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AyeHaley commented on 8 Player Smash Mode Confirmed For Wii U Super ...:

this sucks that sucks, this character isn't in the the game that stage is too old bla bla bla. people, please. Have you seen the same direct I've seen? You guys don't deserve this game.
:D Smash Wii U will be truly epic.



AyeHaley commented on Feature: Five 'New Things' We Want in Super Sm...:

@Gridatttack The thought of fresh content every few months or so...oh man. <3
Mario Kart 8 and Hyrule Warriors have made me a fan of DLC (when done right)
Why wait 6 years for a new MK or Smash? DLC means more and longer fun for us fans and more money for the big 'tend.

@dbobo I think Link will unlock certain costumes in Hyrule Warriors, I mean what else can they do with him in that game?
It means more incentive to get a Link amiibo. I must admit I'm not that sure amiibo in Smash will feel anything special....its so weird how they are used in-game. But Nintendo has worked on it for years and I hardly know anything about it so I'll reserve my judgement for now. And its not like you need to buy them to unlock characters (that would be criminal in a game like Smash)



AyeHaley commented on Nintendo of Europe Distributes Free Halloween ...:

Being a cat-lover I got way too excited when I saw that mail and spilled my coffee. I was so close to buying either the cat or Link theme to get in the Halloween mood.

Is this what Nintendo meant with rewarding loyal costumers? Don't stop big N! :P Anyway, better than asking 200 euros to repair a Wii U that has only been properly used for a year, from someone who spend over a 1000 euros on just digital Wii U games. ahem..



AyeHaley commented on More PDP GameCube-Style Wired Fight Pads Pay H...:

I almost bought a Yoshi one to complement my trusty old Club Nintendo Mario controller for NGC...but this changes everything haha
DK is one of my least favorite fighters but that controller is probably my favorite of the bunch! If I could I would buy them all :P ...Amiibo and a broken Wii U are not helping.

I just have a feeling these won't be stocked as much as the well known Mario, Luigi, Peach and Yoshi varieties. lol and I thought this Holiday would be cheap with just Bayonetta, Pokemon and Smash...
Wouldn't it be nice to get one of those controllers bundled with some Amiibo, a branded GamePad and a black 32GB (or higher preferably) Wii U? I would buy it in a heartbeat.
I accepted not getting a Hyrule Warriors or Bayonetta bundle but no Smash bundle? I doubt it. (praying for bundle and demo news tonight!)



AyeHaley commented on Feature: Five 'New Things' We Want in Super Sm...:

@PsychoticRanboo There are figurine lovers amongst us. :P And how else can I grab myself a high-quality Greninja or Wii Fit Trainer for a decent price?
I do agree that their NFC use so far sounds laughable but I like the concept and look forward to more uses in the near future. The figurines themselves are already worth it for me.



AyeHaley commented on Feature: Five 'New Things' We Want in Super Sm...:

I am already pretty pleased so far but I would love:

  • a Smash+ Amiibo Wii U bundle (since my Wii U is dying)
  • Forest Haven HD to be real
  • Unlockable characters and stages on 3DS when you get Smash U
  • DLC the MK8/HW way
  • Enough Singleplayer content to last me at least 6 months
  • Costume DLC (Link in Mario suit, Tanooki Peach etc)
  • Toon Link, Mega Man, Greninja and DHD Amiibo asap!
  • Make use of the GamePad somehow
  • Playable bosses! (incl an online mode!)


AyeHaley commented on Former Sega of America Marketing Director Divu...:

o m g it has taken more than 20 years for me to notice the pun?
Mind you I have never been into Sonic :P I've always called him Tails, Miles Prower is a stupid name.
Just like Eggman :P Dr Robotnik sounds better. (though I get why people like the name Eggman...)



AyeHaley commented on Review: Pyramids 2 (3DS eShop):

I think this was my first 3DS eShop buy :p Played it for 10 minutes and lost interest... It wasn't my cup of tea :) I'm sure others will love both the original and sequel.



AyeHaley commented on It'll be Possible to Catch All 719 Pokémon Us...:

Me and my sis are super excited about ORAS :) If the Gold/Silver remakes are anything to go by.

Actual flying...diving...bases...make your own gym...buzznav...epic mega shinkan, mirage spots, cosplay pikachu and more....oh man! :D
Mega Steelix, Altaria, Rayquaza and Pidgeot <3
And Beedrill turns badass.

Just one (minor) grip: no trainer customization. Not essential but it adds so much to the experience! X and Y made me feel like I am the trainer and not playing some dude or girl with a weird sense of fashion.

Anyway glad they're making it easier to catch 'em all! And just in time, I almost resorted to illegal means getting all those event pokemon. (Shaymin, Mew...)



AyeHaley commented on More Mega Evolutions Appear for Pokémon Omega...:

and islands in the sky with legendaries I still need?! holy moly!
Diving, flying...these pokemon remakes always outdo the first games of a new generation. As long as the games have Mew on an island like in Emerald :P
But I have a feeling Mew will be a mystery gift or event pokemon. (and I hate those SO. MUCH.)



AyeHaley commented on 3DS System Update 9.0.0-20 Is Now Live with Ho...:

fudge, that zelda theme only rubs not having a gold XL in my face. ...with salt to make it a little bit worse.
Anyway, FINALLY! :D goodbye ugly menu

Edit: MY GAWD that black theme is AWESOME!! no more annoying white :D and I am definitely buying the Hanafuda pretty!



