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Video game developer and Computer Games Design student from "Sunny" England. Still throwing ideas at a wall to see what will make a decent game. I appreciate any suggestions! ^_^

Tue 18th March, 2014

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BLPs commented on Nintendo UK Planning Massive Marketing Push Fo...:


That stuff is £2.70 for a double in the bar. Love it.

Weirdly I don't drink often, but this site frequently (And sadly, in my opinion) has those few comments that just make me think "Oh my god I need a drink to finish reading that". XD

Can you see it? Why I posted that mega rant on a previous article? Damned if you do, damned if you don't. They could resurrect Jesus himself and solve world hunger and it wouldn't be good enough for some of these people.



BLPs commented on Nintendo UK Planning Massive Marketing Push Fo...:


Just the one, straight double measures.

I was sat in the Student Union bar on Wednesday night just flicking through comments and having to buy refills. Sweet god that was something. Makes for good reading though. Every now and again I get a glimpse of hope for humanity.

But, now I'm off to work. Got a private event going on (Still don't know WHAT exactly) and I wont be back until about 2:30am -.- No rest for the wicked.



BLPs commented on Nintendo UK Planning Massive Marketing Push Fo...:

@FragRed @deanwig

Can you guys see why I have a bottle of Jack Daniels when viewing the comments on this site? :P

I think Splatoon could be big. All my uni friends really, REALLY want this game, and one even already bought his Wii U for it. And these are people who take shots because I own a Wii U. So I have faith.



BLPs commented on Editorial: The eShop's Pricing Dilemma is the ...:

I agree. When my game comes out I am legitimately terrified of how it will be priced.

And what's strange is this only seems to happen to digital titles. Retail releases on the Wii U go for £35-£60, and on other consoles I've never seen it below £50 but often above £80.

What consumers need to realize is that if you only want entertainment cheap, it wont be quality, you get what you pay for. And sadly there are outliers to that rule, but rule of thumb is not everything can be The Second Coming of Christ for £5.



BLPs commented on Reaction: Nintendo Dropped the Ball, Not the M...:

Complaining that Nintendo didn't bank on nostalgia? I need a drink. That'll be two nights in a row now.

But yes, what did you expect? It's a lose-lose situation in my eyes. On one hand they could only do it in a few cities as such, and people moan, or they do it everywhere but one place, and people moan, or it becomes a financial impossibility.

I can assume BestBuy had a say, since their stores are the tournament grounds and perhaps they didn't want every store everywhere to have something that probably won't help that much and intrude on regular business. As people who don't shut up on this godforsaken site like to constantly remind us, Nintendo is doomed, out of touch, half-baked, change the management, increase stock, change your network infrastructure, stop delaying crap and give us F-Zero and Mother 3, then release more on the VC, ditch the Wii U, change the New 3DS name to something less stupid, drop the Gamepad, release the NX already, go third party and make powdered toast with a side of damn corn flakes while resurrecting Jimmy Hoffa.

If I missed anything then terribly sorry, but it saves people repeating themselves in the comments like broken pessimistic records. Now back to my friend Mr Daniels.



BLPs commented on Nintendo Hoping That Splatoon Will Tempt Lapse...:


"The Wii U's end has already been forecasted"

Well...yes. I don't think you've ever said something so bone headed. Everything ends at some point, otherwise nothing would ever get started. I can guarantee Sony and Microsoft are also developing new hardware right now too.

You're going to end too, one day. Consider that forecasted.



BLPs commented on Weirdness: Nintendo of America's Splatoon Mess...:


I've seen Wii U titles hit £60 but only fromy high streets. £50 on the UK store.

PS and MS games start at £60 regardless, and I know I don't need to mention a DualShock4 being £50 preOwned.

Nintendo isn't the worst with this *especially * considering value for money. I'd would rather pay £40-£60 per game that works with a release schedule of once a month, than £60+ minimum for something like Assassins Creed Unity several times a month.



BLPs commented on Nintendo Announces Its Plans for E3 2015, Head...:


I would say RTD made Doctor Who more of a soap opera, namely because that was the big thing when it came back. S8 was more character driven certainly, which I think worked well given 12 is vastly different from all his predecessors.

As for Missy...well that reveal was well done because everyone thought it would be too simple for Moffat but he was just referencing the classic days of paper-thin disguises for the Master.



BLPs commented on Nintendo Unable To Promise When It Can Remedy ...:

This is two things. Nintendo products sit for a while, so they don't want that happening, but here in the UK, it's a few things on top of that.

1) Retailers don't stock new waves anymore. In store, at all. Not happening. nada. This is something that drives me insane as games themselves stop appearing.

2) Most of the stock goes oversees anyway.

3) Nintendo doesn't want to have to buy back stuff, but the retailers here clearly don't want to buy them in.



BLPs commented on Nintendo Has Unannounced Wii U Titles Which Wi...:


For a system that has little life left in it, the system sales sure stay constant,unlike the PS4 and Xbone which spike at a release and then, as shown with Bloodborne especially, almost immediately start to decline.

