad, with the exception of Sonic Boom.

Now what you could do, is at least open with something positive. Like how Unleashed - Lost World was generally well received, a good 5 years of positivity. Try opening with that. It makes a change from the negative first line that sets the mood for an article a lot of people will switch off from because they don't want negative.

Just think, people get sick of people complaining about their favourite games or systems in articles like this, and it's no different from Sonic fans. They acknowledge games have been bad at times, sometimes more than they would like, but this site in particular has this unruly habit of starting and endlessly spinning that same web, and hell, if you aren't going to do anything new, or something different, then don't do it at all, you know?

What would be good, is if you couldn't be so negative with it, and if you say something positive it might make you guys more approachable by this fanbase. If a game deserves to be lambasted then do so, but don't keep harping on it at every given opportunity, you know?

But hey, what the hell do I know about journalism. You guys just want clicks.



BLPs commented on Video: This Is The 3D Sonic Game We All Truly ...:

For sweet mother of Christ @Damo

You had a good opportunity to break the stagnated trend of journalism and. start the article with that line or variant of AGAIN.

Thats like every Wii U article starting with depressing statements. It gets old and annoying.



BLPs commented on Editorial: Why We Don't Plan to Provide Furthe...:

For once, I will keep out of this after one comment.

It's great that you wont be releasing more information on these illegally obtained leaks and therefore guilt by association.

But it doesn't change the fact your journalistic integrity has not improved in the slightest, you still reported it in the first place.

What you should have done is just let it die quietly, not mention it. But instead you create this article which hangs like a big sign that says "RESEARCH THIS NOW PLEASE SO IT ISNT ON US".

And then there is the clickbait articles, the rumoured leaks for future games, the endless tyrade of articles that start with some slander against franchises people like.

If it's a review, yeah it's your opinion, if it is a news piece though, report the facts, and not how "Game x was bad therefore next game will be bad". Simply say "Game y has been revealed, keep you updated as more info is officially released"

On the positive side though, this is baby steps towards becoming better, impartial, journalists. As human beings, you are perfectly reasonable people from what I have seen, it's just the journalism part of it needs some work, but you are clearly willing to improve. :)



BLPs commented on Weirdness: The Worst Ever Charmander Tattoo Ha...:

Wait, am I reading that right? This guy, who clearly isn't 27 in appearance, tried to give himself a tattoo, probably via mirror in that case, and he did this while drunk?

Suddenly I want to leave this planet.



BLPs commented on ​Vote Now and Decide Which Classic Mega Man ...:

Meanwhile in Europe. Oh. Wait.

Hm. All we are missing is MM&B and the MMBN games. Oh well. Guess it balances out a bit.

Still waiting for Battle Network 2 though. Ah, it'll never happen. I should stop hoping.



BLPs commented on Review: psyscrolr (Wii U eShop):


That's a good stance. It's just jarring to see it done so brazenly. I think you are the only reviewer to open with that kind of line, hence it became more apparent. Then again it makes a nice change from "Sonic has had it bad in recent years" as the opener.

Try referring to yourself, your teammates, and your work, all in third person, without actually referring to any of those things in the slightest. I know it makes no sense but that's what you get at university, or you fail. And at the moment I don't want to make games, I mean look at what comes out on the Wii U and how disappointing they are XD



BLPs commented on Review: psyscrolr (Wii U eShop):


It's not the choice of grammar and reference to a person in a certain way, rather you start the review as your personal opinions and end it as a collective, which doesn't follow any logic. If you used "We" throughout or "This reviewer" throughout, then yeah, that's your referring to an entity, but because you changed by the end, it casts doubts on the piece.

I believe what you did was change the subject from yourself, as it is your opinion, to a collective one, when there isn't a collective opinion stated. I will say that I have to use an even more strict writing style, but changing the entity like that is an automatic fail in any piece of writing I do where I am XD

I hope that makes sense! XD



BLPs commented on Review: psyscrolr (Wii U eShop):

I'm going to just skip past the review and raise one big red flag here.

Early on you stated "This reviewer always tries to play games with a good sense of empathy and excitement for the work of developers, yet wishing something to reach its potential doesn't make it so."

You. An individual.

While later you said: "We really wanted to like psyscrolr; it's a beautiful game with a lot of love put into its presentation and design."

More than you. Several people.

Are you Legion, or am I missing something?

On that note, meh. Games are disappointing, welcome to life.



BLPs commented on Review: Mega Man Zero 3 (Wii U eShop / Game Bo...:


I don't like being blunt but hey, it works sometimes. I do own the X Collection, cant play it though. :(

Zero 3 did a lot of things right, minus Cyber-Elves you can permanently miss, notably one that increases your HP. Outside of that, yeah I could recommend Zero 3 to a Mega Man fan. To anyone the X games first, get a handle on how the games work.



BLPs commented on Analyst Thinks Nintendo Is Already Winding Dow...:


It's a good thing you aren't telling me what I can and cannot enjoy. The last person who did that did so via death threats and the like. Something to do with PC gaming or something. I wasn't really paying attention.

The point is, while nothing big will come, hey, it's probably going to be better that what the big AAA third party companies push out. Whatever reasons Sony and Microsoft have for tagging those games to their systems in ads, it really doesn't make me want the boxes, and I know there are games there that I would want except...yeah, they don't get marketed. So I feel more secure with a safer option of a console I know I will enjoy as opposed to one I have wade through patches, big third party games I don't care about, and subscription fees, just to get to the games I want.

Saying that actually made me feel really claustrophobic. I'm going to get my spray now. :/



BLPs commented on Analyst Thinks Nintendo Is Already Winding Dow...:


There aren't any Wii U games coming over the next few years? Really? Well sir, please hop in your TARDIS and tell me if I'll be successful in life. ;)

Just because they haven't announced anything, doesn't mean it isn't happening. While Nintendo does require tough love, also claiming to know the future, doesn't really help your argument.

