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Sun 12th August, 2012

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AyeHaley commented on Master Reboot:

@allav866 But is it enjoyable if you don't care about the scares? I mean, it looks interesting to just walk around in that world and explore.



AyeHaley commented on Ocarina of Time Joins Hyrule Warriors With She...:

Did they confirm Hyrule Warriors will use Amiibo later this year/early 2015?
I can't remember if it was on that list with MK8, Captain Toad, Smash etc.
I would love to have HW characters as figurines! They should make one of the Great Fairy with the moon from Majora :P I hope they'll make big figurines/set pieces along the normal ones. Or just to house some of the characters. omg that would make me so happy!!



AyeHaley commented on Pop'n Twinbee:

I kinda want to get it because I'm not a pro at schmups :P
and it looks so happy!



AyeHaley commented on The Zeldathon Adventure Kicks Off This Week To...:

YES YES YES its that time of the year again!!
First SGDQ and now Zeldathon, this is why I love summer! I've been replaying my favorites just in time for the marathon :D (though I don't need an excuse to play Zelda games)



AyeHaley commented on Hands On: Bewitching Bayonetta 2 Brings Action...:

If 1 more person says the Wii U doesn't have/isnt getting any new games..I'll go hulk on them.
We've really come to a point where there is enough to play on Wii U to warrant a purchase...and its only getting better! 2 epic action games this year! (well 3 if you count Bayo 1)
Can't believe I have a console with GBA games like Golden Sun and Metroid Fusion, Earthbound, gorgeous MK8, ZeldaTWW in HD, the best Donkey Kong in years, an underrated godly action game TW101, Pikmin3 (with freaking touch controls<3), 3D multiplayer Mario, a Tekken, Art Academy (only possible on Wii U/3DS!) the best platformer in years: Rayman Legends, the best Lego game to date: Lego City, slick Ninja Gaiden 3, Monster Hunter!!, Wii Sports online, indie darlings like Little Inferno and ScramKitty, 2 NES Remixes, upcoming DS games and so much more its too much to write. All those games +Bayo, Hyrule Warriors and friggin Smash Bros...I'm a happy camper. (sorry 'bout this rant, im just so excited about the Wii U's library of games haha)



AyeHaley commented on Parent Trap: Amiibo Charts A Fresh Course In T...:

I've waited for this...glad I didn't get into Skylanders or Disney Infinity! My wallet will hurt though...I love figurines...and I love NFC enabled ones even more.
I'm seriously thinking of buying a separate glass case for my upcoming Amiibo collection!
Now I want a new Paper Mario game or Paper Mario in Smash...just to get that figure haha. I know it isn't likely to happen but they could give him sticker star moves and moves incorporating partners from PM: TTYD. If they give Dr. Mario a slot I'll be so disappointed :P 1 extra Mario is ok...but make it a special one like Paper Mario.



AyeHaley commented on Stats Suggest That UK Kids Are More Likely To ...:

I like playing games on my iPad but I'll always prefer buttons for most games/genres I like... Platformers arent the same without 'em.
There are plenty of games that work well on a touch screen but its hardly ever perfect.
And it tough finding great games in the App much crap to sift through!



AyeHaley commented on Review: Shovel Knight (Wii U eShop):

Europe still hasn't gotten a date yet, right? I'm itching to play this game on both Wii U and 3DS. HD visuals+Miiverse or awesome 3D+Streetpass, how can one choose? Not. :P



AyeHaley commented on Review: Yumi's Odd Odyssey (3DS eShop):

Ok..this review made me curious about the game. :)
I love new experiences and wacky Japanese stuff so I guess Ill have to get it now. I just hope it doesn't go on sale right after I buy it. xD (with my track will haha)



AyeHaley commented on Nintendo Open To Minecraft on Wii U and 3DS, a...:

Well my laptop can hardly run minecraft and the PE on my iPad hasn't been updated to 0.90 yet so...bring it on :D I play MC almost every day.
The Wii U could be the ultimate vanilla MC machine. If they make this happen I'm getting my own realm for 10 bucks a month.



AyeHaley commented on Review: Another World - 20th Anniversary Editi...:

Such a shame I already bought it for 89 cents on iOS...I want to support it but not at 8 euros. I would if I didn't have it already. (though 3DS controls probably work a lot better)

Anyone else got to know this game through GameGrumps? to this day its still amazing. Very advanced for its time.