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Sun 12th August, 2012

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AyeHaley commented on Guide: New Nintendo 3DS - Everything We Know S...:

"That payment must be made with a credit card, so though the price is tiny it naturally requires an adult with a credit card to remove the setting."

This has me worried...I don't have a credit card...Give us an option to disable it at the store we buy it from or a special card you can buy online.
Not that I use the 3D browser haha but if I want to, I want full access.



AyeHaley commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Brings Life to the 3DS...:

Im buying at least 10 of those face plates. I prefer a bigger screen but that small 3DS is just too cute to ignore. SNES COLORED BUTTONS PEOPLE

I might get both if they announce a linked account system that allows installs on multiple 3DS units. Something like that will boost hardware sales like crazy!

Imagine playing Xenoblade in 3D....GOOD 3D... I always play with the 3D slider maxed out so the new 3D screen makes me very happy!



AyeHaley commented on Reaction: Picking Apart The New Nintendo 3DS A...:

People forget the DSi...

Calm down its not like they aren't making normal 3DS games anymore! It'll be titles like Xenoblade and Dragon Quest online without the need of cloud-computing. (if you buy it for the normal 3DS it uses cloud computing) Its not like the next Mario or Zelda will be new3DS exclusive...maybe certain features? But I doubt they want to split the user base too much...what use is it to make 40million 3DS owners pissed.

I am surprised how many new features these new models have! and the faceplates are making me want to choose the small new3DS instead of the XL :P Even though I prefer bigger screens. lol can't believe my prediction came true! and even better than I imagined!
I'm currently playing Kingdom Hearts and I'm already fed up having to use the big bulky CirclePadPro.



AyeHaley commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

One more thing....splitting the user base isn't such a great idea. I know they made the DSi but games made for that system still worked on the normal DS. It just added more features like camera stuff but the games still worked on a regular DS.
Xenoblade is new3DS exclusive...and I dont think it'll be the only one. Why not make a 4DS while you're splitting user bases anyway? I don't get it. Or give the new 3DS a screen resolution upgrade.

I guess this means we'll still have those low-res games in 2 years. The 3DS's successor won't be out before 2016]..thats for sure.



AyeHaley commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

Some older titles will run much smoother thanks to the better CPU, the new models have a LED light next to the front-camera, will probably work as a 2nd gamepad in the future.

I said this morning: we are getting either a new model or Majora 3D (or both). friends didn't believe me when I said they would make a special 3DS for Amiibo.
What I didn't know: so many other awesome features! And finally a way to play CPP games like kingdom hearts without that bulky piece of plastic.

I am actually getting the smaller 3DS this time...I want those faceplates and I already have my XL for at home where I dont have any 3D issues.
Besides the new smaller 3DS had a slightly bigger screen than before.

I am way too excited haha can't wait for it to be 2015! I'm sure we'll get these around march next year.

I wish they made face plates for the new XL and give it those fully colored buttons like the smaller one...that would make me buy the new XL.



AyeHaley commented on That Shocking Pokémon Announcement Was Arcade...:

Downgraded visuals as expected....Though I wouldn't be surprised if the Arcade machine is a Wii U in disguise...makes it super easy to release it to the general public.
It would be stupid not to put this on Wii U but I doubt it'll be this year with Smash and all.



AyeHaley commented on Review: SteamWorld Dig (Wii U eShop):

Ive waited for this since the day SD came out on the 3DS eShop. Bless you, Image & Form. You guys blew my mind.

I'm not usually for sequels and all but this gem deserves it. If there is any fault to be found its the length of the game and the lack of areas to explore...I'm still thirsty for more :)



AyeHaley commented on GameStop President Says "Don't Bet Against Nin...:

What I'm worried about is that most stores over here already have a HUGE section dedicated to Disney Infinity and Skylanders...They removed most Wii U/DS/Wii stuff to make room for it...I doubt they'll sacrifice more "real estate" to house Amiibo etc.
Seriously...the toys-to-life aisles are enormous.



AyeHaley commented on Wii U Sales Continue to Rise with the Release ...:

Argh I want the game ASAP haha I am tired of avoiding certain websites due to spoilers. Though I actually only want to know IF there are hidden bonus characters to play as in the game. Not who but how many :P Anyone?



AyeHaley commented on Activision Confirms That Call of Duty: Advance...:

Hmm no Resi Rev 2 and now this...
Not that I'm a COD player but I was looking forward to playing this one. (at 50% or something)

I wish they would drop the price of those COD games on the eShop...Still 69.99.... (seriously...what the heck)



AyeHaley commented on Nintendo Offers Condolences to Robin Williams'...:

Dear gawd so many complaints...There is nothing wrong with this and its normal for people to grief about losing someone who isn't a friend or family.
He was a wonderful comedian and who knows how many people he has changed the lives of just by being a kind and funny man.



AyeHaley commented on Mega Man Battle Network:

Are these fun if you've only played Mega Man 2 and X? I'm in love with this franchise and I want to know if its fun for anyone who's new to this spinoff series. (especially as its a totally different genre, heck I dont even know what it is beyond something involving strategy.)



AyeHaley commented on CoroCoro Magazine Reveals Three Mega Evolution...:

OMG I have a shiny Altaria and Lopunny! Can't wait to see dem megas shiny :D
Fudge its cute! Oooh and Pika cosplay works in battle! Ooooeehh I hope they make that possible with more pokemon in RB or later games.




AyeHaley commented on August Is Officially Princess Peach Month, Acc...:

Super Princess Peach on Wii U VC?
I guess they want to forget that menstrual title. (not being mean but her powers in that game are pretty f'ed up. "Lets give Peach her own game! Oh I KNOW lets make her moodswings part of her powers.
Please Nintendo! Give us SPP.



AyeHaley commented on Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge:

Never played these spinoffs since I only got into Mega Man through 3DS and Wii U VC (ok I did play 1 before that, Mega Man X which I adore to bits)
Anyway, is it worth getting? Is it exciting to play? I hope so, I need my MM fix.



AyeHaley commented on Super Smash Bros. For 3DS To Feature More Trop...:

I am super excited for this game! I love collecting trophies and having this store to buy the ones that are too hard to get: WONDERFUL! :D
Oh man we are getting SMASH on a friggin HANDHELD. (sorry for caps I'm just so excited haha)