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Mon 16th Jan 2012

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astros75 commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3 Digi...:

So it's safe to assume they're saving the main story titles for NX? All the games aside from Star Fox looked like spin offs. While I am intrigued by some of these newly announced games, I'm definitely not jumping for joy. I've got quite a backlog of WiiU & 3ds games so I think I'll survive lol.



astros75 commented on Reaction: Nintendo Direct Went Crazy With Reve...:

Amazing Direct! Nintendo really hit it out of the ballpark this first half of the year. New Hardware, new original games, new virtual console games, new Amiibos... It was just great news all around. It's a shame, but people will always find something to complain about regardless of what's shown. So much negativity for something that should be considered an enjoyment and entertaining. Happy gaming.