AyeHaley commented on Fantasy Life Makes Top 10 UK Chart Début as H...:

D*mn you UK! Hyrule Warriors deserves so much better. I can't believe how many people dismiss it cause its no core Zelda game. WTH if you love Zelda games and skip this...whats wrong with you? Especially if you've never played a Musou game before, that means it'll be a fresh and exciting experience. (like it was for me)

And EA sells way too many copies of FIFA...especially since its a lazy upgrade and far from what current gen can achieve. (I mean for such a big and valuable franchise)



AyeHaley commented on Wii U System Update 5.2.0 Brings Folders, New ...:

LOL I said to a friend yesterday how desperately I wanted folders to clean up my 7 pages of games and apps. That was quick :P

And this makes me really happy as I'm always confused which character to use: "Characters that are not used in download codes or Nintendo eShop activation codes (because of their similarity to other characters) can no longer be entered when redeeming a code." Bless you, Nintendo.



AyeHaley commented on Wii U Version of Watch Dogs to Miss Out on DLC:

I already regret paying 30 and 70 euros for 2 AC games on the Wii U eShop. I'm done with giving these *ss-hats money. Was it that hard to include all of the or at least a couple of DLC items? You had like what? 6? more months to get them bundled with the game to make up for the delay.

Anyone buying this game thinking it will make Ubi dump more games on Wii U is a nutter. And anyone buying this game instead of Bayonetta 2, Hyrule Warriors or Smash? You're beyond saving. Go wash away the sin of even thinking about it. /rant



AyeHaley commented on Review: Fantasy Life (3DS):

I wanted to buy this but..Bayonetta 1+2, Smash x2, Ruby + Sapphire, a ton of indies like Shovel Knight and Shantae, a PS4 + 3 games... errrr yeah, no.
Maybe after Christmas or early next year. But only if I can find a friend online who has the game or someone else who wants to play with silly old senile me.

At the beginning of this year I thought the coming holiday would have hardly any games...well there aren't that many but the ones coming out are pretty packed with content...Smash Pokemon HyruleWarriors Bayo1+2..not exactly short games.



AyeHaley commented on Immediate DLC Reinforcements Arriving Soon On ...:

Seriously guys 15 euros for 4 DLC packs incl new characters, scenarios, weapons, costumes 3 new Adventure maps, Majora stuff...if thats expensive I'm a baboon.

The game is fantastic and way better than I thought it would be. its already packed with content and this only makes it even better.

Anyone in doubt: the game is fun! You get to lvl up and fuse weapons, battle like a 1-(wo)men army its insane. Even if you didn't like the Warriors games this game has enough new/different stuff you will love it. I never disliked the Warriors series but I didn't enjoy them enough to buy them...This is exactly the Warriors game I have been waiting for. And its the unrealistic Zelda war-game I've always wanted.

Oh one last thing: the game looks way better on your TV or GamePad than any of these screenshots and trailers show. before buying I thought it looked a little...early PS3-ish but that definitely not the case. (high detail character models and all the enemies have shadows etc which they hadn't in most of the preview shots/trailers)

Best of all: Hyrule Warriors and Mario Kart 8 DLC makes me feel very optimistic about possible Super Smash Bros. DLC. Nintendo is doing DLC the right way, please take notice other gaming companies (hint EA and basically everyone else)



AyeHaley commented on Review: Hyrule Warriors (Wii U):

I'm sorry but a 7 is too low, NintendoLife. :P I would give it an 8 or 9 if you love killing 1000s of Zelda creatures.
Zelda fans will LOVE this game. even us who never play Warriors games.
Oh man its packed with content and we'll only get more for just 15euros! (cheaper than Japan)

oh and screenshots don't do this game any justice. The game doesnt look like a first gen PS3 title like some led us to believe. I think it looks fantastic especially with so many enemies on screen.

I was afraid the game would feel too hectic but once you play the first mission you'll understand how it all works and how you dont need to kill every baddy you see. (still got to kill a lot though! you can easily kill over a 1000 enemies in the first mission/the tutorial)



AyeHaley commented on Immediate DLC Reinforcements Arriving Soon On ...:

This is why the main game is not 60! They had to rush this title so they releases the first half or 3/4 and are now going to polish+ release the rest of the game as DLC. makes sense.

I would feel less happy about it if the game was 60 and not 40 as it is now.
Yay my preorder is ready! such a shame my Wii U is dead.



AyeHaley commented on Interview: We Loot Image & Form For Insight In...:

I am so excited for this! I love the SteamWorld games, SteamWorld Dig is one of my all-time favorite games. I still want a sequel to it though! Maybe after this awesome-looking game is done? ;) (omgyesplsmakeithappeniwillbuyitthricejusttofeelgoodaboutmyselfandsupportyouguys)



AyeHaley commented on Talking Point: The Super Smash Bros. 3DS Demo ...:

I've kept 2 codes for me and my sister and gave 2 away to strangers, one to someone here and one on gonintendo. I felt like Santa :)

The demo only made me want the game more (and I already wanted it so bad!) its the perfect teaser and it being without a use limit and being able to transfer coins to the full game is just mind blowing.
They should do this with the Wii U version as well. (they probably won't and just release a store demo :P)

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