In my opinion, I prefer the slow constant sales of the Wii U's life, as opposed to the up and down like a damn yoyo sales of other consoles, because then I get to read comments on this site that are consistent and don't change from doom to gloom each passing month. At least the people who don't like it consistently don't like it, and those that do like it consistently like it.

And for people who consistently like it...well that's just about me and me only I think. :/

But I'm hoping for Metroid, though I will take anything. My backlog is huge at this point and once next week rolls by, I'm clearing out those 3D Zelda games.



BLPs commented on Ninterview: Talking Super Smash Bros. With UK ...:

At least this guy is humble. Just remember there is always someone better.

I share his sentiments on whether Smash can continue as is in the UK, it's hard to say given how UK gamers prefer realistic graphics and shooters, or racing games. There isn't much appetite for Smash or anything Nintendo.



BLPs commented on Weirdness: When Tetris Invades The Real World,...:

And on that before I forget, endangerment to themselves and others, inappropriate use of a roadway, entry to dangerous areas without proper safety equipment or assumingly authorization, harassment (Or assault, given how physical it got at times) and public disorder.

Thank you NintendoLife for painting this in such a positive light and being such good role models to the world around you.



BLPs commented on Weirdness: When Tetris Invades The Real World,...:

I was waiting for them to fall off that building and break some bones. That'd be funny. Or is that irony, given it's Tetris. I'm not sure.

But yeah, I probably would have at least tapped them with the car to say I tried to take a shortcut with Tetris, and somehow I hope one day they end up incarcerated.

Or you know...hospitalized.



BLPs commented on Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush Fails to Brea...:

It could be marketing, or the delay, or it could know, it's the UK and since when has Nintendo ever been even something you can talk about in the street without getting funny looks?

I rarely buy from the high streets when it comes to Nintendo games. Either because they don't bother to order stuff in, or because I get some seriously questioning looks from the staff in the stores, as if I'm the only person alive who buys Nintendo things.



BLPs commented on You Don't Need A Yoshi amiibo To Unlock Stuff ...:


From what I remember during my A Levels, the NFC chip has to not only store data to access games that allow it, but also wireless transmission capabilities. It's a simple case of Moors Law that has yet to come into effect. Just because it's small doesn't mean it's got loads of space or power.

And this isn't a problem limited to amiibo. Skylanders: Trap Team, if I remember correctly, the Trap Crystals could only hold one write piece of data, without it needing to be overwritten.

When considering the AI data, statistics and moves as well as other characteristics that the Smash Bros. FP data has, it's not unreasonable to assume that there isn't enough space.

Again, I must stress this isn't an issue exclusive to amiibo, but rather NFC figures as a whole. But hey, when Nintendo does it, it's bad.



BLPs commented on You Don't Need A Yoshi amiibo To Unlock Stuff ...:


Also because people will likely use the Smash Yoshi for just that, Smash Bros. and will not want to remove their FP data from the amiibo. It's Nintendo creating a way to circumvent the problem before a more long term solution can be implemented regarding storage of amiibo data that can be easily transferred between storage devices and active data in the figures themselves.

I'd rather have that than complaints people want to use their amiibo for R/W purposes but cant yet.



BLPs commented on Updated Documents Point to Multiple amiibo Res...:


Well where I am I either get them off the Nintendo Store at RRP, or from Game with what few amiibo they bother with above RRP.

And don't get me started on getting various games. Nintendo Store or bust, the local stores just don't do it anymore.



BLPs commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Legacy Makes The Vir...:


About account based systems, it is one hell of a double-edged sword. On one hand, someone has to steal my Wii U to get the games they want, however with a unified, purchases attached to my account system like with Sony, in the likely event those account details including purchasing information got out, then there is a whole slew of problems. I'd rather run the risk of someone breaking into my house, making it past the guard dog and actually stealing the Wii U, over having it all on an account that historically has been rather easy to break. But that's just me.


One thing I would say to this editor is that a lot of the games people want are tricky to emulate, due to chips within the cartridges (See Star Fox/Lylat Wars) or due to licenses (See Earthbound).

What the writer failed to understand though, is that while this poll is horribly skewed, modernizing the VC will take time. And while they are doing that, game releases will slow, if not stop, due to the structural changes needed. Is it really a benefit? In the long run yes, but in the short run who knows. It might even kill it entirely.


I didn't mention anything on the poll article itself because I wanted to see if it was something that was addressed. There I go misplacing my trust in the powers that be again.

As such I really cannot take this data seriously, when a key group, namely those who would oppose the notion set out here in this article, have no chance to state their opinion without in some way agreeing with the article.

No technical difficulties. I'm proud. XD


Agreed. Though in my region overall I enjoy the ports of NES games more than PS1 games, as I mention often with the US Spyro Trilogy we got. XD



BLPs commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Legacy Makes The Vir...:


Your analogy falls a little flat there. Yeah I could buy a PS1 game on PS3. Or I could buy an NES game on Wii U for the same price.

Your analogy fails to make note of the fact that the game may or may not be accessible via cross-buy (Which since your analogy itself does not mention, lets go with PS3 only).

This is of course dependant on region. Sony EU doesn't release PS1 games on PS3, because lets face it, when do they do things right? It takes years for them to do something like that.

