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Sun 12th Aug 2012

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AyeHaley commented on Pokémon Go Showcase Session Confirmed for GDC...:

I want Pokemon Go just for that bracelet thingy This might be the game forcing me to finally get a new smartphone :3 Along with all the other Nintendo apps and games since these type of games don't really work well on an iPad (especially Pokemon Go)



AyeHaley commented on Review: Super Mario 64 DS (Wii U eShop / DS):

I bought this cause your review was taking too long anyway I'm glad I can use the control stick cause movement is an issue in this game. That said, having played Mario 64 a zillion times, its nice to have a different version

And besides, the minigames are already worth it.



AyeHaley commented on It Looks Like Michael Jackson Did Write Some O...:

Poor MJ He was just a child at heart because of his childhood and people misunderstood that. No wonder he wanted to be sedated 24/7...knowing what depression feels like, sleeping is the best thing there is when you are feeling so down you might end your life.

Anyway, glad to hear he did contribute to the soundtrack.



AyeHaley commented on ​Bigley's Revenge Has Been Removed From the ...:

LOL people just chill if "Ninja Pig Studios" wants to make crap "dank meme" games with loads of problems, let them...

Its not like you are forced to buy those games and its not like it could hurt Nintendo's image any further at the moment. And if it has problems its gonna get pulled anyway so why bother getting mad about it.



AyeHaley commented on Feature: Behind the Scenes of SteamWorld Heist:

Interesting read
I remember buying Dig a few minutes after it appeared on the eShop and buying it on a hunch it would turn out good. Well... It turned out to be one of my favorite games of the past 10 years and if Heist is half as good as Dig is, I won't regret buying it day 1.

I do think these guys have it in them to make a fun and engaging sequel to Dig if they really want to And I'll be there waiting with my wallet if they do!