As for unfinished, well good news. I have loads of unfinished Wii U games too. It's all relative to a personal experience. I'm busy almost all of the time, so do I have time to finish the Wii U games I own? No. You guys have more free time, I can safely assume based on your comments, and that allows you to buy more games, and spend more time on them, and also develop a backlog with a quantity to free-time ratio.

Therefore, the Wii U is ideal for me, because my backlog stays relative to my free time, while you PS4 gentlemen, will have a backlog relative to you, hence why you enjoy the PS4.

I hope I explained that adequately. ^^



BLPs commented on Analyst Thinks Nintendo Is Already Winding Dow...:


Both have merits, but their USPs are not unique. The two pretty much have exclusives we never hear about, while the other lives on PS3 and beyond upscalings.

The Wii U might not have as many games as the PS4, but at least it has more games that you cant get for cheap on a past system. Who knows, maybe that's hurting the system. All I know is that if I said this near people I study with they'd lynch me for having an opinion about the Wii U that was positive. -.-



BLPs commented on Analyst Thinks Nintendo Is Already Winding Dow...:


There is one thing with that though. The infographics shown regarding Nintendo lately, show a network across PC, Tablet and Phones, connected to Wii U, 3DS and NX. NX for the most part, seems to be a third console from Nintendo for this generation.



BLPs commented on Analyst Thinks Nintendo Is Already Winding Dow...:


Well, I am also someone who isn't pessimistic. At least not this much.

Every dies at some point, as the Wii U will one day. But looking at the releases lined up, E3 around the corner, the NX being spoken about beyond a codename sometime next year, we are looking at 2017 earliest for the thing, judging by how Nintendo takes two years to reveal a machine beyond first "Showing" it.

The Wii U will die, yes, but not yet.



BLPs commented on Analyst Thinks Nintendo Is Already Winding Dow...:


Remasters everywhere. Now while this is some guy trying to stop shares skyrocketing further (II was surprised too) the other systems have things closer in common.

Now about your remastered comment, at least they think it will bring in new fans to various games to better support future titles in those franchisees but the issue is...

If they didnt like the game the first time why will making it prettier change their minds? They obviously didnt like what they were playing



BLPs commented on Review: Super Mario 64 (Wii U eShop / Nintendo...:


Thanks for comparing me to human genitals. It's a lot better than what other people may say.

I have experienced this game on N64, DS, Wii and Wii U, and unfortunately...while it was revolutionary, that doesn't excuse the issues. If I remove the fact it was a launch N64 game that defined the industry and take what we have, an N64, 3D collectathon platformer, it's alright. Nothing amazing.

But hey, an opinion is an individual assessment and understanding towards a topic or concept and hey, it's individual. That's just me. It's not your opinion, it may not be anybody elses, but who cares? It's an opinion. I respect yours, I'm not calling you all the names under the sun, so why are you doing the same to me?

11:30 into this video, the camera and controls are mentioned as what was once revolutionary, but no longer holds up as well.



BLPs commented on Review: Super Mario 64 (Wii U eShop / Nintendo...:



I don't believe the game is that good. I can beat any given Mega Man game with just the standard Mega Buster, various games on the hardest difficulties simply because I want to challenge myself, and because of a legitimate complaint about how this game has aged and the process of unlocking certain stars is often littered with issues forcing the player to restart the process, means I suck at video games?

What planet are you on, to question the ability of someone whom you do not even know, as some attempt to justify how a game has aged in such a way that it actively impedes the progress in small and somewhat frequent ways.

And for God's sake, learn to use grammar. I might "Suck in video games" in your eyes, but at least I know how they work, how to make and develop a concept into a game. I am spending a lot of money and my time that I honestly rather would spend elsewhere for the privilege of one day creating games that will hopefully entertain people like you.

And if you are the kind of person that litters this industry and whom bullies other players of games because they feel there are legitimate issues with a game due to how old it is, then I'm dropping out of this damn business, and going fishing, because I would not tolerate anyone being bullied for objectively criticizing a game that I made, let alone anyone else.

Learn some respect.



BLPs commented on Review: Super Mario 64 (Wii U eShop / Nintendo...:

There are three types of gamers. Those who have played this game, those who should, and those, who like myself, can't stand this game.

The game overall is solid. There are things that kick the experience into the gutter though.

No checkpoints. Not really an issue, until you realize there are a few missions that are either long or tedious (100 coins) and dying means starting all over again, and that gets frustrating.

Mario, for some uncontrollable reason, decides to move in a circle instead of just turning around. I'm not sure why this occurs, but it happens almost exclusively on tight platforms or areas with little moving space, so where I want him to just flip around like he does in a wide open area, he instead loops and...oh I died. That goes back to no checkpoints.

Finally, this game is horribly inconsistent with what Mario can and cannot do. See that hill? He can't climb that. You've got to go around. See that near vertical pillar? Go for it.

It's not a terrible game by any means and it should be praised for what it did, but damn I'd be blind if those problems weren't infuriating.



BLPs commented on Review: Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures (Wii ...:

From what I can tell this is a decent licensed game, but...looking at the trailers, I'd spend a lot of time either mailing explosives to the AVGN, or going "Wow, just like in <bad game name>. Why is that in this?"

The thing with bad games, is that you shouldn't pay homage to them via level design or things that didn't work, as this game does on a 50/50 basis, rather it should take what didn't work, and do something a reviewer like the AVGN should be doing. Taking the ideas that don't work, and thinking about how they could work. If this game did that, then hell, it'd be great.