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Tue 28th April, 2009

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Axed84 commented on Hands On: Photos with Mario and AR Card Fun:

I heard about this last night, but when I searched the eShop it was nowhere to be found. I saw somebody post about having the same issue in an online forum, and (perhaps uncoincidentally) it turned out that we're both from Canada. I'll check the eShop again later today, as it sounds like a neat little app.



Axed84 commented on Club Nintendo Distributing Tomodachi Life Demo...:

I'm going to add my voice to the chorus of people who're saying that they hope they get it because they've achieved Platinum status and have AC:NL registered. I've been a Platinum member every year since 2009, so it'd be nice to get access to something like this as a way to thank me for my loyalty...not that I feel like Nintendo actually owes me anything, ha! ;)



Axed84 commented on Video: New Pokémon X & Y U.S. Trailer Makes i...:

Obviously I'm getting this game either way, but does anybody else find it frustrating that there are no trailers or screenshots in the 3DS eShop that show off the stereoscopic 3D effect? I always play every game with the 3D cranked up to max, and it's such a pet peeve of mine when a game doesn't show off that effect in the eShop. The 3DS is pretty much the only way you can preview a game's stereoscopic visuals, so why not take advantage of that when pre-loading info in to the eShop?



Axed84 commented on South Korea Is Getting Animal Crossing: New Le...:

Ugh, seriously? I don't mind South Korea getting it first, but what I AM starting to mind is how Nintendo refuses to just lock down a release date for NA/Europe, regardless of when that release date will be.



Axed84 commented on Nintendo of America Confirms Its Own Nintendo ...:

Nintendo's official Facebook page states that the broadcast will take a deeper look into some previously announced 3DS and Wii U games, so it doesn't SEEM like any announcements regarding new games will be made. Fingers crossed, though! :)



Axed84 commented on Feature: Taking Off to the Miiverse:

I absolutely agree with what everybody else has said. While I've always been reluctant to participate in any gaming forums online (mainly because of trolls and/or flame wars), I've been surprised by my own willingness and ability to very easily integrate myself into the Miiverse community. Well done, Nintendo!