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Sun 12th August, 2012

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AyeHaley commented on Nintendo Download: 30th April (Europe):

lol so much work trying to get a copy of Sin & Punishment :P all for nothing.
haha j/k I might even buy a digital copy cause I'm a lazy F.

edit: WHAT? Rebels is 2.99? oh wait thats an ok price for one table (and its Rebels <3)



AyeHaley commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Problems With Trends and...:

They clearly need to have their brains checked...So many popular shows have stopped making anything Nintendo related. Nintendo forgets the audiences are there for the shows/creators, not for them. Not covering Nintendo games is only hurting Nintendo.
And let's not forget we aren't talking about "just" LPs, we are talking about critics, musicians, etc! Nintendo basically wants control over everything, damn backwards toadfarts.



AyeHaley commented on Best Buy Nabs Exclusive Splatoon Wii U Hardwar...:

I was waiting for a bundle since my Wii U died a year ago but just as I was snooping around for any sales.... it started working again! xD
Bought a new 3DS instead haha but the packaging of this bundle makes me want to buy it nonetheless. Love all dem bold colors Nintendo has been using lately!



AyeHaley commented on Parent Trap: Lego Dimensions Could Be A Game-C...:

I hate and love this. I already struggle getting all the Minecraft and Star Wars sets + Amiibo...This is going to bankrupt me.
Kinda disappointed Dimensions isn't all bricks like the Lego Movie game :( I thought that would be the next logical step in Lego gaming...



AyeHaley commented on Poll: Is Splatoon a Blockbuster That'll Help R...:

I hope it sells well but I'm afraid it won't be a systemseller. :( People want new IP -> Nintendo creates something new and amazing (+ backwards decisions made [sometimes]) -> People don't buy it. It's sad, cause this game needs to become a series STAT.



AyeHaley commented on Video: Extended LEGO Dimensions Announcement T...:

I love the fact that this is a great way to introduce smaller IP like The Wizard of Oz and Back To The Future. Now give us Dr. Who and Star Wars and I will die happy. Such a shame Disney will probably prevent Star Wars from joining Dimensions...even though its LEGOs best selling theme.



AyeHaley commented on Xenoblade Chronicles X Will Use Downloadable D...:

This is a really good idea which should be standard for all Wii U games. Just as it is on PS4 and X1. Let's hope this means more Wii U games will have this awesome feature :D If we ever get Lego City Undercover 2, this needs to be included.



AyeHaley commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Turns to Classics, DLC...:

If this direct was "brilliant", what about the actual brilliant ones we had? Are they uber-brilliant?
Of course I like what they showed but it was far from brilliant...
Oh well the core is ready to cheer very gleefully for it anyway.



AyeHaley commented on Parent Trap: What My Kids Want From Lego's Toy...:

As I've said before: this will destroy my wallet and life... Its already hard to keep up with all the Lego Star Wars and Lego Minecraft releases every 6 months or so...

I would buy something like this in a heartbeat.



AyeHaley commented on Talking Point: It's Too Early to Write Off the...:

@Action51 I meant to reply to this statement "You can get a Wii U for pretty much the same amount." Sadly not over here :( I still need to replace my dead Wii U and it would be nice if I could get one for +/- 125 pounds :P

Of course you will need more controllers/games on PS4/X1 if you want local multiplayer. The problem is you can't get any worthwhile local MP games on those systems. Sony and MS pretty much ignore that (vital) part of gaming.



AyeHaley commented on Super Mario 3D World and Kirby: Triple Deluxe ...:

I missed out of the ALBW and MK8 soundtracks by asking the wrong friend for advice so err fudge it, I just ordered the 3D World OST ^^

I don't know if I should get Kirby as well...I mean, I LOVE the game but I can't remember any of the tracks haha