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Tue 3rd Jan 2012

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Angel_Fur commented on Now GAME Pulls The Last Story Completely:

@DanteSolablood: Game are not a specialist gaming store. They are - or have become - a very generic outlet that gives shelf-space only to a handful of blockbusters (indie/niche titles don't get a look in) and a ton of second hand stuff, which they sell at next-to-new prices without having to pay a penny to developers/distributors. Through their greed they have worked to undermine the very industry that sustains them, and that industry is now starting to bite back by refusing to distribute new games to them unless they pay up-front. The pigeons are coming home to roost. I feel sorry for the staff, though, who are often good, honest, well-informed gamers, caught up in a situation that is not of their own making.



Angel_Fur commented on Dawn Paine to Leave Nintendo UK:

I heard they've got a new office cleaner, too, as well as a fresh print cartridge for the Xerox machine. Its all change in the crazy, rollercoaster world of Nintendo UK!



Angel_Fur commented on Kid Icarus: Uprising Trailer Shoots Past:

@mariofanatic128: I agree that there are worse, but that's damning with faint praise. Starfox 64 may be super-cheesy but at least you can tell the difference between different characters with their accents, which gives it a huge amount of charm. When the fight happens here and they do the smacktalk it's impossible to tell the angels apart. Anyway, it's no biggie. Looks a fun game.



Angel_Fur commented on Yet Another Zelda Timeline Proposed:

Anyone confused by the Zelda timeline should check out Hideo Kojima's attempt to explain the Metal Gear timeline. There's a database you can download on PS3 with several thousand utterly nonsensical cross-referenced entries in it. Makes Zelda seem quite straightforward ...