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Thu 12th Dec 2013

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Arakune616 commented on Resident Evil 4 Was Almost A Very Different Ex...:

While this isn't news, it gives hope that they might be considering a purer horror experience for the games in the future (fingers crossed). But at the same time it really makes me want to support a hypothetical kickstarter for a HD remaster of the original un-released R4. It would save them money with a fair portion of the game already been made, and I think it would sell better than at least some recent installments. Make it happen Nintendo!:>



Arakune616 commented on Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Now Launching I...:

This I really don't get. We're back again to the old localization issue. Would love a comment from someone a bit more informed on this particular case than myself. I for one was hoping they'd delay this game. It sounds like such a perfect game to give to your kids (I for one was hoping I'd play it with my niece an nephew during their holidays). It's a tricky, fun and kids-friendly game all the the low price of 40 euros. Not to mention the obvious fact that business is booming during the holidays, mostly before the 25th



Arakune616 commented on Nintendo Download: 16th October (North America):

It always perplexes me how US gets one great set of games (Castlevania) and EU gets another (DKC). Does anyone on NintendoLife have any inside information regarding this? Would love a good explanation why Nintendo does this since it just feels like a lot of sales missed in both regions.



Arakune616 commented on Wind Waker HD Wii U Bundle With Two Extra Game...:

I had a discussion with a friend regarding Wii U bundles the other day. Would love to see a GOTY/Best in test bundle with the Zelda limited + Mario 3D World + perhaps pikmin 3 or wonderful 101 at retailers. If they'd make these kind of great offers I bet atleast some people would regain their faith in nintendo's financial situation. Maybe we'll see it for DKC Tropical Freeze or Super Smash Bros



Arakune616 commented on Rune Factory 4 European Release Has Been Cance...:

I just wanted to once again reach out to my fellow Wii U and 3DS users of the world asking for your support in an ongoing petition to remove region-locking on said consoles. We currently have 27,901 supporters needing only 7099 more. I'd hate to see more great games go unnoticed for future european (and in some cases north american) nintendo-fans. I'll put a link below and as always, thanks for your support in making Wii U and 3DS better systems.



Arakune616 commented on Feature: Why I Love Import Gaming:

Just leaving a comment here to spread the word about an ongoing petition to remove region locking on the Wii U/3DS. We already have over 27K signed and will send it in to Nintendo once we have 35k so we can show them that this is what their fans really want.

Thanks for you support in advance ^^