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Wed 10th Mar 2010

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armoredghor commented on Talking Point: Regional Online Multiplayer Mis...:

the point of region locking is to get people to meet outside the game. It's simple, if I plan talk to someone I'd like talk to them about the area as a point of conversation. If it's someone that doesn't even speak the language than that kills it. They're trying to establish a community.



armoredghor commented on Nintendo: We Need To Do A Better Job Of Attrac...:

@Ren while this is entirely off topic, let's address the situation:
They turned into a console that strives for more downloadable purchases but offers no internal storage?
$50 gets you half a terabyte, $70 for a terabyte, hardly losing money.
That offers full retails games downloadable at forever exorbitant prices, no promotional points cards with console purchases?
It hasn't been a year, prices have already dropped, $40 games on 3ds are in some cases at $5 now. The download system now get's you 10% back for downloading retail
Slim marketing only for the paltry library of 1st party games?
Other developers abandoned ship. Besides we've given promotion for third parties and Nintendo directs devoted exclusively for third party games. They're promoting the major titles still.
A continued disregard for online play and features in 1st party games?
NSMBU is integrated with miiverse beyond that of the basic social networking. We have online multiplayer as well.
A profile linked to a console?
again, no idea what this has to do with indie interest but they are working on a linked account system.
an arrogant marketing scheme that amounts to internet videos aimed at existing 'core gamers' while still only promoting toys aimed at 'casuals' that have long since forgotten the platform if they ever heard of it in the first place. (see: WiifitU, Nintendoland, game/wario).
Most media is seen online now, see revision 3.I have yet to see Wii fit U Nintendoland or Game & Wario promoted past release.
a launch without social media integration beyond the internal kiddie-craigslist that is Miiverse as a bone people who want real online features without actually looking at how the real world communicates today.
How the real world communicates, such as: instant messaging, facebooking, skyping, phone calls and regular talking. Besides the last two which are available to most anyone, first 3 are supported. Besides that, I'm not sure how you can determine how mature a form of communication is.
Back to the topic at hand
Speaking as someone who has been to the last few GDCs in California, this last year they focused entirely on getting third party support, showing tools and informing the public on their policies. I think they're on the right track with developing tools which can even convert iOS apps into wiiU apps. I'm unsure how they can make it easier on the strict programming side; that being said, they still could work on their communication.



armoredghor commented on Bethesda: The Time For Convincing Publishers A...:

yes, you say, we're going to create a game with a tedious menu system required to change any sets of weapons every few minutes and have a conversation engine that runs most of the game and if you want us to do anything new, we're off the boat. Bethesda will always want a bigger clock and RAM so that they can use bigger areas. @TrueWiiMaster they're looking for excuses. The argument during Wii was, we're competing for second place and we never get the support we deserve. Now that Nintendo hasn't had a strong lineup, there isn't even a fifth place and they still aren't on the map. make up more excuses so we can get on with it.

Anyway, there had to be some loose ends if the Wii U was leaked that early.



armoredghor commented on Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Outlined in L...:

The DLC for Wii U is unconfirmed. If you go to the website, they allow orders for elite on all other platforms except Wii U. It could be because they haven't decided; It could be be because they don't plan on it. But a lack of support will guarantee a loss.



armoredghor commented on Call of Duty: Ghosts Multiplayer Outlined in L...:

Series looks good. I got into multiplayer with mw3. Good system and it seems well updated. It mostly seems like cosmetic affect but sliding (as in baseball) and 7 new game types makes it seem good. It's not a game to get every year but the system looks new enough (maps, game types, weapons, weapon types, expanded perk system, upgraded pick 10 system, modes, and customization options) to make it worth while. That being said, I'll skip it if they don't bring the new maps to Wii U.



armoredghor commented on Soapbox: Retail Games Cost Too Much To Downloa...:

This ultimately comes down to convenience. If it's 11:00 pm you could go to one or two places depending how close you are or stay in, wait 10-15 and buy the game here. If you move around your game console and handheld a lot, It's convenient to just pack up the console and drive off; no game cases. If you happen to have a game break or console break down, you still have the digital copy after repairs. We can transfer our games across systems and redownload them if we need space. (@58 that scenario of losing downloads doesn't exist!) That's worth the same price to make the case and the book which is probably a few cents.

As far as the market goes, Nintendo is the only 1st party company to have a free online system; in a few months ps4 will be charged and likely ps3. It costs money to maintain servers for gameplay and databases for buys. They also give money back for online buys.

This is a unique situation in distributing locally and online that Nintendo is in competition with their partners. The eshop is likely the first place people check when looking into a new game. If it's cheaper there than the majority of retailers, we won't get wiius stocked. A drive through town yesterday showed that all first party wiiu games and most major releases were still at $59.99. (Walmart, kmart, target, best buy) This excludes retailers like frys and amazon which are rarer; and plus amazon will cause either a week and a half delay or a discount cancelled out and this removes any convenience.

In short, lowering their prices on the eshop would eliminate some partners and cause more problems/ raise prices elsewhere.