Secondly, and this needs addressing: If I was to buy an NES game for £5 say, I would first take into consideration the game itself, the value/money ratio. A PS1 game, same thing. Except PS1 games are often not as enjoyable as they once where due to advances in technology and how some of those games have not aged gracefully. The same could be said of both systems.

You also need to realize, that an NES is a game contained within a cartridge, with 8-bit graphics and is really, really small in filesize. A PS1 game is disc-based, 32-bit, and significantly bigger.

Comparing the two is no relation. If Sony had an 8-bit system, then sure, this comparison would work. You should be comparing the relative 32 bit systems to accurately compare quality and price, as well as overall handling of the ports.

And between you and me, the EU PS1 ports, my own region, are pretty damn abysmal. Makes me wonder if it is true about finding and bug-testing PAL PS1 games for download, since we often get the NA versions with playback issues.



BLPs commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Legacy Makes The Vir...:



I know I missed the point of the article, and I'm still trying to form a coherent answer of the alleged issue with the Virtual Console service, but I absolutely cannot for the life of me stand people who present loaded questions in a statistical study to push their own damn agenda just so they can feel vindicated in their opinions and get what they desire. It is straight statistical and moral horse**** like that which puts companies in pressures and discourages them from advancing or improving in a positive manner just because you don't bloody well like it!



Anyway, I think the VC is just fine as is, it's just getting more games onto the service. However, for someone like me and many others who are rushing consumers who don't have a lot of time on their hands, it's refreshing to see a selection as opposed to an over-saturation. I wouldn't have time to play all those games anyway.

However to those wanting "System X or Y" from your childhoods...guys, this service is intended to introduce younger generations and older ones too, to games they likely didn't play. If you want your Gamecube games on the Wii U, but already have them in disc format, I have great news, those discs you have on that shelf or in that folder are going absolutely nowhere for the time being. ^_^



BLPs commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Legacy Makes The Vir...:

I'll say it now, you guys had a bit of a loaded mindset with that poll.

"A majority of you felt that the pricing was either a "bit off" or "all wrong". "

And you know why this may be? There was no alternative options. You set out the articles as if it would chastise people who like it as it is, and gave loads of options to what you guys, personally want to see.

But the killer question was, and still is: "Which of these ideas would you like for the future of retro game downloads?"

You know you didn't give an option to consider those who just want "more games as they are delivered now?* There was certainly an option for as they are now but cheaper once again pushing your agenda onto the polls, and if someone wanted to take that stance, their vote would have to be discounted by saying I have no idea, otherwise the data they submit would be personally wrong.

I don't mean this to be offensive or to question your methods, but for God's sake when conducting a poll do NOT load the questions. Allow everyone to have their data submitted to how they feel, as opposed to excluding them to seemingly push what you desire.

It's like asking a politician "If they still beat their wife" and no matter the answer it goes in favour of the person asking the question.



BLPs commented on Review: Cube Creator 3D (3DS eShop):

This game seems to be a good handheld equivalent to Minecraft. The one thing about Minecraft that I absolutely, cannot, in any way shape or form stand, is how vague it is. This is somewhat alleviated by the console releases that remove the need to manually place things to craft, but the game still at that point doesn't do a good job of telling you how things work. It's very much a guide game, especially on PC. Object positioning is imperitive, yet the game doesn't tell you that in a good manner.

Cube Creator 3D on the other hand, is a game that fits the 3DS, and removes the fat of Minecraft, namely the issues above. I expect future biomes will appear in later updates should that be a route the developers choose to take.

It's a game that unlike Minecraft, is very friendly to those unfamiliar with the mechanics, whereas Minecraft is one hell of a hurdle. I could jump in to Metroid, but I was asking friends what to do in Minecraft, for what many consider the most basic of things.



BLPs commented on Masahiro Sakurai Shares His Positive Feelings ...:


Probably because Lucas isn't released yet. Remember what happens when you announce price alongside an initial reveal? 599 US Dollars happens.

Plus, have you not noticed Nintendo announces prices closer to the date. Doesn't mean it will cost any more or any less.



BLPs commented on Masahiro Sakurai Shares His Positive Feelings ...:


You cant replace the mastermind mid project. Not on something this big anyway.

At the same time though, if he didn't prove it can be done, I wouldn't be a developer of games today. Granted I'm not developing much at the minute, dislocated knee and all, but hey, I can always doodle ideas.



BLPs commented on Masahiro Sakurai Shares His Positive Feelings ...:

This man is a worker, and one I genuinely model my work practices on. I like to oversee everything, and wound up being a temporary team leader on coursework when the leader was away, but because of how efficiently and passionate I ran the team, they kept me on for some...OCD based reason I guess.

Of course, it has its downsides. I would like to say that Sakurai-san deserves a break, maybe at the end of the year for Xmas. But if he wants to do it, then hell, let the man do it.

I know I want a break after May 18th and my coursework is done. But on my independent summer projects begins fully, so no rest. Not while there are fans out there who need pleasing. And that is why this man is an inspiration. At least to me.