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I'm ArtwarkSwark the warkiest wark of all the Swarks around! My interests are music, story writing, making and playing games and doing voice acting and drawing comics. I love Nintendo!

Mon 9th September, 2013

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Artwark commented on Weirdness: These Push Guards for the New Ninte...:

Really? Ok I'll confess that I was worried about this, especially how strong the dent of the xl slot is so that the game card doesn't pop out like that.

....But really? Ok if its one thing that I'll admit, it helps to protect it from dust but that's just about it.

I don't put my game in the slot during travelling and I always eject the game after I stop playing so as of now, this has never happened to me.....and yet I'm still paranoid about it.



Artwark commented on Talking Point: The New Nintendo 3DS Could Be a...:

I'm guessing the reason they wanted to only release the XL is because of the feedback they got from the original being small and not fit for big hands.

Whenever I play my XL, It feels very comfortable and I do intend to get the new one because of it having better speakers. Quite frankly, the only reason why I liked the original model better than the XL is because of its loud speakers and if this new one here has that, then there's really no reason to even get the new standard one because of it being smaller. If a game can be played in a big screen with an affordable price, people will mostly buy that.

This could also be NoA's fault seeing that they sometimes screw up the market but if you ask me, I don't mind it at all. I'm sure that NoA has their reasons and they needed to figure out how to sell the new 3DS XL.



Artwark commented on Video: See How The New Nintendo 3DS Compares T...:

I'll get the XL..... I knew something like this would happen since this is NoA we're dealing with.

Would love the standard 3DS but I think I'll like the XL better assuming it has better speakers than the original XL......



Artwark commented on Video: See How The New Nintendo 3DS Compares T...:

@ThomasBW84 @Damo I got a question about the slot being below.

Is it designed so that the game card doesn't accidentally eject during
gameplay ? This concerns me because of the slot being at the bottom left corner rather than on the middle of the bottom like the GBA SP or DS for example.



Artwark commented on Nintendo Steps Away From The Brazilian Market:

@RenanKJ Didn't you read the article? It clearly states that getting games in Brazil is extremely expensive so the only option is to get it from abroad which is fairly reasonable. I do that most of the time with my family getting my games from Dubai and US most of the time.

I think Nintendo even shut down their headquarters in Thailand but atleast Nintendo is doing something about Asia.



Artwark commented on Review: Mario Party Advance (Wii U eShop / Gam...:

This was my first Mario Party game and while I admit that the game is no better than even Mario Party DS, I still don't get why this is considered a bad game. Sure its luck but then again, isn't Mario Party mostly about luck?



Artwark commented on Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition Cr...:

I don't know if Mario can fit in this crossover as I see that Kirby can easily fit in. And why not? There are Kirby games that take away the copy ability mechanic so yeah why not? I mean true even Mario games don't feel exactly like the Super Mario series but atleast they have mechanics that are used. How will Mario fit into this?



Artwark commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Wise to Embrace The ...:

If Nintendo gives the option to buy eshop games on PC and being able to stream it to 3DS/Wii U and having an account for a user that shows his activity log and personal info without that being in a system exclusive only, that is good enough for Nintendo to get into the modern times.



Artwark commented on Nintendo Rolls Out Kirby and the Rainbow Curse...:

This game looks amazing! Though I'm disappointed that unlike Canvas Curse, this one doesn't have copy abilities. Speaking of which Mass Attack was too frustrating to even call it a Kirby game due to its replay value so I hope that this game isn't even that close to mass attack.



Artwark commented on Nintendo Points the Way With Another Wii-Relat...:

What's the point of the Wii now? its gen is over so why not just ignore it unless you need to pay lots of money for this. Heck do they even gain profit if they win the courts.

Don't get me wrong, Nintendo is on the roll today winning but this is last gen....why not win this gen for the 3DS and Wii U?



