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Sat 30th Jul 2011

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AntiGuy commented on Lucario The Aura Warrior Returns To Battle In ...:

This is as cheap as it can get! wow Nintendo! wow Sakurai! GOOD JOB!!! bringing back a 4th gen pokeman with the only change is being stronger... just hoping Mewtwo makes the cut, dammit! and holy hell it's been 6 years since Brawl came out??? doesn't feel like it...



AntiGuy commented on Male Wii Fit Trainer Revealed as Latest Smash ...:

Here's hoping this is just a costume swap, no way in hell will I accept two characters from a franchise that isn't even a game. The Smash Bros. franchise is going to get stained by adding characters just to hype the new IP's Nintendo's getting out of their donkey instead of giving tribute to those who have been there for ever.
Watch the profanity please — TBD



AntiGuy commented on "No Plans" For Ambassador Program Following Wi...:

No, I want 10 N64 Games and 10 Game Cube games, come on Nintendo, I bought your console 2 months ago and the only game worth getting is Pikmin 3, and it wasn't all that great, too short, too easy... No shame at all.



AntiGuy commented on Wii U Name Isn't To Blame For Poor Sales, Says...:

"Hey man, do you want to play with my Wii U?"

Should've been different Nintendo! you reap what you sow, but I'll always support you, and some day, Iwata wil have to leave and a young and fresh mind will take the lead and finally give us a real successor to Super Mario 64.



AntiGuy commented on Masahiro Sakurai Outlines the Challenges of Sm...:

Basically he is asking (pleading) us not to expect much... it must be a lot of pressure considering this game is the Wii U's only hope, not even Mario kart 8 or 3D World.. BUT THIS! they need to get this out as fast as possible, so all those ridiculous excuses about no CG movies or Susbpace game mode, etc. are because of the mighty need Nintendo has to release this game, nothing else...