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Wed 9th Sep 2009

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Andrew_Lum commented on Review: Frobot (WiiWare):

Hey Guys, The crash bug you guys are seeing is only in the Frobot Demo is it NOT in the full version of the game.

We had to make some changes to the game to disable saving. If you lose all your lives pressing Retry or Quit will unfortunately crash the game. The Demo doesn't save at all so it won't corrupt your Wii files.

Unfortunately we are not going to be able to update the Demo version as it's only going to be live for 4-12 weeks. Rest assured, this crash bug is not in the full game.



Andrew_Lum commented on First Impressions: Frobot:

Hi Guys,

The song from the Trailer will be in the final game. We're actually working on an Director's Cut (Extended Version) of that song that will ship with the game. Thanks for the great feedback!