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Male, 18, United States

hello there, i play games even nintendo consoles wii 3ds and wii u i enjoy playing super smash bros mario kart super mario animal crossing and many orther Nintendo games

Sun 12th May, 2013

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Aozz commented on Weirdness: In Some Parallel Dimension, This Ni...:

Wii 3? or Wii NX?
ether way im with Nintendolife on this one, (pretty weirdness, bad fake but weird,)
also it looks like the person took of Wii U Controller Pro name off (along with the Inputs) and re place it with NX name and ABCD inputs



Aozz commented on The First Western Splatoon Splatfest Kicks Off...:

July 4th?!
well... at least there won't be any server issue, June 30-July 2 could been better... i doubt i'll be up just play this, i might have 4th of july plans on that day Nintendo
edit; looks like i well be able to play, since i have no plans for july 4



Aozz commented on Sonic The Hedgehog is Now 24 Years Old:

Happy Birthday Sonic, your classic games like Sonic CD and Sonic Adventure well always be remember in my brain (and other goodie sonic classic games too)
Jazz Jackrabbit on the other hand well still always be better games for me play then sonic (even if i like playing both i prefer jazz)
you well still be remember two, jazz! even if epic doesn't make games anymore for you



Aozz commented on First Impressions: Our Maiden Flight In Star F...:

oh man, that doesnt sound very good, i hope there an option to turn montion off
i however will give game a try, and i kinda disagree with graphics, but im sure they can approve it with the game's final version



Aozz commented on Reaction: Nintendo's E3 Digital Event Brought ...:

i liked the Digital Event but, i was really disappointing of Animal Crossing U, being party game,
but if they want me buy it there needs be tons of more info on that game before i give an final option of getting it.
the Mario Crossover with Paper Mario / Mario & Luigi, and Star Fox where my fav of this event,
Metriod prime games need more info too, but i'm not quite there of getting it yet,
orther then that the games like HHD, Xenoblade and Fire Emblem games where pretty soild, along with The Legends Of Zelda 3ds Games



Aozz commented on Guide: Here Are the Live Nintendo-Related Stre...:

i only will watch EA becuse they have Star Wars games orther then that, meh,
Nintendo and Microsoft are pretty much what im excited here (hopefully it confessed me enough to get an Xbox One,) Ubisoft... i don't know about Ubisoft i don't play much of there games, i'll be watching Sony's because they do show 3rd Parties game there along with Xbox, and Square Enix well also be quite enjoy to watch



Aozz commented on Yup, Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3 Is Definitely S...:

I'm glad see it not coming Wii U, even then i'll still get it for PC,
the only COD game i have play was Call Of Duty 3 on Wii and Black Ops on PS3 and PC and i'm not really interested in the series, so with that said i'll be getting Devil's Third, Lego Worlds, Killing Floor 2, Xenoblade X, Castaway (now that its not F2P on steam anyways),



Aozz commented on Capcom Is Bringing The Nintendo Exclusive Resi...:

im not even surprised anymore about the third party games like RE skiping the Wii U,
let's be honest as far as we know we may be just getting Skylanders, Disney Infinity, Lego Games, Guitar Hero, Indie Games, and Nintendo Games, maybe even bad 3rd party games that are base off movie or tv show, but that may be it.



Aozz commented on Project CARS Studio Boss Admits to Problems Wi...:

was'nt already confirmed that NX isnt a replacement of the Wii U and/or 3DS?

if the game not working then they should just unplug the project for that system, hopefully (One day) Nintendo will have that powerful console and get more 3rd parties in of making more games,