Artwark commented on Miyamoto Talks Up Star Fox Wii U's "Fun And Un...:

@Grumblevolcano if its going to be a remake, that shouldn't matter because its a brand new Star Fox game. From the way I see it, it doesn't even look like a remake at all. If anything, they already did a remake on Star Fox 64 so why bother doing it again?

Also if the gameplay is different, its no question that the game will be a new Star Fox whether a remake or not.



Artwark commented on Sharp Gearing Up to Supply 'Free-Form' LCD Scr...:

I'm curious about it but I don't think Nintendo is going to give up on 3DS and Wii U too soon. They'd be stupid to do such a thing like that and also the fact that they'd need to convince consumers to purchase it after they just bought the new 3DS.

Some say the DSi only lasted a year but that's because the DSi didn't really do much and so that's the reason it ended too soon. Same goes for GB Micro as well.



Artwark commented on Sony Pictures Is In Negotiations With Nintendo...:

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Artwark commented on Talking Point: The Time Is Right For A Nintend...:

I think I made a thread about this topic and majority said that Nintendo shouldn't compete with the smartphones but rather use them to get consumers into the Nintendo brand.......and here we see Nintendo life saying the opposite?

Look I get that the phone market is crashing the gaming handhelds but have you compared the quality and the power between the handheld and the phone? You can't put too much power on a phone because phones are basically meant to call from a distance and being that its smart, it can do more than just calling like getting emails, videos etc hence the term "Smartphone" and Nintendo making a "Smartphone" Separately requires then to work extremely hard on their wi-fi connection and internet speed and requires a lot of cost. Instead putting basic apps like some Pikmin tv shows or maybe a Mario Show (Make it happen Nintendo!) will motivate kids to buy Nintendo stuff!



Artwark commented on Code Name: S.T.E.A.M Local and Online Multipla...:

Wasn't it announced on FEB?

oh well better late than never I suppose. But I'll wait a little bit before I get it. I mean I'm a little worried about its story here and the gameplay plays a little like fire emblem so I'm not sure yet.



Artwark commented on Masahiro Sakurai Admits That Super Smash Bros....:

If Nintendo gives Smash to Hal, Its obviously going to be good. Kirby is still doing fine and I never seen a bad Kirby game. So if Sakurai does leave the series just like how Miyamoto left Mario series, well.....Nintendo's got lots of creative employees so I'm sure it won't be such a problem.

Besides, It'll take years for Nintendo to make another smash game because they need to work on the next gen system.



Artwark commented on Review: Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal (3DS):

@Jordie well on the bright side, atleast no bad Sonic games on Nintendo systems for now seeing that we got one that's awful.

Lost World atleast tried to emulate the Sonic feel while trying something different....if only the level design wasn't terrible.

I'm not gonna bother getting this because the demo left me frustrated and the game really should 've used a d-pad instead.



Artwark commented on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Facing Potential E...:

Well it was a hyped game so its only natural for it to happen.

That said though, I'm worried if Nintendo will slowly end up with other devs making unfinished games and such. Granted its a long way for that to happen for Nintendo but with games like Smash, it only leaves a question of a finished game done right.



Artwark commented on Nintendo's Official Japanese Site Suggests Dis...:

It may be discontinued but I still think it'll be under services and such. I mean the original DS was still under service even after the DS Lite showed up.

I love the XL but if only the audio was as loud as the 3DS, I'd love it more! Hopefully the new 3DS XL does just that!



Artwark commented on French Health and Safety Body Recommends Child...:

@PlywoodStick If it came with a head strap, I think it would have sold better....but still, the fact that the 3D is compulsory is something that would still make it not so good because it drains a LOT of battery power.......

Wonder if the new 3DS series would resolve this issue and hopefully don't make games that force you to use the 3D effect.



Artwark commented on Early December Update Will Fix Pokémon Omega ...:

@Wouwter I'm assuming that since the games are now being in 3D, its going to be difficult for game freak for the pokemon games to run smooth with 3D in mind. Even if this game is in 2D, we'd still buy it because.....its pokemon we're talking about here.