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I love to read manga, comics, and play games!

Sat 31st August, 2013

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Blast commented on Shiny Mega Gengar Haunting Up North American G...:

.... What's the point of even having the Wifi option of gifting Pokemon in Pokemon games when Gamefreak/Nintendo does stupid stuff like this and limit it to Gamestop?! Luckily... I should be getting Bayonetta 2 on its release date so I'll bring my 3DS the same day to Gamestop. Still though... this is dumb.



Blast commented on The Last of Us Fails to Overtake Yokai Watch 2...:

Most Japanese developers are still focusing on PS3 rather than PS4 and are making cross gen games. The next Yakuza game for Japan is still coming to PS3. KH3 and FF XV are still the BIGGEST Japanese games coming to the system. Japan doesn't care that much for big Western releases and I actually love that about them.