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Mon 11th Jan 2010

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BBG commented on Shadows Come Out To Play Next Monday:

Hey Crunc
Yeah, it's a little frustarting for the developers as well, we were hoping to have a demo for ShadowPlay, but it's not possible. Maybe the reviews will help you decide? There are two impressions out there on the web so far, here:
and a tube one here:
We're expecting some reviews to start coming in on Friday. Keep you posted!



BBG commented on ShadowPlay:

Hi - I'm Brenda and work with Deep Fried, the developer of this title. I just wanted to weigh in on the debate over whether ShadowPlay is for kids 5-7 or if it is more challenging. I brought my kids into the studio, ages 13, 16 and 18 and the two older ones like the game and really got into it, but the younger one found it tough. There's a pretty good range of difficulty - some of the puzzles are downright tough! I bet your five year old would find a few - like the fish, that were right for him, but most are for an older player. Hope it helps!