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Sun 9th March, 2014

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Ayronom commented on Splatoon Has Inked 1 Million In Sales Since It...:

Great figures but no compared to other Wii U games out there. It took almost a month for Splatoon to reach the 1 million sale mark. However, SSB For Wii U sold 500,000 copies on the first weekend of release! That's HALF of Splatoon. And Mario Kart 8 sold 1.2 million copies on its first weekend. Sorta disappointing sales for Splatoon to be honest.



Ayronom commented on Review: Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures (Wii ...:

A 7? I think it deserves better than that. The graphics and music are both great. The humor is funny. The gameplay is also great as well. Personally, I would give it a 9 for one reason. The game can get a bit difficult at times.